This is fairly cool news for those of us under 30. Frank Black gets it. If you want to attract a younger demographic to your shows in 2013, you can’t charge $45 because we just don’t have that kind of expendable income to spend when we also have to eat that week. Adjusting the ticket price accordingly means everybody wins. He gets fans who have maybe just discovered the Pixies and his other projects in the door, rather than the just same people that would always go to his shows, and the generation that’s been completely screwed financially can actually afford to see a music legend live.

Of course, those who are over 30 might claim this is¬†discrimination, but there are actual statistics that show just how much harder it has been for the¬†Millennials¬†to not just get jobs but get paid what the generations before us easily¬†received. It’s not arbitrary bullshit. Everyone is cool with the 65+ population¬†receiving¬†discounts because they just don’t have as much money now that they’re no longer working, it’s no different for the generation that wants to work but graduated right into a recession. As someone who was laid off in January, I especially appreciate things like this.

Now if only Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen would do the same.

How do you feel about it? Should more musicians implement age based pricing?