Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year – Record Store Day – aka Christmas for music nerds all around the world. Pictured above are the records I managed to get my hands on at Sonic Boom and Criminal Records without waiting in any line – which means I didn’t get anything too rare. I did however get some great albums I had been meaning to own on vinyl on sale, and a bunch of awesome singles. This is what I bought:

Not shown is the Radiohead EP I paid for but with the craziness of the day, it didn’t make it into my bag. I had a super long day and didn’t check out my records until after midnight, so it was too late to go back to to the store. Hopefully they realized the mistake and have it waiting for me.

For a full list of special releases that were available go here : Record Store Day Special Releases.

So what did you get? Did anyone manage to get a copy of Big Star’s Third test pressing? See any of the in-stores?