Are you guys ready for June’s mix? I had to go with the obvious this time as summer is literally my favorite part of life ¬†– so I felt the need to celebrate that it’s FINALLY here. We wait all year for it, it happens for just a few short months, and then it’s back to the sad, dreary grey Canadian skies for nine more months. Seasonal Affective¬†Disorder, I hate you. Give me the sun and the beaches and the patios and the good times. Oh, and these songs, too.

(Yes, there’s at least four songs titled “Summertime” – but they’re all very different songs – I assure you.)

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Jason Collett – Almost Summer¬†I definitely almost used “I’ll Bring The Sun” as my Jason Collett song of choice for this mix because it is one of my favorite summer songs, but this one’s just too perfect for starting this mix. It’s a fairly accurate description of the summers I had when I was an awkward teenager.

Otis Redding РSittin on the Dock Of The Bay This song describes exactly why I wish it was summer all year long <3

Pavement – Summer Babe [Winter Version]¬†You’re my summer, babe.¬†

Beck –¬†Electric Music and the Summer People¬†Ultimate summer driving song.

Flaming Lips – It’s Summertime¬†Is there anything worse than heading into summer, the greatest time of year, when you’re depressed about something?¬†Look outside – I know that you’ll recognize it’s summertime.¬†Leave your house, the sun cures (almost) all.

Rural Alberta Advantage – In The Summertime¬†Best love song of the past decade, probably. It’s not the words, it’s the ones you stress,¬†I love as I love you just don’t love me less.

Regina Spektor – Summer In The City¬†I find Regina to be pretty hit and miss (more misses than hits) but this song is perfection.¬†Don’t get me wrong, dear, in general I’m doing quite fine,¬†It’s just when it’s summer in the city, and you are so long gone from the city I start to miss you, baby, sometimes.

Girls – Summertime¬†This song should be on in the background of every party that happens from June to September. It’s what summer feels like.¬†

Grandaddy – Summer Here Kids¬†For when your summer isn’t going the way you want it to. Grandaddy is my ultimate “sad times” band (which means I haven’t listened to them in YEARS, but someone on twitter suggested this song and reminded me of how much I once loved them).

Best Coast РSummer Mood Similar to the Girls song, it just sounds like summer.

Dan Griffin – Summertime¬†Another sweet summer¬†nostalgia¬†song similar to Collett’s track.

Kevin Drew –¬†Summer Time Dues¬†Gorgeous.

Janis Joplin РSummertime Obviously. Ultimate version ( but I know many will disagree with that) Janis was a big inspiration to me when I was in high school.

Beach Boys – All Summer Long¬†Can’t do this mix without a Beach Boys song.

Electric Light Orchestra РOne Summer Dream It will make you wish you could have experienced summer in the 70s (basically my ultimate fantasy).

The Drifters РUnder The Boardwalk Another must.

¬†Cream – Sunshine of your Love¬†I’m not an Eric Clapton fan (just being honest) but come on, Cream was amazing.

The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City¬†Yep.

Bruce Springsteen РGirls In Their Summer Clothes Gotta close it with some Bruce, of course.