TGIF: CMW Burnout


Canadian music week is in full swing, which means for the past two nights I’ve been out far too late, and that was just the beginning. The craziness really starts tonight, and then tomorrow will be a full day adventure (unless the rain makes me a shut in, which it tends to do, especially after all this glorious weather we’ve had). My feet already hurt though, and I haven’t even been able to catch all the bands I was hoping to see. Between this and Montreal last weekend, I haven’t been online much, but here’s what I did come across:

  • Members of Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and the Constintines pay tribute to the golden age of Canadian indie
  • Anxiety, depression and journalism A great music writer from Toronto wrote this piece on dealing with anxiety as a journalist. I love that she was able to be so honest about something I feel myself far too often. I think people who love music as obsessively as music writers do probably had a childhood that wasn’t all sunshine and roses for one reason or another (which is why we look to the music for an escape) so it’s a lot more common than people like to admit.
  • And just because I find this hilarious (if a little creepy) here’s a video of a cat massaging a dog, aka a cat being useful for once in its life!