Here’s my final guest post for AUX for the Whisky Rocks competition, in which I say goodbye to the good times!

Just kidding, I’ll save that for later tonight! But really, it was super fun to be a part of this contest. It gave me a chance to discover a bunch of new bands I would have otherwise missed out on, and forced me to really think about just what it is that makes me so passionate about a good song. I wrote some of my favourite posts because of the questions AUX asked us.

One of my choices – Sarah Smith – even made it to the finals, which is great.

Those of you that entered and didn’t make it to the final three should still be proud, you put yourself out there to be judged, and that takes balls and faith in your own talent – two things that will get you far in this industry if you keep up the hard work.  Be sure to stick it out – many bands will break up before they hit their stride, it’s the ones who don’t that eventually get signed.

It was also interesting to read my fellow bloggers opinions on all the topics we covered, and see their favourites. Despite it being an indie rock focused panel, for the most part we had pretty diverse opinions and choices.

The show happens tonight, and I look forward to finding out who takes home the grand prize! Will you be there?