About Lisa

Hi! I’m Lisa. And this is where I blog about my life in Toronto (and elsewhere).

Being born and raised in a small town in Southern Ontario meant one thing – I had a lot of free time growing up, and most of it was spent dedicated to absorbing music, film and television at insane rates. Inevitably, I grew into the kind of person who wanted to share her discoveries with others, and the internet has allowed me to do just that.

Since moving to the city over a decade ago I’ve got a dog and named him after a Bob Dylan song, graduated from a Fine Arts program at York University, volunteered for a variety of organizations, worked at least a dozen different jobs, lived in six different apartments/neighbourhoods, made some of the best friends of my life, experienced more live music than I can remember, started this blog, met some of my heroes, created my own business and fell completely in love with this city.

There’s nowhere else in Canada for me. As my adventures in Toronto and abroad continue, I will continue to share them with you here.


Turn The Record Over is a Toronto based lifestyle & culture blog for creative professionals.

Created over six years ago, its main focus is on helping you discover the best in music, entertainment, travel, food and drink, technology, and life in Toronto.

The name comes from an Elliott Smith song, if you were wondering.

Over the years, TTRO has collaborated with specific companies and brands that align with its creative vision, including:

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Please contact me if you are interested in working together in some way – be it sponsorship, a giveaway, an interview, swapping guest posts, co-presenting or hosting an event, writing work, or travel opportunities.

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