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TGIF – The Ongoing Saga of Rob Ford and More

Rob Ford T-Shirt unemployed fuck a day job tee mayor of toronto crack smoker

This Rob Ford thing is so embarrassing I don’t even think there’s a need for me to comment on it. Luckily, that’s not the only thing going on in the world.

See what else is up below:



TGIF – Rob Ford’s Crack Vid, That Food Blogger, and Lou Reed

Wow, what a week. It started with the loss of one of the most important and influential people in my (and so many others) life, and ended with the celebratory Halloween day news that YES, Toronto – the Rob Ford crack video does exist – though you must be a complete idiot if you ever doubted for a second that it did.

I have a whole lot to say about Lou, but it deserves it’s own post. So for now, read up on what everyone else had to say about him – along with my thoughts on all the other links below:



TGIF – Misogyny, Protect Your Hearing, and 10 Years

Like Sockwork Qotsa Queens of the Stone Age Like Clockwork album cover recreated with socks

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed from the silence, I’ve been very busy adjusting to getting back into the working in an office world. Spent a week in Austin as well (post to come), so things have been slow around here.

This late TGIF has a ton of great links to make up for it:



TGIF – Harvey, Movie Music Moments and the Mercury Prize

TIFF2013 toronto international film festival 121212 premiere harvey weinstien george strombolopolous interview q and a music documentary hurricane sandy

Hello again, Friday. That week just went super fast – but of course it did. It’s TIFF. Which means I haven’t been home much, except to sleep (and write this).

Have you seen any great films this festival? So far my favourite probably remains the behind the scenes 12.12.12 doc,  which my photo above shows the Q & A with Strombo interviewing Harvey Weinstein and his team after the film.

The 12.12.12 fundraiser was such an incredible lineup of artists, and getting a behind the scenes look into how they pulled all those huge acts together so fast was incredible. Harvey also told us how he tried SO hard to complete the 60’s/70’s English legend bands with Led Zeppelin but Jimmy Page’s dirtbag manager Peter Mensch convinced him NOT TO DO IT! They even got President Obama AND President Clinton to personally ask Page to do it. WTF. Makes me think much less of Jimmy Page now. Who refuses to do a charity benefit concert because they want to be paid outrageous sums of money when they’ve already got more money they they’ll ever use in this life? Sad.

I usually forgo TIFF parties in favour of actually seeing films, but Tuesday I went to the SXSW TIFF party, and quickly realized just how male dominated the film world truly is. I was so shocked that the party was 90% male. I always feel the music industry is so male dominated, but at least at our parties, it usually feels 60/40 split. But I was also told that’s because men in music are cool and usually have women around them – men in film, not so much.

I also took a TIFF break to check out the unbelievable Christian Louboutin shoe exhibit at the Design Exchange. I’ve never wished I had unlimited disposable income more in my life. So many incredible, ¬†incredibly expensive, beautiful shoes. One day.

Anyhow, now for the links!



TGIF – New Fees for Bands, TIFF, and Breaking Bad Sexism


Hey guys! Happy September! It’s crazy how fast the city changes from calm and warm to crazy and cold as soon as September hits. It’s overwhelming. The past couple weeks have been busy.

Super cool thing – I did my first ever guest lecture, on social media/blogging, for the music/film/management students at Trebas. That was awesome. I’ll post more about that in the coming week.

I also got a new job I am SUPER excited to tell you guys about. Let’s just say I’m gonna be working for the people I’ve wanted to work for since graduating college. It’s one of those “if you believe you can have it, one day, you will” moments.

Did you guys have an amazing long weekend? This week actually marks my 10th anniversary of living in Toronto. 10 years ago I was just like all those other Frosh kids wandering the streets this week. Time flies.

Are you checking out any TIFF films? There are tons of great music ones to check out (I may post a list if I get the chance). I’m also pumped for Spike Jonze’s Masters chat. You can buy tickets directly through that image in my sidebar! And if you want to do a fun TIFF related party tonight, you should head to Adelaide Music Hall for YLMC’s Clockwork Orange theme party. Great bands playing, and they always throw a good show. This was Kubrick’s best film, after all. I dressed as Alex for Halloween regularly as a young teen – my neighbors thought it was inappropriate.

With all that said, here are the links: