• This just in, another Elliott Smith unreleased song has surfaced today, download it here!!!
  • This made me laugh. Tumblr and it’s picture/video happy+ content weak blog format never really appealed to me as a loyal wordpress user. I have one now, but just to keep my blogs name from being used by thieves. This article is a bit harsh, as not all Tumblr users are this cliche, but it’s still a funny  read (apparently written by a 17 yr old, at that!)
  • I wouldn’t consider myself the most charitable person around but when it comes to dogs, I’m all over it (my dog being my blogs logo may give that away). Paws for the Cause is an amazing charity that supports Ontario Vets and there is a great event happening in Toronto on Saturday July 16th at Trinity Bellwoods Park where groomers will be washing pups by donation. It’s free to attend so bring your dog down to the park as it will be cute overload. Even if you don’t have a dog, come see pups being adorable and support a great cause.
  • This is kinda gross/NSFW : 32 Banned Album Covers.
  • Awesome news as it means The Bloor will be around for a long time to come (even though Sonic Boom still has to move): Hot Docs takes over The Bloor Cinema. 
  • Broken Social Scene, Paley &  (Black) Francis and J Mascis are headlining a FREE show in Hamilton on September 10th. Mark that one down on your calendar.
  • This is bothersome news. Martin Streek killed himself two years ago after The Edge let him go. Now Alan Cross is gone? Along with the 90s MuchMusic VJs, they helped shape/influence my music taste more than I care to recall. MuchMusic has sucked for a long time now since MTV took over, but The Edge still had a few redeeming hosts from their glory days. No more.
  • In other awesome free music news, Sloan is playing a FREE show August 5th at Echo Beach. I saw Robyn at Echo Beach for it’s opening show and I LOVE it there. Live music, beach, volleyball, drinking. Add Sloan and it really doesn’t get much better. If you’re into them, Third Eye Blind, Platinum Blonde and Andy Kim are also playing there for free in the coming weeks.
  • Oh and the Polaris Music Prize Short List was announced this week:  Arcade Fire, Austra, Braids, Destroyer, Galaxie, Hey Rosetta, Ron Sexsmith, Colin Stetson, Timber Timbre, and The Weekend made the list. Not too impressive, honestly. The only album on there I truly loved is by the band who needs the money the least.