How Music Genres Have Spread Over The Decades (Interactive Map)

music genre interactive map how music travels through decades

 Thompson Holidays made this incredible genre map that shows how music genres have spread over time. Click here to launch the super cool interactive version.

Using research from sites such as Bass Culture, Wikipedia, The All Music Guide To Electronica and Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, they came up with this map that shows where and when a music genre started, and how it spread. It’s absolutely fascinating to see just how one genre inspired and influenced the next.

They note that it’s impossible to know exactly when a genre began, so all genre births are placed within a 5 year period.

It’s interesting to see that the place of birth is rarely the location where the genre became most popular.

No doubt there are likely some historical inaccuracies and subgenres left out, which could easily be fixed with a more dedicated research team that isn’t quite so focused on just dance music – but this is a pretty solid and impressive start. I look forward to one day seeing a more rock focused/complete version of this map.