What To Buy Your Music Loving Friends This Holiday Season + A Giveaway!

December is here. This means it’s time to start shopping for your friends and family, if you haven’t already. I’m one of those terrible chronically last minute people who does everything on December 24th – but don’t be like me. Anyhow, if you have someone in your life who is an obsessive music fan (beyond yourself, obviously) I have some suggestions on what to buy them.

I also suggest sending this post to your friends and relatives if they routinely buy you socks or Michael Buble CDs, ruining your holiday. Mom, dad, if you’re reading this, this is my Christmas wish list. JK, my parents don’t know how to use the internet.

Oh, and if you really want to impress your musical compadre, make every detail count and wrap the present in sheet music, as seen above! Picture via Gave That.

Beatles Decorations from Retro Festive (BONUS, GIVING THESE AWAY!)


Retro Festive is actually one of the most fun sites ever for Christmas gifts. I basically want to buy everything on there, especially the Rudolph items (best Christmas movie, obviously). They have the weirdest/coolest stuff you would never think to buy, from all the Christmas movies and shows you grew up loving. These Beatles decorations happen to be my favourite, but the Elvis, Christmas Story, National Lampoon, Nightmare Before Christmas, and It’s A Wonderful Life ones are also great. The Muppets/John Denver A Christmas Together album on GREEN VINYL is also a must.

Thanks to Retro Festive, you can win the Beatles decorations above! Just like Turn The Record Over on Facebook and share the status about this post by December 14th. Winner will be contacted via Facebook, so be sure to check your ‘other’ message inbox folder as well as the TTRO Facebook page on December 14th.

Music Subscription Service

This is a no brainer that every music fan wants but is maybe too cheap/poor to get for themselves. There are plenty of options if you’re in the States, but Spotify and Pandora still haven’t come to Canada, so I’m recommending a Rdio subscription (someone please get me this!).

Other great music related subscriptions include Daytrotter, Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box, and The Thing (vaguely music related, but very artsy/fun).

Music Magazine Subscription 

While I think most digital kids are over paper magazines, your older musical friends may still appreciate a subscription to Rolling Stone, Spin, MOJO, NME, Magnet, etc.

Band Swag

If you know the person’s favourite band/musician, try and find something unique featuring that artist. A tour tee is always a nice and easy choice, but they never really have cute (ie, not cut like a basic t-shirt) tees for girls, so if you can find an item at a slightly more fashion forward store that happens to feature that musician, go for it. If someone were to give me the above slouchy Bob Dylan tee from Brandy Melville, I’d know they not only love me, but know me well enough to get me a gift I will adore and use.

Gift Card To The Local Record Store

Rather than waste your time (and theirs when they have to return it) picking out an album you’re not sure if they already have – or even want – just get a gift card to the cool record store in your city. Here in Toronto you can’t beat a gift card to Soundscapes, Sonic Boom or Rotate This.

If you don’t live in a city lucky enough to have anything more than an HMV, that works too. There’s also the (ughh hate to include these bastards but they really do own most concerts) Ticketmaster certificate option, if they see a lot of shows. And of course, the iTunes gift card if they are purely digital (how unfortunate).

Framed Poster or Records

They most likely have some posters from their favourite band lying around, waiting to be framed. Do it for them, and they will love you forever. Same goes for their favourite record. Something as simple as a few record frames makes for an awesome gift. I am especially eager to get my hands on these record frame doors for the expedit shelves as seen in the photo above.

A Turntable

If you know a music fan without a record player and you want to really change their life for the better (and they are the kind of person you are willing to drop significant cash on) there’s really nothing that can top this.

A few solid options for different budgets: Audio Technica LP60, Crosley Spinnerette, Music Hall USB1 (turns vinyl digital!), Debut Carbon Turntable.

A Record Washer!

I need this. Seriously. If you’re buying for someone with a heavy vinyl collection, this is an incredible gift.

Good Headphones

Similar to the turntable, a nice pair of headphones is one of the best gifts you can give this kind of person. You don’t have to go crazy, the Alessandro Music Series headphones have a reasonable option for $100. But if you do wanna spend some serious money, these are my dream headphones.

Also, there isn’t a girl in Canada who wouldn’t love a pair of these earmuff headphones for winter! What a brilliant idea (thanks @isa_gauthier for the suggestion), I’m ordering a pair for myself right now.

That’s it! What have I forgotten? What’s on your list?? Tell me in the comments.