Sponsored Video – Gotta Love A Stop Motion Video


I’m a big fan of stop motion animation, and I’m also a big fan of *safe and legal* alcohol consumption. This means that I am impressed when a company brings these two things together in a new way. The Dutch brand Bavaria is one of those rare guys who understand how to make beer advertising interesting. They’ve avoided the gross bros in bars trying to pick up fake boobed blondes concept we are all too familiar with when it comes to beer marketing, and instead used the beauty of stop motion technology to make a hand out of their beer cans – which sounds strange in writing, but is actually pretty fun to watch.

The Hand – as they call it, seems to be on a journey of its own. First, it was seen skateboarding around a city. This time they’ve made it break dance in the street like a pro. Who knew a beer can hand could be so versatile?

While I’ve never had a Bavaria 8.6 Original myself as I’m not much of a beer drinker, I like that it is a 7.9% beer – far too often, the percent of alcohol in beer rivals that of apple juice. Also, it should be noted that they use four unique varieties of malt to brew these guys – which means little to me but is apparently a very good thing in the beer world. I think it might be similar to the importance of the grape variety in wine, which, I’ve recently learned, is very very important.

Have you guys ever been impressed by a companies unique branding ideas before? Are there any stop motion videos I really need to see? Tell me in the comments after watching the video below:

This post was sponsored by Bavaria, but all words are my own!