I’m sure you have by now (I meant to post this on Thursday when it was released but got distracted by bad news), but if you haven’t – go to your Facebook profile right now and check it out. It’s basically just a collection of your top 20 most commented/liked/shared photos and statuses of the year, which means it can be pretty limited if you’re not a huge Facebook user.

I’m more of a Twitter fanatic, so it’s not as accurate for me as it might be for others. Mainly it just shows photos from my first trip to Montreal (since that’s the only photo album I posted this year) and drinking photos, which is a testament to my general dislike of having my photo taken, in that people can only make it happen when I’m inebriated. I promise I will never be one of those bloggers who just posts 1000 “selfies” a day on instagram and on the blog, instead of actual content.

Anyhow, it’s a cute feature and a good way for Facebook to create some perceived value out of the yearly format of Timeline. I’ve definitely enjoyed going through the Year in Review pages from my friends who’ve chosen to share theirs.