TGIF – Occupy Black Friday, Ransom Notes and Irish Idiocy

It’s Black Friday! And while that usually doesn’t mean much to us here in Canada since Thanksgiving was way back in the beginning of October, our stores have now caught onto the trend because it was really eating away at their sales to have all their customers head south for the deals. The above image states pretty clearly how I feel about all this. Buying local is important, don’t buy into the consumerism and bs. Make someone a gift! Or buy from someone who makes things in your town!

Anyhow, here are the links:
  • Black Friday’s 11 must have vinyl releases¬†While I’m anti getting in line all night to get the best deals on some new gadget you’ll forget about in a few months, I love that ¬†Record Store Day has a second sale on this day. It fits with the above graphic, in that buying from your local record store supports the local economy, and also, vinyl rules.
  • Black Friday releases¬†Here’s the full list of limited edition Record Store Day releases.
  • Sloan’s Jay Ferguson talks re-issue of Twice Removed¬†I saw Sloan play this album for the second time last night, and it was awesome.
  • Peter Frampton Q&A¬†As uncool as he is, its a good Q&A.
  • Lars was first and Lars was right¬†There’s a lot I want to say on this, but I’m limited in time. Basically, it’s true. He was right, but that doesn’t stop him from being a terrible musician and human. You can’t stop the internet and progress, but he sure tried. The issue here is that the industry has to adapt to the technology, and tactics like his never worked. You can’t stop the future from happening, you have to embrace it. Innovation is the only way the industry will succeed. So maybe there won’t be multi billionaire musicians like Metallica in the future because of it? Is that a terrible thing? The good musicians will always make a living at it, even if that means touring is their income. I realise there is a whole lot more to it than that, I may write a post on this at some point.
  • A band ¬†becomes animation, with amazing results¬†This is fun.
  • Tunezy wins Billboard’s FutureSound Innovators Showcase
  • 23rd annual SOCAN awards Toronto¬†Some deserving winners.
  • Toronto’s new streetcars: the TTC answers your questions¬†I want it, now please.
  • Community wins fight against huge quarry¬†THIS IS WHAT COMMUNITY IS FOR. Love this story.
  • 3 reasons why your company should pay employees to use social media¬†It boggles my mind that any company wouldn’t want their whole team to be brand¬†evangelists¬†out there in the social/marketing world.
  • Journalists need to understand the ad business, not sulk and go home¬†This is great. The divide between the two has to change if journalists want to continue to be paid. It’s why I like blogs, they understand advertising and do it on their own terms, and show that it doesn’t always have to be gross. Targeted, useful products can be relevant to the right audience.
  • Woman ‘denied a termination’ dies in hospital¬†This made me incredibly sad for the women in Ireland. Can not believe a first world country would allow this to happen because of religion. Wake up. Because of the church you’re going to kill two lives, instead of just one? Sickening. I am so glad I am a woman living in Canada when I hear shit like this.
  • Panda cam¬†Because you need a cute way to pass your Friday.
  • Ransom note generator¬†This made me laugh, give it a try if you’re not a crazy person. Leave your mom/best friend/husband a really creepy note and watch their reaction.
  • Finally, this is the funniest video I’ve came across in a while. Watch as¬†Broadway¬†actors read the transcripts of Jersey shore in the style of Oscar Wilde, it’s hilarious. Go to¬†YouTube¬†to watch the entire series.