2016 ford explorer sony audio

The way technology is changing vehicles is quite a thing to witness. The connected car is a thing of brilliance and beauty. As if our lives weren’t simple enough, now our cars are as useful as our smartphones.

Well, I didn’t think it could get much better – but the fact is – when it comes to audio, most cars have a decent system, but there is usually room for improvement.

Lucky for us, Ford figured out how to reach the pinnacle of car audio perfection by teaming up with Sony while they were designing their new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum.

The new Premium Audio System by Sony includes 12 high-quality speakers in 10 areas throughout the car, including sub-woofers – meaning your car has a surround sound system – so everyone in the car gets the same epic sound quality experience (yes even way at the back).

I had a chance to test drive the car and it was almost comparable to concert quality sound – the Clear Phase and Live Acoustic technology ensures there is limited distortion (no matter how loud you blast it), which is key for those long highway drives when all you want to do is singalong at the top of your lungs to Springsteen to make the trip go by faster.

During the launch, myself and a group of bloggers were invited to the Sony Centre to check out the car while also experiencing the concert sound of the Sony Centre, to compare. It’s crazy to me how they were able to capture that live sound experience within the vehicle.

While I wouldn’t normally see the band Magic! out of my own volition, it was super fun to have a private show put on for the very small group of us, in a venue as large as the Sony Centre.

Sidenote – we also stopped for dinner at Pravda Vodka Bar for dinner – which, as a Vodka girl – I had always been meaning to try out. If you’re looking for a great date spot in Toronto, this is the place. Their drink menu is my dream drink menu.

Beyond the brilliant audio, the car itself is beautiful. It’s the largest vehicle I’ve ever driven, which normally would intimidate me, but with SYNC doing its job, and all the other perks it comes with, I was more than happy to drive this SUV around the city. The greatest perk of all might be the massaging seats. I’ve had heated seats before – but this takes it to another level. I get serious lower back pain from time to time and having this option was truly a blessing.

What can’t this car do? Seriously. If you want to impress your relatives this holiday, drive up in one of these. Everyone will want to take turns testing it out.Lisa