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The Mixtape – Songs I Played at My Parents 30th Anniversary Party


It’s mixtape monday! This month’s mix comes from the music selection I put together for my parents 30th anniversary (which also happened to be my mom’s 50th birthday) last weekend. I was responsible for the music, and the bar, of course. My sister took care of decorating the venue since that’s what she does on film sets for a living, and we spent too much money on catering – but it was an awesome night and I think it made up for the seriously shitty wedding my parents had 30 years ago. My mom’s siblings were not allowed to attend because her dad was a huge asshole, they had the reception in a crappy restaurant because of limited funds, and my dad’s family didn’t think my mom was good enough for him – my dad (who was very much a mama’s boy) actually punched a hole through his parents wall because they were trying to convince him not to go through with it. I’ll never get tired of hearing that story.

Obviously everything worked out in the end or I wouldn’t be here.

So this is probably the most personal mix I’ve ever made, because these are the songs and the artists I grew up listening to via my parents. My entire musical identity could be traced back to hearing these tracks a million times growing up. There are some artists on here I don’t particularly like (Kim Mitchell, umm, sorry guys) but for whatever reason – my parents connected with this music and that made it important to include.

Stream it below or DOWNLOAD IT HERE!!

(If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)

John Mellencamp– Small Town This is pretty much my parents theme song. They love their small town and do not understand how they raised two kids who don’t. And my dad loooved John Cougar, as he called himself back in the day. It’s incredibly uncool to like him now, but this song will always be huge to me. I rejected everything about the small town and moved to the city as soon as I could, but I am so incredibly grateful I was born and raised in Welland. It gave my sis and I ambition, determination and passion. I doubt we would have been half as interested in art and creative expression if we had constant access to it like city kids do. Having to watch movies to experience any culture and diversity at all made us long for something more. No I cannot forget where it is that I come from, I cannot forget the people who love me…  This was a hard one to choose because I easily could have included “Jack and Diane” or “Pink Houses” instead (I grew up in a little blue house, no joke).

Bob Seger -Night Moves Bob Seger songs are the only songs that get my incredibly shy dad to let loose on a dance floor.

April Wine – Song For Mary I probably should have chose a different April Wine song, but this is one of those bands that I just don’t really dig much despite my dad loving them. He was a big supporter of Canadian music, but not all of it was excellent, unfortunately. I went with this one because its the one April Wine song I really love.

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road Bruce is the ultimate in my family. My earliest life memory consists of dancing to the “Dancin In The Dark” video in front of the television. Bruce’s music was the one catalog that never had a break in our house. We bought my parents tickets to see him and the E Street Band in August as their present this year. I went with “Thunder Road” because I think the sentiment of being young and running away from everyone to be together was incredibly apt for my parents back in the day, but it was hard not to include “My Hometown,” “Glory Days,” and basically all of Born In The USA in this. As a side note, it also features the Bruce line that basically defined my experience growing up… it’s a town full of losers, I’m pullin out of here to win. 

Johnny Cash & June Carter– If I Were A Carpenter This one is more from my mom, who is a big country music fan, to my dismay. They actually named my sister after Roseanne Cash, since they were both big Johnny Cash fans (and me after Loretta Lynn – my first name is actually Lisa Lynn). I respect legit country music like this and love Johnny, it’s the ‘nu’ country stuff she loves that I refused to play. This song is probably the cutest duet ever, btw.

Bryan Adams – Everything I Do (I Do It For You) Another request from my mom. Since they didn’t have a dance-floor at their reception and therefore didn’t have a ‘wedding song’ my mom decided to claim this as their song, even though it came out almost a decade after they were married. I do not approve of the cheese, but I get it. He did have a few good songs.

Neil Young – Harvest Moon The ultimate enduring love song, and I mean, it’s Neil. I was raised on Harvest as much as I was raised on Born In The USA, Rumours, Breakfast in America and Scarecrow. Very thankful for that. When we were strangers, I watched you from afar… When we were lovers, I loved you with all my heart. 

Kim Mitchell – Patio Lanterns I know, I know. I already apologized for this one once, yet I feel the need to again because it’s that bad – but for whatever strange reason (it was the 80s, Canadian pride?), my dad loved Kim Mitchell. The more I dig into it, the more his taste confuses me, but we must all admit that this song is incredibly hilarious. It’s so bad it’s good. I’d spend half the night making lemonade, which we all drank a lot, because we were all so shy, shy and nervous. And if you really want to pee your pants, check out the video for “Go For A Soda”. It seems he wrote music for 10 year olds.

The Guess Who – These Eyes Then again, there definitely was some respectable CanRock they loved.

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Hey You My dad constantly talked about “BTO” when I was a kid. I think he actually preferred Randy’s work in BTO to what he did with The Guess Who .

Tom Petty – Even The Losers Though he always came in secondary to Bruce, Tom’s work obviously hit the same note for them. Even the losers get lucky sometimes. I fucking love this song. My parents never really fit in with anyone but each other and because of that I think they are very lucky to have found each other, so it’s a fitting song.

Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun I doubt there is a single album I’ve heard more in my life than Rumours, which might be because I love it equally as much as my parents do. I think it’s that one absolutely flawless album that so few artists ever achieve. Although it is the definitive break up album, this one song steers clear of the moving on territory the album is famous for, so it worked out nicely. You, you make loving fun, and I don’t have to tell you but you’re the only one. My dad used to always talk about how cool Lindsey Buckingham was (he definitely stole his style in those days from Lindsey – %100, afro and all) and for the longest time I thought he was talking about Stevie Nicks because my tiny brain couldn’t put together that the guy had a girls name and the girl had a guys name. He also had a massive crush on Christine McVie, which as I got older I had to question. Who likes Christine more than Stevie?! But he thought Stevie was too ‘witch like,’ of course.

Marianne Faithful – As Tears Go By Such a depressing song, but we used to always hang out in the basement when I was little and my dad would turn this song on and my mom would teach me how to play it on the keyboard while he would mess around on his guitar. It was the first song I ever learned how to play. I definitely prefer the Stones version, but this was the version they loved.

The Band – The Weight More CanRock gold I’m glad I grew up with.

Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends For all the music obsessing they did, they were never really big Beatles fans – I heard this version of the song many many times as a kid before I ever realized it was a Beatles song.

The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want When I was young my dad always joked that this was my theme song because I was a stubborn as hell kid. He would play it whenever I would have a fit over wanting something they couldn’t afford, and I would threaten to run away if I couldn’t have it (which I did, many times, my nickname was ‘The Escapee’ and they had to put a fence up and buy one of those kid leashes for me, but I always found my way out).

Wilco – My Darling My parents don’t really know Wilco as they don’t pay attention to modern music, but I included this song because it’s the song I feel my dad would have wrote for us if he had the capacity to write music like Jeff Tweedy. It’s also the song I think expresses the sentiment of my family the most. Cause we made you, my darling, with the love in each of our hearts, we were a family, my darling, right from the start. 

Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child of Mine I think driving around town in his black Spyder with this song playing and his kids rocking out in the backseat was one of my dad’s favorite things to do in the late 80s. Probably why I always thought he was the coolest person ever (still do). I loved that car, was so mad when my mom made him sell it for something more respectable.

Supertramp – Goodbye Stranger My dad still talks about Supertramp like they were gods, and it’s one of the best goodbye songs ever written. Perfect closer for a mix.

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The Mixtape – Songs from CMF 2012

This month’s mixtape took a while for me to figure out, as I’ve been trying to stick to specific themes and have already used the original themes that inspired this monthly mixtape idea in the first place, but as I sat around last week trying to think of a new theme, realizing I was a week behind on the mix already because of catching up on Canadian Music Week coverage – it became obvious. A mix featuring the bands I saw (or meant to see but ran out of time/energy) at the festival. So without further ado, here is April’s mix.

Stream it below or DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

(If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)

The Dirty Nil – Verona Lung
Attagirl – Sleep A Little
Poor Young Things – The Low Road
Topanga – Oceans
Dan Mangan – Rows of Houses
Eight and a Half – Go Ego
Gold & Youth – Time to Kill
The Darcys  – When I Am New Again
Zeus – Marching Through Your Head
The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know
Wildlife – Killing For Fun
The Dears – We Can Have It
Cold Specks – Holland
Joel Plaskett – Lightning Bolt
Ben Caplan – Conduit
Rich Aucoin – It


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The Mixtape – Songs To Make You Feel Uncomfortable

If there’s one thing creating this mix taught me, it’s that the 60s/70s were filled with too many weird and totally creepy songs by great bands, and the Brits certainly excel in this field, while I struggled to find Canadian artists making these kinds of songs. The title makes it seem like a mix you might save for Halloween (and admittedly I’d save Throbbing Gristle, Tori Amos and Bloodrock for that time) but its actually a cool mix. I’m more interested in uncomfortable topics and the stories behind the song than weird sounds, hence choosing “Comfortably Numb” over “Careful With That Axe, Eugene.”

Stream it below or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

(If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)

Lana Del Rey – Put Me In A Movie The idea for this mix came when I heard this song and at first wanted to put it on last month’s mix, but then quickly realized how that would be a boner killer for a lot of people once I heard the lyrics in full. Super creepy song about the length some girls will go to in order to be famous, and how creepy so many men in the industry are. Come on, you know you like little girls. You can be my daddy.  

Bloodrock – D.O.A First person perspective of being in an air plane crash, incredibly descriptive and disturbing. Doesn’t get creepier than this. It’s based on the songwriter witnessing a plane crash when he was 17.

Pearl Jam – Bugs This one just amuses me, really. If anyone but Eddie was singing, it would probably freak me out a lot more. The visuals are pretty damn gross.

Broken Social Scene – Stomach Song The first time I heard this song it really freaked me out, but it quickly became my favorite off their first album.

Patti Smith – Revenge Possibly my favorite Patti Smith song, and she’s my favorite female musician by a large margin. It’s one of those songs where I see a whole film play out in my head when I listen to it. You ain’t gonna need no little boat, you are living on my time, my dear. 

 Gary Jules – Mad World Everyone remembers this Tears for Fears cover from Donnie Darko. It still provides the same effect, all these years later. I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad, the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had. 

Timber Timbre – Bad Ritual It’s a bad bad ritual, but it calms me down. From the sound of his voice, I’m assuming the ritual is murdering people and drinking their blood.

 Tragically Hip – Nautical Disaster A dream about a whole lot of people dying, while Gord lives. The screaming filled my head all day. 

Tori Amos – ’97 Bonnie and Clyde Tori’s answer to the Eminem song of the same name. My friends in high school loved Tori Amos and I couldn’t stand her (still not a fan), I remember a mix CD a friend had made me that had this on it and I hated it because I’d have to get up to skip this track, unless I wanted nightmares. It’s brutal, and although I am not into her as a musician, I respect that she wanted to show just how fucked up it was that Eminem was rewarded for writing a song like this, that was all over the radio at the time for little kids to hear. I considered putting the song she wrote about when she was raped – “Cornflake Girl” – but this one is more overtly disturbing.

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt This one’s pretty standard. It’s an exercise in self pity, but deep down Trent seems pretty angry. I will make you hurt… 

 Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy & Matt Sweeney – Blood Embrace I’ve talked about how much I love this album before (and even used another song from it on my last mixtape), but this remains the standout track. The guitar going through it is so ominous. Even though he is saying he will remain with her despite her indiscretion, the feeling that something very bad is about to happen lingers throughout.

Nirvana – Rape Me Because the word rape alone makes so many people uncomfortable. I remember when this song would come on in the car with my dad growing up, how disgusted and utterly uncomfortable he would get. There are few songs he would really get mad if we didn’t turn off, but this was definitely the biggest one. Of course, being me, I get a cathartic release from screaming ‘rape me’ at the world. They can’t get what they want if you let them have it.

The Cure – Lullaby One of many songs I think was actually written to torture small children. This song scared the shit out of me when I was little, but I did and still do have an immensely irrational fear of spiders, actually sleeping on the couch for months instead of in my bed if I saw a spider in my room, even after my dad would kill it.

The Smiths – Asleep A pretty song about suicide, and the only Smiths song I don’t hate. (Okay, I like “This Charming Man” a little bit, too.)

Cat Power – Nude As The News Jackson, Jesse, I’ve got a son in me. He’s related to you, he’s related to you, he is dying to meet you. If you have a really awful boyfriend and he breaks up with you, this is a fun song to send him if you want to freak him out.

Elliott Smith – Kings Crossing This song is a work of art, and it was definitely my favorite song for a long time after From A Basement… came out, it being the last song Elliott recorded before he died. I can’t prepare for death anymore than I already have. It works as a love letter to his former drug use, and how he was trying to put it behind him so it wouldn’t kill him. Give me one good reason not to do it… because I love you… so do it. This is the place where time reverses, dead men talk to all the pretty nurses, instruments shine on a silver tray, don’t let me be carried away. Its inherent discomfort comes from knowing he died shortly after recording those words, and that makes it kind of disturbing. Highlighted by the fact that the one singing “because I love you” in the background is the person who was in the room at the time he was stabbed – Jenifer Chiba. Sometimes love goes bad and you do end up on a silver tray, getting carried away.

The Kinks – Wicked Annabella Another of the ‘creepy songs recorded to scare kids’ songs. I love The Kinks.

The Toadies – Possum Kingdom An obsessive creep raping someone, and then murdering her when she doesn’t want him. Their biggest hit.

Pulp – This Is HardcoreSimilar to the Lana Del Rey song, just from the male perspective.

Throbbing Gristle – Hamburger Lady Oh god. This is the scariest thing ever recorded, actually about a lady who was burned so badly she looked like hamburger meat from the waist up, but because her legs were fine they kept her alive. She couldn’t sleep for longer than a few minutes at a time and the sight of her made all the nurses vomit. Sad stuff.
Dresden Dolls – Missed MeJust listen to this one.

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me… I always forget how creepy this song actually is because it’s so damn beautiful, but the intro and the words are pretty damn disturbing.

Radiohead – We Suck Young Blood Yeah.

Tom Waits – Poor Edward You can google this song to find out about the apparently true story it was based on, a man with a face on the back of his head, that drove him to suicide because they couldn’t remove it.

Beatles – Revolution 9 Obviously.


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The Mixtape – Songs To Get It On To

Since Valentine’s Day is next week I thought it would be fun to make this month’s mix dedicated to sexy songs. This is a collection of some of my absolute favorite songs of all time, because great songs are like great sex. If you’re single you can use this mix to really creep someone out, but if you’re not, you can use it on your partner and tell them you made it just for them.

Stream it below or DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

 Songs To Get It On To by TTRO on Grooveshark

(If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)

The Pixies – Hey Hey, been trying to meet you. This is how it all begins. If you go, I will surely die. I almost wanted to put “Gigantic” as my pixies choice, but I recently realized (after over a decade of loving The Pixies), that she is singing “Gigantic, OUR big big love” not “MY big big love.” All these years I thought she was singing about her well endowed man, but its actually just about love. Sigh.

Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit Swallowing words while giving head. The most accurate description of sex you’ll ever hear. There’s so much loaded into that line I don’t even know where to begin. In my Top 3 favorite songs of all time. I debated on switching this to “Anthems For a 17 Year Old Girl,” as that song is exactly how a teenage girl feels when she’s ready to give it up, but I had to go with the more grown up song.

Pavement – In The Mouth Of A Desert This is the track that began my interest in Pavement. It’s what I want… It’s what I want. Malkmus stopped gazing at his shoes and decided to sound passionate about something with this one.

Neutral Milk Hotel – The King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 And this is the room one afternoon I knew I could love you, and from above you how I sank into your soul, into that secret place where no one dares to go.

The Beatles – I Want You (She’s So Heavy) I want someone to want me as much as John Lennon wants the girl in this song.

Wings – Let Me Roll It Even though it’s Paul McCartney – the most unsexy man of all time – singing this, it remains the ultimate sex song from its era.

Led Zeppelin – I’m Gonna Crawl This was the sexiest song of all time to me when I was in high school. My taste has evolved quite a lot since the age of only listening to 60s/70s rock music, but just like The Beatles track, its still remains the ultimate turn on to have someone be as into you as he sounds here. I was a good catholic girl and watching videos of Robert Plant singing this in his skintight jeans taught me more about the male anatomy and sex than ‘sex ed’ classes ever did. And Jimmy Page’s guitar solo… there are no words. Ignore the cheesy intro violin, though.

Otis Redding – Try A Little Tenderness If there’s one song that will make almost any wrongdoing forgiven, it’s this song. Panties officially on the floor.

Jeff Buckley – Lover You Should’ve Come Over Sometimes a man gets carried away, when he feels like he should be having his fun, much too blind to see the damage he’s done. Sometimes a man must awake to find that, really, he has no one… I can only begin to guess how many couples have got back together because of this song.

The XX – Stars This track is the musical equivalent of what happens on a really good first date. They gave sound and words to the subtext of two people wanting to rip each others pants off, but holding back for the sake of decency/rules/the game/all that stupid shit.

The White Stripes – Ball and Biscuit I think the titles euphemism says it all, but you have to hear the guitar to truly understand its power. It’s the rhythm of sex. It’s impossible to not be attracted to Jack White when you hear this song. He can be my third man, fourth and fifth, whatever he wants.

Bonnie Price Billy and Matt Sweeney – Bed Is For Sleeping Superwolf is one of my favorite albums ever. It’s also a pretty sad album, so some may not agree with me putting this song on here, but it perfectly conveys the beginnings of love (and the end). Bed is for sleeping, love is for making, and you know love I am yours for the taking.

Iron and Wine – Such Great Heights Definitely still prefer the Postal Service version, but that version’s music is too electronic to be sexy. And I have to speculate
that God himself did make us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay.

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You I want to hold the hand inside you… need I say more?

Zeus – Heavy On Me To say I’m obsessed with this song would be an understatement. It’s like “Let Me Roll It,” “I’m Gonna Crawl” and “I Want You” all scaled back and rolled up into one perfect song. It starts soft and slow and builds up, until it explodes. And when you’re heavy on me, and I’m heavy on you, we do it right. Yes, yes we do.

Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Cat Power – I’ve Been Thinking This song is one of the reasons why I sometimes wish I was Chan Marshall (when she’s not crazy depressed).

Iggy Pop – I Wanna Be Your Dog It’s like Iggy is responding to Chan’s request (kind of a gross visual, but imagine it as if he was still young).

Nirvana – Drain You My absolute favorite Nirvana song. So wonderfully dirty. It is now my duty to completely drain you. Chew your meat for you, pass it back and forth in a passionate kiss, from my mouth to yours. You’re my vitamins.

Pink Mountaintops – Rock and Roll Fantasy This song is an orgasm. Steve McBean is the only man in the world who can make long hair and a dirty beard sexy, and it’s mostly because he wrote this song. Pink Mountaintops self titled album is the sexiest album in existence.

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The Mixtape – Songs of 2011 You Should Love

It’s Mixtape Monday, and it’s also the first Monday of 2012. Now that 2011 is over and I’ve absorbed as much of its music as I could manage, I present to you my Best of 2011 mix. This was an incredible year for music, particularly here in Toronto and in Canada as a whole (a large chunk of this mix is Canadian artists, obviously). I love all of these songs, and the albums they were released on (there’s a few songs that were released as singles as well, albums to come in 2012) so check it out, maybe there’s a few artists on here you’ve never heard of that will become your favorite band of 2012.

As this is a long list of all the albums I’ve considered for my Best Albums of 2011 post, check in tomorrow to see the top 10 albums that made the cut.

Stream it below:

Click here to download Part 1 (Ladies)

St Vincent – Champagne Year (Strange Mercy)
Ohbijou – Niagara (Metal Meets)
Braids – Lemonade (Native Speaker)
Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Ritual Union)
Austra– Lose It (Feel It Break)
Wild Flag – Racehorse (S/T)
Feist – Cicadas and Gulls (Metals)
Lykke Li – Sadness is a Blessing (Wounded Rhymes)
Adele – One and Only (21)
Lady Gaga – You and I (Born This Way)

Click here to download Part 2 (Gentlemen)

We Are Augustines – Chapel Song (Rise Ye Sunken Ships)
Dan Mangan – Daffodil (Oh Fortune)
Dan Griffin – Stars and Satellites (Leave Your Love)
Bill Callahan – Riding for the Feeling (Apocalypse)
Rural Alberta Advantage – Two Lovers (Departing)
Memphis – Apocalypse Pop Song (Here Comes A City)
Teenage Kicks – Hearts of Darkness (Rational Anthems)
Hollerado – Good Day at the Races (Single)
Sam Roberts – Without a Map (Collider)
Hey Rosetta – Welcome (Seeds)
Sloan – The Answer Was You (The Double Cross)
Arkells – On Paper (Michigan Left)
Zeus – Are You Gonna Waste My Time (Single)
Black Keys – Little Black Submarines (El Camino)
Jay-Z and Kanye West – Gotta Have It (Watch The Throne)
Wu Lyf – Heavy Pop (Go Tell Fire to the Mountain)
Radiohead – Give up the Ghost (The King of Limbs)
The Darcys – Dont Bleed Me (S/T)
Timber Timbre – Black Water (Creep On Creepin On)
Tom Waits – New Years Eve (Bad As Me)

(If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)