OR General Industrial. We recommend using General Finishes High Performance Topcoat over Milk Paint because it's water-based and dries clear. Amber, Blue, Cinnamon, Dark Brown, Empire Red, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Orange, Pewter, Green, Vintage Cherry, Yellow:Â. Flat High Performance Polyurethane Interior Topcoat: 1-qt. The beauty of Gel Stain comes from thick thick urethane which can carry a LOT of color to any surface, but that color must be sealed in with top coat. Shops which do window tinting, paint protection films and vehicle graphics are the most skilled in making sure wheel surfaces are properly cleaned for optimum bonding of the automotive attachment tape used in Wheel Bands. Can Glaze Effects be sealed with wax instead of top coat? Learn more about General Finishes Enduro Sanding Sealer here. Watch Exterior 450 Topcoat Overview Video Here. Softwoods such as Pine absorb stain at an uneven rate and may respond better to staining if the wood is pre-sealed. The separation is a condition the paint industry calls "float." Oil-based finishes amber over time; do not use them over white or very light colors. Always strain material through a medium to fine mesh filter before spraying. If you are using a white paint, apply a coat of SeaGull Grey first to counter the brown, and then apply a couple of coats of white over it, allowing all coats to dry 2 days. Learn more about General Finishes's water-based Dye Stains and what they can do for your next project at http://bit.ly/2kfugGC. Floors sealed with High Performance Top Coat can be cleaned with Bona floor cleaning system or a similar product. Polish final coats to specified finishes. Rub down the finish with 0000 steel wool and General Finishes Orange Oil to lower the sheen. The Reducer is made first, then the dye color is added. Oil based finishes and epoxies will generally add that amber color to the wood. $16.99 $19.99 $24.99 $26.99 $18.99 $9.99 $14.99 Brush application Fair Fair Good Good Good Good Fair Color (when dry) This happens on the original powder Chalk or Milk Paints also. Stain Blocker is most likely to stop the bleed-through of all options listed above because it was specifically engineered to block the most persistent bleed-through. Keep lid closed while working. -Jamie Finish schedule over prep-sanded raw pine wood: 2 coats of Amber Dye Stain 1 coat of a 2:1 mix of... Alan Harp Design hand crafted this Mission style corner cabinet from quarter sawn White Oak. Resins cure to a hard finish within hours, and can be used to make jewelry pieces and objets d’art, or create a clear, durable finish on tables, figurines, photos, wood objects, and more. Pad Applicators or paint rollers are also helpful on larger horizontal surfaces such as a table top. When sealing with General Finishes oil-based topcoats, General Finishes Arm-R-Seal and General Finishes Gel Topcoat, let water-based stain dry a minimum of 24 hours first. Will a steam mop damage Pro Image or Pro Shield finish? General Finishes Pre-Stain Conditioner Natural can be applied to raw wood to condition the surface for uniform penetration of the stain. You will see more stratification or separation as the product ages. Wood Turner's Finish does not need wet sanding. BUFFING/POLISHING WITH PRESTA POLISHING KITS. Then test the finish by duplicating normal wear and tear: washing, scrubbing, scratching, etc to see if the finish bonds to the surface. Haze (the technical term is blush) is caused by too many coats applied too quickly. Imagine wall paint as a can filled with 50% filler powder, some pigment colors, a little binder and then topped off with water. General Finishes products are best used within 1 year of the manufacture date listed on the bottom of the can. GF's Milk Paint is not a true Milk Paint - it is premixed and does not contain any casein based ingredients. Our first concern is the use of the epoxy. You will see stratification or separation, which is normal.  Haven't tried it, but you get the idea! *How Do I Reduce the Sheen of an Oil Based Topcoat? 1 FAQ ... About General Finishes. This will help you plan time allotments for your project and your pricing. It is often wrongly assumed that insulated glazing is only for cold climates when in fact it achieves the best performance levels in both U-value and SHGC in all … Dye Stain reducer is the clear base the we use when manufacturing our dye stains. We make the reducer first, then add the dye color. Storage Tips If this happens, start turning your thoughts to Lamp Black Milk Paint - that will cover a lot of problems. 5. Wax requires annual maintenance and it must be removed if you want to apply topcoat in the future. General Finishes specifically selects resins to achieve this objective. *Can I Mix GF Milk Paint into Exterior 450 Topcoat To Tint The Final Coat? For successful use, be sure to thoroughly stir the topcoat before and during use to reincorporate any solids that have settled on the bottom of the can. Enduro-Var adheres well ONLY over WATER STAINS, DYE STAINS, and RAW WOOD. Oil Based Wood Stain + 10% Mineral Spirits. Please be mindful of the manner in which water-based products are stored and how long they have been in storage. They not a forever product.  I'm the owner of J.D.   Keep lid closed while working. Pre-sealing will cause the final stain to be lighter so you may need to use a darker color. Sun: Combination of General Finishes Empire Red, Amber, Orange and Yellow Dye Stains. Tubes. Video Tutorial: How to Prep Existing High Use Finishes for Stain or Paint. Buff the existing finish with 0000 steel wool and mineral spirits, particularly in the affected areas, and then re-apply several more coats of Arm-R-Seal. The slip coat will reduce the drag and help the stain "glide on" easier. "Bittersweet sending this table back home with its family. Rinse thoroughly. Keep your gun at a 90* angle, 6-8" from the surface. *Can An Oil Based Topcoat Such as Arm-R-Seal Be Thinned? more like the regular Minwax Fast Dry oil base poly that I normally use. A 10-20% stain to topcoat ratio is recommended for a slight color change.Â. The color choices were a nod to MCM colors." Dye Stain is like ink, and once you apply it, there is no going back as it will sink like ink into the pores of the wood. Note: GF has tested Flat Out Flat against other brands of matte topcoats  and it performed with the least hazing. To reduce the occurrence of yellowing, we formulated Stain Blocker, a chemical stain and tannin blocking primer, and Brushable White Enamel. But the safest route is no use of topcoat over whites and light paint. Take a stroll between the Fireplace and Clock Tower to experience the changes for yourself. For experienced professional finishers who spray, we recommend our two-step General Finishes Conversion Varnish, which would cure in half the time and dries clear. Another cause for blushing is high humidity. Then finish with your topcoat. Using more than 10%  can affect the performance and durability of the finish, but as a glaze, this is not as critical an issue because your topcoat will protect the finish. Let dry completely. Stain color can be affected by variances in wood, room lighting, and deepened with the application of a topcoat.Â. Spills may be able to be removed from fabric and carpet if cleaned immediately with soap and water. Use dye stain when you have beautiful wood grain, pattern or burl and you want to show it off! FIRST: clean your project with a Scotch Brite pad and a 50/50 mix of denatured alcohol and alcohol. BASF introduced Glasurit 22 Line in 1995 as a high-color system for solid-color refinishing. However, since tile cannot be abraded properly though sanding,  lasting adhesion may be difficult if not impossible.Â, Milk Paint will have a better chance of adhering than Gel Stain. You can mix High Performance topcoats to adjust sheen. Then, they will complete the entire section with one type applicator. Another technique to avoid the slight color change that sometimes occurs when applying topcoat is to add 10-15% of the paint you are using to your topcoat. It is easy to make your own custom color Dye Stain by adding in 10% increments until you achieve the color you want. Yes, many professional finishers use Dye Stains to increase the depth of the grain, to even out color saturation, and to achieve deeper colors. If you can abrade the surface by sanding, you will increase your chances of success. Clumps & Settling The wax can penetrate the wood, making future paint or stain finishes or touch-ups difficult or impossible. As with all products that are not manufactured by General Finishes, always test for compatibility on a hidden area of your project before getting started. Â. To start off, they applied water based conditioner and the oil based conditioner to the appropriate sections of the piece. Once you have achieved the desired color tone apply a clear topcoat to lock in the color. If you choose to spray, use very thin coats and watch for runs (large drips that run down the side of your project). For non-professional finishers, we recommend using General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Topcoat. Just let the Gel Stain dry 24-48 hours before applying the wax. The life of the product may be extended to 2-3 years with proper care and storage. Do not use a topcoat over white paint as it may cause yellowing. Contact your supplier to verify proper tip sizes for your specific equipment. Whites have a lower “hide” quality and are more transparent than other colors. Yes, General Finishes Glaze Effects can be applied under the UV Cure Urethane topcoat. Spray water on the cardboard to learn how the gun works. This piece is modeled after Gustav stickler's original that debuted in the 1890's. 1) The beauty of the grain is highlighted. 1 part Milk Paint + 1 part Glaze Effects - Clear Base [50:50 mix] One of the causes of orange peel is the application of too much fluid and not enough atomization to break the product up into smaller droplets. If necessary, in hot or dry climates, reduce 10 to 15% with General Finishes Extender to extend the open time. Future forward, when working with a pre-existing finish with no knowledge of previous wood care, always test a hidden area before proceeding with the entire project. If this a high-use area near a sink, consider replacing the countertop instead. *Why Do Milk Paint and Chalk Style Paint Separate in the Can, Even After Stirring? Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. To achieve a bright white finish, use a combination of products from General Finishes paint system. It can be intermixed with other General Finishes Glaze Effects and Milk Paint colors to create custom colors. This was evident in the areas that you used the brush to remove excess topcoat. If you’ve applied Flat Out Flat and are not happy with the look, you can sand it back very lightly with a 220 foam sanding pad and re-coat with a higher sheen finish. If you are using a sprayer that has been used for oil based or lacquers, clean the unit thoroughly with acetone followed with hot water to purge the fluid passage. Recommended Water-Based Topcoats This phenomenon will not occur in colors with less variance in densities. As life unfolds and your needs evolve, reach for the brands that millions of people around the world have trusted since 1932: DRYLOK®, ZAR® and UGL®. Strip, sand and refinish the table. The top was first dyed with General Finishes Ebony Dye Stain. Why does bright & white paint take so many coats to achieve coverage? The steel wool particles can become embedded into your project and rust. 300-grit or 400-grit sandpaper is too fine for preparing raw wood. There are several techniques by Jeff Jewitt of Homestead Finishing Products: Using Mirka Royal Micro sandpaper, always start with 1500-grit sandpaper. Decant leftovers to a smaller container when the finish is almost used up. Some paints are smooth and hard, while others are textural. General Finishes cannot guarantee an ideal refinish when applying our products on top of or combined with another company's products or over surfaces that have been in contact with waxes, polishes or sprays containing contaminants such as silicone. This issue is caused by a change in humidity in the house when the winter heating season starts. See how you can get free … For example, if one coat of gray paint is put over a white surface, the outcome looks fairly gray. Choose this product if you want a finish that looks more like wax and your project will not require high use. Sand this first coat down to a smooth base on which to build your finish coats with a 220-320 grade foam sanding pad or #400-grit sandpaper. The calcium carbonate acts as a spacer to spread out the titanium dioxide, the most common ingredient used in paints to increase "hiding" properties. The ingredients that make Brushable White Enamel cause it to dry slower than White Poly, making it an impractical choice for professional cabinet refinishers who require fast dry stacking ability. Other factoids: It is impossible to combine equal properties of flexibility, hardness and chemical resistance in a finish, so be sure to select the correct product for your finishing project. Think of stain as the color and top coat as the sealer and protectant. Contact your supplier to verify proper tip sizes for your specific equipment. All custom refinished with GF products! For your current situation, we recommend attempting to build the area with just Enduro-Var, then buffing out with a 2000-3000 grit. It's UV resistant, water resistant and scratch resistant. Simply wipe on, allow 5 minutes to penetrate and wipe off the excess. Tinting a product black only requires about 6 to 8 ounces (based on strength of colorant). This heavy-duty coating offers excellent mar and abrasion resistance. The cabinets were not prep cleaned and sanded properly. Sanding and cleaning are an essential part of any refinishing process. There was not enough dry time in between coats relative to the temperature and humidity. *Why Isn't RTM Stain Adhering to the Wood Grain of My Oak Project? Your only recourse for a good result is to remove the current finish by stripping and sanding. Use Dye Stains to highlight the depth of the grain, to even out color saturation, and to achieve deeper colors under other stain applications. Refinished in GF Medium Brown Dye stain with High Performance Topcoat in flat. Large surfaces such as cabinets or tables and complex projects with lots of detail are easier to cover with liquid topcoat rather than a Gel top coat.  Like wax, it dries softer to the touch than High Performance when completely cured, and will show more fingerprints. ... General Finishes Pearl Effects. Always seal General Finishes Water Based Wood Stain, General Finishes Dye Stain and General Finishes Enduro Ready-To-Match (RTM) Water Based Wood Stain with 3 coats of topcoat. Yes, you can mix similar products together at any ratio to make more color options. The use of General Finishes Stain Blocker wood primer is recommended on both raw wood and existing finishes to prevent dye or stain bleed-through. You can add more mineral spirits, but test first. with 120 grit, followed by 150 grit or 220 grit.Â. Bleed Through 2 Videos. Typical labor cost for installs is $75 to $125/vehicle. Cabinet finishes have a much lower (negative) slip rate because folks want a silky, smooth finish on a cabinet or furniture; approximately a -.4 rating. *My Stain Blocker is Thick, Clumpy and Hard to Stir. Workshop cleverly created these colorful, shabby chic wall decor arrows! When in doubt, waiting longer is always better. Spray medium wet films at 3-5 wet ml thickness. Just like outdoor furniture, wood floors expand and contract through the seasons of the year, responding to heat, air conditioning and changes in humidity. Do not fill metal-lidded containers completely to prevent them from rusting. You can mix GF Gel Stain colors to create a custom color. This technique layers additional coats of color over your piece as well as providing the protection of a topcoat.  Found General Finishes at Lee Valley today and I am now converted. Two coats of topcoat mixed with 10-15% paint. Always use a primer with light colors, especially over dark, existing finishes. We often use a yellow or amber dye stain under another type of darker stain, such as Yellow Dye Stain under Java. Water Based Wood Stain  + High Performance Top Coat 50:50 ratio Solar Window Tinting Film. Douglas Fir is a difficult wood to stain evenly.Â. Why Does a Matte Topcoat Cause Hazing Over Dark Colors? Can I apply General Finishes Water Based stain on green white oak timbers? Hand crafted coffee table finished with General Finishes Merlot Dye Stain.Â, "This project has been very rewarding. This problem could be caused by the surface tension of the oak. Surface Tension, sometimes created by sanding, can cause stains to not adhere to the grain of the wood. More, America's Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Water-Based Wood Finishes, *Why Does My Oil Finish Have a Haze When Applying Arm-R-Seal Over a Linseed Oil Based Stain?*. The following best practices will increase the life of your product: APPLYING GENERAL FINISHES MILK PAINT TO LAMINATE. - The Downtown Farmgirl. We have not tried it, but you get the idea. You will have to sand the project down, apply an exterior stain and recoat with Exterior 450. See a video about Endurovar II here.  Look for the green icon! *Can Brushable White Enamel Be Used Over an Existing Finish? After applying the conditioner mix, let it dry 2-3 hours. We know of many customers that have achieved great results from buffing Arm-R-Seal with auto polishes, providing that the finish has cured for 7 to 10 days. We recommend our Milk Paint or Exterior 450 products instead. Wash thoroughly after handling. It does not stop tannin or dye bleed through, but it definitely improves adhesion. Highlighter is a liquid, cream or powder product applied to the high points of the face such as the eyebrows, nose and cheekbones. Even with the use of a primer, additional coats of paint may be necessary. Milk Paint is available in Dark Chocolate, a very close color match to Java Gel. Glossy surfaces have the most risk of poor adhesion. Water based Flat Out Flat and High Performance top coats dry clear. We usually test with wedding rings and forks. By comparison, a furniture paint may contain 30% filler powder, more binders and higher quality resins, pigments for color, and water. Stir stain to reincorporate solids that have settled to the bottom of the can before and throughout the application process. A hard finish is desirable on projects that get heavy wear such as kitchen cabinets or table tops.Â, But in other situations, such as an outdoor topcoat, a desired property of the finish is elongation, which allows the topcoat to expand and contract through different extremes of temperature.Â. You can also mix with 10% General Finishes Liquid Oil Based Wood Penetrating Stains to obtain a slightly thinner stain than the normal Gel Stain formula. Goldberg Furniture Co. White paints, even if they did not yellow, require more coats and high-quality primers to achieve coverage. You could try this look on an exterior door that will not receive a lot of sun, but be prepared for more maintenance than usual. Applying a water-based finish in humidities of over 75% may cause blushing because moisture becomes trapped beneath the finish and cannot evaporate. On large flat areas, use wet, even patterns 6 to 8 wide. Denatured alcohol could also deactivate the defoamers in the formula. "I'm loving this finish! Check out this amazing hand crafted table from Marion Lovett! If it's above 80°F or if the humidity is less than 70% in the space you're working, we recommend adding 10% GF Extender to the topcoat to improve open time. Do not use mineral spirits with a water based product. Latex is best applied to general painting projects such as walls and ceilings. General Finishes does not use a wax such as parafiin, carnauba or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) that cause adhesion failures in the finish Flat Out Flat. See our video: How to Prep Sand Raw Wood. Sanding is critical to the success of every finishing project as it further cleans the surface and opens up the grain to improve the adhesion of the new paint or finish. Water over oil: Let oil-based products dry 72+hrs Store in moderate temperatures. Avoid temperatures below 50°F/10°C or above100°F/38°C. In summary, acrylic paints for furniture contain a higher ratio of resin to filler and superior resins. It is a water based product and will not melt through existing layers of finish in the same manner that solvent finishes do. VIDEO: How to Power Prep Existing High Use Finishes, Test your procedure on a hidden area first and let cure for 7-10 days. Flat Out Flat will come off fairly easily compared to a higher sheen finish.  *How Do I Correct the Haze That Appeared When I Applied Gel Satin Topcoat Over 3 Coats of Gel Stain?*. It may take two or 3 coats to get complete coverage. High Performance Calendered Sign Vinyl : Metamark 7 Series is a premium grade polymeric calendered signmaking vinyl featuring a soft handle 70 micron face film, high grade permanent solvent based adhesive and a performance-tuned lay-flat liner. Qty . Be sure to REALLY clean the chime and the lid of the can to assure a tight seal. The One I Applied Is Too Shiny.   BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE Interior Extra Durable Flat Paint sets a new standard for flat paint durability. The fillers in wall paint give it great coverage and allow the paint to be manufactured at a lower price point, but sacrifice durability and performance. It is recommended for commercial applications or extremely high-wear surfaces such as countertops and bar tops, Watch Conversion Varnish Product Overview Video Here. Â, "This custom created buffet is the epitome of Rustic Elegance. Paints that have more hiding capacity are made with a "white" base which contains a larger combination of calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide. Stir product thoroughly before and during application because flatting agents settle quickly in a solvent base finish. Dye Stain Product Page: http://bit.ly/1t3gwk3, "Thank you GF! The film builds (thickness) faster because the particle size is larger. Warning: sometimes it is impossible to block bleed through. All mortise and tenon joinery. Our solutions provide excellent wetting for organic and inorganic pigments resulting in lower grind times, enhanced color strength, and improved transparency. I use General Finishes products exclusively.   Pound the lid in place using a rubber mallet to avoid distorting the chime or lid. Using Dark Chocolate Milk Paint as a Base under Gel Stain (Dark Chocolate Milk Paint was formulated to mimic the color of Java Gel Stain), Several techniques using only Gel Stain/no paint or primer. Unfortunately, there is no fix for the peeling finish. Once dry the outer sections were finished with three coats of Enduro PreCat Urethane, Flat. This is another instance where dogs rule. High Performance can also be applied by hand with a foam/bristle brush. This is normal as long as it is soft on the bottom; it does not diminish its quality or effectiveness. For more complex projects that have a lot of nooks and crannies or projects with large surface areas such as cabinets, we recommend either ARM-R-SEAL liquid oil based topcoat or any of our water based topcoats. ... Tinting 1 Video. This 6'2" long x 4' tall 40 drawer was just purchased by the set designers for the TV series FARGO and will be in their "library" set. General Finishes Gel Stain Brown Mahogany (1/2 Pint) Your Price: $11.70 In Stock . Ultimately, I would say this paint is not best for furniture. If you have issues with uneven coverage, wipe back the excess with an absorbent cloth. Pet nails will not scratch a good floor finish all the way through the wood, but the nails will indent or imprint the surface of the floor. "Â, America's leading manufacturer of innovative water-based finishes. Flat Out Flat is safe to recoat with proper cleaning and scuff sanding. Wax is a low durability finish. It’s the perfect combination of depth and grain clarity. Topcoats can activate tannins in the wood, or dyes in the previous finish, causing yellow or pink bleed-through. Apply a layer of topcoat to prevent color bleed thru and make glazing easier, Apply 2-3 coats of topcoat to protect the entire project. The finish will continue to harden for approximately 20-21 days. For narrow surfaces, reduce the fan pattern to 2-3" to reduce overspray.Â. A second coat will create a deeper, richer color. We cannot guarantee that our paints will adhere well to a paper veneer - we have no idea what the actual material is or what adhesives were used to apply the veneer to the surface. Contaminants from dusting sprays that contain silicone will also impact the appearance and adherence of a finish - silicone is almost impossible to remove. Warning: Do not use water-based products with Linseed Oils or Danish Oils. For narrow surfaces, reduce the fan pattern to 2-3" to reduce overspray.Â, Keep your gun at a 90* angle, 6-8" from the surface. *How Can I Tell if a Water Based Topcoat is Dry? No, you should not mix Flat Out Flat and High Performance topcoats. A polyester self adhesive professional grade window tinting film available in three finishes for vehicle or architectural applications.   Â. The second difference is the amount of filler used. Inadequate dry time is one of the top reasons for finish failure. Adhesion failure is often more obvious in the deepest patterns of grain because the contamination is driven deep into the grain.Â, Unfortunately, even though you sanded the table down to raw wood, sanding alone will not remove this type of contamination. Stick with Modge Podge. DRY/WET BUFF WITH ABRALON POLISHING DISCS. If needed, lubricate by moistening with General Finishes Satin Finishing Wax, mineral spirits, or naphtha. that lists general guidelines for several different types of sprayers with specific General Finishes product recommendations for HVLP listed below. The following best practices will increase the life of your product: The following water-based product mixtures can be stored: The following product mixtures should NOT be stored: It is normal to see a bit of stain on the brush when applying the first coat of topcoat. General Finishes Pro Image Topcoat or Pro Shield Topcoat can be applied directly to the stain without a sealer. The word "latex" is often a misnomer and is used everywhere to differentiate a water-based product from an oil-based product. No, it is too thin. I still highly recommend General Finishes acrylic milk paints and High Performance … Look at this piece that Jilian Moncada of ReFind Design by Coco Clare shared. The cabinets may need to be de-glossed with a de-glosser solvent available at any paint store. Tinting Sliding Patio Door . Â. RECOMMENDED TIPS FOR GENERAL FINISHES PRODUCTS USING HVLP: Air caps should be medium size. Enduro-Var ADHERES WELL only over WATER STAINS, DYE STAINS, and RAW WOOD. Do not over-sand with fine-grit sandpapers; this will close and seal the wood grain, preventing ideal color absorption. Furniture and cabinets may need to be stacked, packaged or used fairly immediately, so the resins are selected are based on cure time properties. Test a small area first. Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane: 1 qt. That is why our Milk Paint is more durable than the average chalk style paint- the ratio of filler. If the can is in good condition, unopened and stored in correct temperatures, water based products can last 3-5 years. Unfortunately, the two colors you have chosen do not work very well together. To fix this, the surface needs to be scuffed and sanded first. Second, we recommend applying a sanding sealer to protect the top. Apply as many coats of the mix as needed to obtain the desired color, allowing 24-hour dry time between coats. It depends on whether you are looking for aesthetics or durability. The lower density will float. When it comes to an item, like furniture, that sees more wear, a durable finish is needed. Increase dry time if humidity is over 80%, Increase dry time if humidity is over 80%, o accelerate drying in humid conditions, add. Create a myriad of unique, customized textures, finishes, and special effects with Lascaux Acrylic Mediums, formulated with the same dedication to performance and quality as Lascaux Acrylic Paints. If you notice a run, immediately wipe or brush it out. ADHESION TEST: 1 FAQ. Be sure to wait 72 hours when applying water-based finishes over oil-based finishes. Begin with a small area, make 2-3 passes, then evaluate results. Water based products do not last forever, even when unopened. You could try spot sanding then repainting the chipped areas but that rarely is a good solution - we think the problem will continue to occur. 99 Quart. Resin. Note, a can of paint that is 3 years old will not look like a can of paint that is 6 months to 1 year old. Increase open time, if needed with up to 5% General Finishes Extender if allowed by local regulations.  If the finish comes off easily, we recommend trying a sealing binder primer before you apply the paint, such as XIM 400 White Primer Sealer Bonder or whatever is recommended for paper veneer at your local hardware or paint store. When layering water-based and oil-based products, increase the dry time: The popular flat sheens are lovely but they have different attributes than glossy finishes. Break your work into sections such as dresser top or drawer fronts. De-Glossers: GF does not recommend the use of a de-glosser as a REPLACEMENT for prep sanding and cleaning. Lay down a primer coat of a similar, high opacity paint first, such as Seagull Gray under Snow White, Buttermilk Yellow under Sunglow, Brick Red under Holiday Red, or Coastal Blue under Klein Blue. Never guarantee a finish on this era of furniture.

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