A late TGIF is better than none at all. I have had a crazy busy week and it is going to continue this weekend with shows, parties, Woofstock(!!) + parents visiting, and the Food and Wine Expo. I am exhausted just thinking about it, but I can’t complain. I am lucky to live in a city that provides constant access to so much awesomeness.

Here’s what I stumbled upon this week:

  • Google Just Dropped Two Gigantic Bombs on the Music Industry Anyone else as excited about google music as I am?
  • Study: FM Radio Is Still the Biggest Source for Music Discovery – you’d think not, but it turns out it is.
  • Tastebuds – find people in your area with similar music taste as you, how awesome is that? The new music nerd dating website, for real.
  • Female Musicians Never Get Laid – I love this. The Los Campesinos! bassist talks about how infrequently she gets it on, on the road. What the article really comes down to is she’s not a desperate slut and has standards, which is pretty much the case for most girls, so it’s no surprise to me that it wouldn’t be different in a band. If you don’t want to sleep with groupies then of course you’re not gonna be fucking a new person all the time like the guys do. They get in bands half the time just so they can sleep with groupies.
  • Personal Branding and the Destruction of the Social Fiber – fascinating article about the fakeness of personal branding. I read a lot about personal branding for the marketing aspect of my job and heavily debate with myself what is worth following and what isn’t. Part of me wants to never talk negatively (aka honestly) about bands/films/artists (and just not write about them at all) because I’ve already seen how fast it can bring on haters and bullshit drama, but the other part of me knows that buying into that pressure to be a Pollyanna personal brand that everyone likes completely strips me of my personality and therefore any real reason for people to trust or read what I have to say. I mostly agree with him that those known only for their personal brand (there are a lot of these types in Toronto) tend to come off as completely plastic and contrived.
  • Wind Mobile backer regrets Canadian launch – when an international backer is talking about how utterly flawed and horrible our cellphone rates are (most expensive in the world!), I think it’s time for something to be done. I refuse to go with the big three for all the reasons he talks about. Truly ridiculous costs here just to have a cellphone.
  • Life Happens When You Actually Leave Your Apartment – so, so very true. I think this is why I have forced myself to go out more and more as I get further along in my twenties. I actually never went out much at all in college, except to concerts, so I’ve been making up for it (ie. overdoing it) since.
  • 7 Ways to Have More by Owning Less – I am a big fan of the idea of owning less. I go through my stuff and chuck whatever I haven’t used in months regularly, and I recently joined the zipcar movement.
  • Oh and this apartment is awesome. My apartment isn’t much bigger than this, but it is much less functional.