The Federal Election – Inspiring the Youth Vote

On Tuesday night the party leaders took to CBC to debate the issues that matter to Canadians. I can only imagine how few Canadians my age actually watched the debates. As a passionate supporter of the left, it has always shocked me how little my peers care about politics considering how much the Conservative government takes away from youth and the arts. I realize this is partly because Canadian politics come off as boring (watch Steven Harper speak for 20 seconds to see what I mean), partly because we don’t have big celebrity voices to tell our youth to vote, and also because our elections happen so fast that they don’t have the chance to go as viral as they do in the States (where they have two years to develop campaigns).

It is probably because of these reasons that some brilliant minds have come together to create, obviously inspired by What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far? While WTF Has Obama Done was showcasing all the great changes Obama has made in his two short years in office, Shit Harper Did is highlighting the incredible amount of truly shitty things Harper has done to set Canada back over the past five years. The response since the word has spread has been so great it crashed the website, and that to me is impressive news that means our youth may actually be taking note and being educated on just what we have lost due to this Harper government.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are capable of pushing Harper out of office if our youth take a few minutes to vote on May 2nd. It is proven that the youth population does not support the Conservative government, but because of the jaded sentiment that all politicians are the same, they don’t vote. Many do not realize what actually happens when a man like Harper, voted in by the rich white 40+ demographic, is in power. Considering all the damage he has done with only a Minority government, it sickens me to think what would happen if he were to get a Majority.

As a population that uses the internet more than any other country in the world, going viral is the best way to reach our youth. It seems we are starting to use the great marketing example we had down south that elected the first black President to help fuel young Canadians to vote. Celebrity endorsements may not be necessary if we can get brilliant videos like this one on screens all across Canada:


This is what my demographic responds to. Humor, satire, Canadian references only our youth would get. It is absolutely perfect. Of course, the message might be stronger if it were backed by a specific party. The ultimate point is to vote Harper out, but that is hard to do when our votes are split so widely across the other four parties. Our abundance of choices left of center, as great as it is to have them, is the reason conservatives get in office at all.

From my point of view, Jack Layton won the debate, being the only candidate who actually challenged Harper. Of course Harper’s response to every fact they threw at him was “That’s simply not true”. He can deny everything over and over again, but the proof is easily available – and with sites like he can’t keep it hidden anymore.



The conservative government supports big tax cuts for the rich, has cut funding for a plethora of valuable and necessary services, is a big supporter of privatization that would be financially devastating to the many that rely on our health care system, has made it clear they do not support the arts in any way, wants to make it easier for criminals to get their hands on guns by cutting the gun registry (!!!!!), wants to make it policy to have complete access to what every Canadian does on the internet at all times, made it harder for immigrants to move here, and gave million dollar bonuses to executives with our money. And don’t even get me started on the tax money he blew on G20 to lock me in my apartment, turn Toronto into a police state, and send my peers to jail for protesting. That is just a few of the many awful things Harper stands for.

I know this is primarily a music blog, but I live in Canada under the rule of Harper, and worse yet – in Toronto where Rob Ford is the mayor. I feel like I’m stuck in the Twilight Zone. The balance of power needs to shift back to a place of sanity. If we – the artists, the creators, the students, the graduates struggling to find a job in this awful economy – vote for a party that supports what we do, being a young Canadian will stop being such a struggle. It is not socialism to support your people, as Harper wants us to believe. It is human decency, something Canada was known for until Harper turned our international reputation into a joke.

To keep this blog somewhat on track, I suggest you listen to this awesome Tom Waits-ish bluesy song telling Harper to GTFO:


Please, please vote on May 2nd. The only reason you think your vote doesn’t count is because so many young people don’t use it. If voting were mandatory like it is in some countries, Harper never would have never made it out of Calgary in the first place.

Show your support and help go viral around Canada by Liking it on Facebook, tweeting the links, and sharing thier awesome videos. Obama in 2008 proved the youth vote does count, but first we have to show up.