Watch This Awesome Canadian Tourism Video Featuring Yukon Blonde

Rarely do I think Canadian tourism boards market this country to tourists successfully. Canada on screen can seem like a whole lot of flatlands and nothingness if not handled with care, so when this video popped up last week I was pretty excited. Not only is it not boring, but they asked one of my favourite Canadian bands – Yukon Blonde ┬á(who I filmed/interviewed this summer, check that video out if you missed it) to write a song for it.

What’s fun is they actually rewrote their best song off their latest album, “My Girl,” for it, changing it to “My Home,” and even singing parts in French.

What’s even cooler is that this video is a┬ácompilation┬áof footage shot by a whole bunch of Canadians, showing off all the great things we love about the country (seasons, food, adventures, animals, cities, beaches, mountains, sports, art, etc) – rather than what some marketing firm thinks tourists would like about the country – so it actually shows you why it’s fun to live here/come here.

Watching it filled me with pride (despite knowing there’s nothing stupider than being proud of something as arbitrary and out of your control as where you were born, thanks George!) and made me want to travel around Canada and do and see all these things that I’m so lucky I have the privilege of experiencing all the time just because I was lucky enough to be born here. I’ve always wanted to move south for the warm weather, but when I see Canada like this I realize just how much I would be giving up.

The concept of Canada explored by Canadians is spot on. Not only did they make an interesting, much more shareable video than usual, but they made it for free! Super smart idea, kudos to whoever came up with this social media winner: