No, it’s not actually a place for lonely hearts to find Valentine’s Day dates. But it is the coolest club you’ll ever join. Every two months – starting today! – one of my favorite bands that have yet to release an LP will be releasing a new A side and B side free, for your listening pleasure. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Teenage Kicks are gonna be big, there really is no other option – so get in this club early for those hipster bragging rights.

Sign up to receive two new tracks from the boys bi-monthly on their lovely new website.

The first two tracks are “Middle of the Night” (a live favorite I’d been hoping for a recording of for months) and one I had never heard before but am now obsessed with called “Fake Problems” which is actually about real problems, and features some of Peter’s best wordplay and dare I say Jeff’s strongest backing vocals yet? Listen to Side A below if you’re still questioning why you should join a club, it will be stuck in your head immediately (but that howlin’ wolf logo should be all the convincing you need).


Their EP followup to the glorious Rational Anthems – Be On My Side – is out in March, and the release show is happening at the Horseshoe on March 2nd with The Sweet Mack, Beliefs and San Sebastian, so you should also definitely go to that show.

I wanna hear what you think of the tracks, let me know once you’ve joined me in non stop TK goodness.