Happy Friday, lovelies! How has your summer been going? The past few weeks have been crazy, as usual, which is why I love summer so much.

I went back home for Canada Day (see fireworks above) to visit with my family who was in from Calgary, and I went on the Maid of the Mist through the Falls for the first time since I was like, 5. Then I came back to Toronto to celebrate my birthday at TURF Festival where Joel Plaskett took my request to play “Love This Town” (!!!), and the festival was an incredible experience overall even despite the rain (review to come once I get caught up on all the reviews!) – I cannot wait for next year! Then #StormTO happened and I lost power along with most of the west side of Toronto. Luckily my apartment didn’t flood, but I’ve heard many horror stories, so I hope none of you are dealing with ruined possessions/apartments/homes.

Anyhow, tomorrow I fly out to BC for Rock The Shores festival in Victoria!! I have never, ever been west of Ontario in Canada, so I am incredibly excited about this. Canadian Club is flying me out there to shoot a really cool video for their new Mixed and Ready mixed drinks, which I have been drinking at festivals regularly since I noticed them last summer – finally a non beer option for the rest of us! Also, really excited to see Awolnation and Weezer, both of whom I’ve yet to see live! Praying Weezer will extend the Blue Album show they’re doing tonight in Toronto to include Sunday nights show, because really, how amazing would it be to see that? My first favourite album as a little kid? Yes please.

Now, here’s a bunch of good reads to help you power through to the weekend: