song of the week!

Gotta thank a friend for tipping me off on this one. I’m not normally a fan of this electronic singer songwriter (aka indietronica) domination that’s the new cool in music, but this song is legitimately great. The electronic elements are interesting yet not so overpowering that they take away from the sadness of the vocals and the contradiction of the lyrics. Everything about the song reeks of longing and urge and desperate love. And that intro is so creepy. It’s pretty brilliant.

The only part I don’t like is the “drum” solo in the middle, which is actually overpowering and sort of cuts up the beauty of the song for me.

Video wise, I think the choice to show a guy and a girl playing hockey is interesting. At first I was like, wow, this guy really wants to show off his Canadianness – but it’s actually a smart way to depict the chase and the games guys and girls play when trying to navigate relationships, as the song describes.

Montreal born Thomas Arsenault (aka Mas Ysa) is one to watch. If you’re a James Blake fan, keep your eye on this guy.