• Roman Candle vinyl shipped out, dying to hear it already.
  • When Polaroid died Fuji grabbed that market, and I grabbed the mini 25.
  • Tix to see the musical A Jew Grows in Brooklyn in the mail.
  • Tried Indian food for the first time ever at Waterfalls this week, and to my surprise it was great! The small-town  girl in me is almost completely gone, which is awesome.
  • Watched the new Noah Baumbach film Greenberg on the weekend, not mind blowing but it’s definitely an interesting character study worth checking out. Very different role for Ben Stiller.
  • Speaking of movies, my favorite Toronto festival Hot Docs is coming up in a few weeks. AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story tops my must see list. Bill Hicks was possibly the best stand-up there ever was. If you only see one documentary this year, this is the one to see.