song of the week!

Wildlife has a new album called …On The Heart¬†coming out on March 5th! It is probably my most anticipated album of the year so far, and this song is just a hint at why. Their debut album Strike Hard, Young Diamond was literally my main obsession in the summer of 2011, so I can not WAIT for this one.

The fact that they named this track after a Bruce song¬†certainly reminds me of the first time I saw them play and makes me love them even more, but that the song lives up to such an epic reference is what matters most. You can’t make that level of comparison in the listeners mind before they even hit play unless you know the song is gonna live up to it, and it does. The rolling drums, the layered harmonies, that guitar line, the lyrics. It’s as good as a single can get. I want to sing along and play it over and over again, just as I did with “Killing For Fun.” If the rest of …On The Heart is as solid as “Born To Ruin,” it’s gonna be just as great (if not better) than their incredible debut.

Listen below and click here to download it for free!