There has been so many Elliott Smith songs leaking this year, I feel spoiled. His music has had such a huge impact on my life since I first heard him in Good Will Hunting all those years ago. I have ‘XO’ tattooed on me because of him, I named this blog after one of his unreleased songs, and at one point I seriously considered moving to Portland thinking I would fit in better there, so that might tell you a bit about how much his work means to me if you’re not already aware.

Please enjoy this download of a song of his that I’ve never heard before until just now, titled Misery Let Me Down (as far as we know). It is under the first track (Division Day Take 1) about 1.5 mins in, and it’s beautiful. It is live and he doesn’t play the whole thing (he plays it after asking for a minute to warm up) but it is just as evocative and beautiful as anything he ever wrote.

The download includes the entire WMUC recording session with a lot of stopping and starting and requests on his part. It’s very endearing.