Hey guys. Are you exicted for the long (Easter) weekend? You’re probably off basking in the sun right now as it looks gorgeous outside. I wouldn’t know as I’ve been locked into my apartment the past few days trying to make my post festival cold go away in time to go home for Easter, with no success. I hope you’re feeling better than me right now.

Anyhow, here are a whole bunch of links to read should you get bored between eating giant meals and chocolate eggs with your family:

  • Dear Canadian Music Week, it’s not us, it’s you. As much as I do love Canadian Music Week for the sheer amount of bands I get to see, this article makes so many valid points about how it could improve. In the chase to compete with the big names NXNE pulls, it just ends up misleading people and wasting time (which is why I never go to those shows). They need to make clear rules for each venue and not just tack their name onto big acts that would already be playing a show here anyhow.
  • A true CMW hater right there. This blog was the talk of the festival all week. I came upon this post when reading BlogTO’s CMW choices, and saw it linked in the comments. After sharing it on Twitter, everyone had an opinion on his opinions. While I referred to it as the ‘angry blog’ when discussing with people at shows, I definitely think he has some very valid points about the festival and the current state of the music scene here. I disagree with listening to 20 seconds of one bands song and writing a harsh one liner about them – that’s not an honest review, it’s an attempt at low level humour at the expense of others – but I still think what he’s doing definitely has bloggers re-evaluating their willingness to be harsh on bands because of how small the community can feel here. And it is very small. I could (and probably will) write a whole post about this. I think/hope it’s been the kick in the ass this scene needs.
  • CBC’s list of the best Canadian singers. Um, cmon. It’s lists like this that make me wonder who writes this shit for CBC?
  • Record Store Day 2013 full list of releases announced. WEEE. It’s so close!
  • The 30 Greatest Rock and Roll Movie Moments. I think Rob may have missed a few, and let in a few that wouldn’t make my list, but this is my favourite link of the week. My music education came through the movies, and this list shows how that happened. “After Mean Streets, neither music nor the movies would ever be the same.” TRUTH.
  • Digital Music News: Music supervisor still “shocked” that TV studios still pay labels to use music. This is an interesting debate that will obviously piss off musicians. One of the comments was that if you don’t pay for the song why do you pay the actors, they’re getting publicity from doing the film as well. The difference here is that the actors are doing something new specifically for this film, while a chosen song would exist with or without the film. You can definitely make a case for a musicians career BLOWING UP instantly after landing a spot in a big movie trailer – The Lumineers for example.
  • Fallon, Leno, and Late Night: What the shakeup could mean to the music biz. Leno doesn’t spotlight new or interesting music, like ever, while Jimmy is basically known for it. This final, long overdue boot of Leno’s unfunny ass out the door will definitely be good for music, and great for comedy.
  • What Record Labels don’t want you to know they do. Musicians should definitely read this.
  • Got a song stuck in your head? Solving an anagram can help get rid of it. A good trick for when something awful(ly catchy) like “Call Me Maybe” won’t stop looping around your brain.
  • A great live music performance requires more than being rehearsed. If you can’t connect, get off the stage.
  • The economic imperative for investing in arts and culture. A must read.
  • The Prism Prize lists a bunch of their favourite classic Canadian music videos. Go watch them all, its nostalgic and impressive.
  • Adding to that, Rich Aucoin won first ever Prism Prize!
  • Long Distance Movie won fan pick of the week on Cinecoup for their cheap tricks mission video, go check it out. While you’re there, vote for which movie poster you prefer, and tell them why. Both main choices are almost tied so more opinions are definitely necessary.
  • Young adults really do have it tougher. Someone backs up what we as young adults already know because we are living it.
  • The thirty most hilarious autocorrect struggles ever. Heh.
  • 26 reasons you wish your best friend was Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. Yes, yes.
  • Why did Google Reader die?
  • The best hostels in Toronto. If you’re looking to visit my fair city, that will give some solid options on places to stay.
  • Find the thing you are most passionate about, then do it on nights and weekends for the rest of your life. Haha.
  • Lena Dunham quietly shakes up the writing operation on HBO’s Girls.
  • Girls season finale: How long did Adam’s romantic run probably take? Amazing. That scene is every girls fantasy.
  • I am not your wife, sister, or daughter. I am a person. Great article on the odd way we tackle rape culture by putting women into these roles to UNobjectify them. We shouldn’t need to be unobjectified. We are humans, that’s the only thing that should matter when looking at Stubenville or any other case.
  •  Finally check out this hilarious video on long defunct Larry’s Hideaway… where people went crazy for metal music in Toronto in the 80s: