Leon Bridges – River

song of the week!

If you watched last weekend’s SNL you will probably know why I am posting this.

Leon Bridges music is gorgeous, but this particular performance of this song did something to me that I can’t quite explain. As I tweeted, I stopped in my tracks while doing chores. I had to watch the screen and pay attention to what was happening because it was so powerful.

The album version is strong, but gospel music is at its best live, and it shows here. This performance is one of the most beautiful live performances in SNL history, if you ask me.

I watch SNL to laugh, but this made me cry (in a good way). This is music at its best. This is music that forces you to pay attention because it’s reaching some part of you that you don’t even really know is there until you hear a song performed like this.

I am posting this for anyone who may have missed it, but mostly I am posting it for me, so I can always easily come back and find it in the years to come.