My Style: French Inspired

My personal style is something that influences not just what I wear, but what I surround myself with. When my style changes my decor changes with it, and I’m sure that will always be the case. The two influences I am balancing now are my standard rock/vintage/b&w, and a more recent love for something very opposite of my norm: feminine/french/crème/gold.

My interest in french culture and design might seem obvious to those who know I’m technically a French Canadian, but I didn’t identify at all with being of french heritage growing up. I had no interest in learning the language despite my dad and grandparents and many relatives all speaking it, and I felt the culture was repressing and at times unbearably negative. Turns out that might have just been the Quebec French Roman Catholics I grew up knowing. Come time for college I was studying Godard and Truffault films and falling in love with a French culture I hadn’t really known existed until then. Now that I’m older and wiser I deeply regret that I can’t speak the language, and I plan to properly learn it by spending some time in France at some point before I turn 30.

Getting to the point, I’m in the process of decorating my perfect little one bedroom apartment at the moment, and I find myself gravitating toward this particular style now  more than ever. Why now? Well, something happened last year that I wasn’t very happy about. My grandfather passed away and my parents decided to move into his house. My sister and I did not want my parents to give up the home that we had grew up in and known our entire lives, and we fought against the move intensely.

In the end, the move was a good idea, as my parents gained some much needed space along with my grandmothers impeccably kept french decor. I’m not a fan of the overwhelming use of pink she went with, but the overall look is very classic, and I only wish I had known how stylish she was when she was still around. She was of the old school mindset that the living room is for “special guests only” which meant this room went basically untouched and unseen until this past summer when my parents moved in.

So that is what sparked it. I think the harder look of my earlier rock n’ roll decor actually combines really well with the feminine aspects thrown in. I am desperately hoping to find a small french provincial style couch to replace my old ugly fold out Ikea couch – but such pretty things come with a hefty price tag. If you have any tips for finding such pieces in the GTA without spending a ton, please let me know.

Question: How would you define your current style? Who has helped influence it?