song of the week!

It’s been awhile since I’ve really dug something that came to my inbox, but when I saw that this band is on one of my favourite labels, Kill Rock Stars, I figured there was a higher chance of it being awesome than usual, and I was correct. I hit play and immediately fell in love with the synthy intro and melodic guitar line, but it’s Mat Klachefsky’s¬†nasally voice and the singalong gang vocals that really do it for me. The first comparison that came to mind is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, an old favourite of mine.

If you wanna dance, this is the song to do just that.

Oh and Boats are from Winnipeg, which makes me happy.

This song comes from their upcoming third album A Fairway Full Of Miners which is out on February 5th. A three song cassette tape will be released at some point this month in anticipation of the release.

Listen/download “Great Skulls” below: