What They Wore – Carleton Stone

I’ve wanted to add a style component to the blog for a while now, but for a long time wasn’t sure if it would fit in. I adore What I Wore personal style blogs and my own sense of style is highly influenced by my music taste, particularly by musicians like Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks and Chan Marshall. Then it hit me that this would be the perfect place to showcase the style of musicians.

Music and fashion have long been tied to each other, and I think musicians have more of an influence on what looks good than any other public figure. They can also get away with wearing much more fun/crazy outfits than the rest of us.

First up is the talented Carleton Stone, who I interviewed when he was here for his album release. He easily agreed to let me photograph the look he wore on stage that day.

When asked about his personal style, he joked around and gave some insight into what works for him on stage:

I didn’t shower today so maybe that’s a part of it – a little greasy touch. Blue Rodeo is a good example – that kinda urban cowboy thing. I don’t want to be too scenester, just basically V necks, cowboy boots, cool jeans, something you can rock out and feel comfortable in.


  • Blue Plaid button down
  • Navy blue long sleeve undershirt
  • Boot cut blue jeans
  • Vintage tan cowboy boots

The simple, city meets country style works perfectly for his alternative country sound. There are few things better than a man in a properly fitted pair of jeans.