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So, I went to Edgefest this year (my first time back at Downsview Park since 2003 for SARStock) and decided it would be fun to shoot a video documenting the day/highlighting my favourite bands playing the fest – aka those playing the side stage – and I am super proud of how it turned out. BIG HUGE THANKS to the incredibly talented Jake Chirico of the Collective Friction Film Collective for shooting and editing this for me – hire him for all your videography needs! I love the way it turned out, and it’s a nice first attempt at the video format for TTRO. I am the worst at transcribing interviews, so I may stick to video for such things in the future.

The day was hot, sweaty, and filled with great music. Edgefest is an interesting beast, in that the lineup can be quite diverse and therefore include a lot of bands I’m not so into, but the small stage was packed with bands I loved this year, and it was fun to get to hang out with some of them and talk about the day.

The highlights for me were sets from The Darcys, Yukon Blonde, The Coppertone, and Young The Giant, talking to Indian Handcrafts about moshing (they feel the same way about it as I do!), the DFA 1979 guys having a cheer off for their GTA suburb hometowns of Scarborough and Mississauga, climbing up the big hill at the back of Downsview and getting a beautiful view of the whole festival (pro tip – if you don’t care about seeing what’s happening on stage you can hear Downsview shows for free at that spot), and being offered $100 for my backstage wristband from the mom of a tween who was desperate to meet the guys in Billy Talent.

As sweet as that mom was for trying to make her kids dream come true, I know I did the girl a favour by saying I couldn’t. In a few years she will be embarrassed she actually liked this band so obsessively, as I am for running in front of the Backstreet Boys tour bus when I saw them live. Oh, to be a 12 year old girl again (thank god I’ll never be a 12 year old girl again).

The only disappointment was missing out on Hacienda and The Apache Relay’s sets, would have loved to hear them.

If you like it, please spread and share the video – you can grab the embed code at the end.