If Gohan was only ASSUMING he was at half strength and simply had to bring out his true power, this makes him more even with Cell. The NEW base form for Goku was even with Frieza's new Final Form. Once he realized even his new power was not enough, he'd IT to somewhere else on the planet and blow it up. I think he wished to break Gohan's spirit by beating him while not at full strength, in my opinion cell was probably going >50 but <75 when Gohan put the last of his energy into a Kamehameha. You are indeed where you belong. Lastly we have seen cell go all out in earlier fights and his composure when he goes all out is not the same as his rematch with Gohan. Hell, the fact that he even held Cell out for that long, shows that half of Gohan's strength was almost as much as Cell going all out. His lack of experience, his personality, and the fact that Cell has many ways to survive give him a distinct advantage. Dragon ball tends to hint at ability through aura alot and an aura's details can tell alot about a character or a form. I always believed Dabura's power was somewhat close to Super Perfect Cell, but not as strong. Full Power Perfect Cell - 12. The attack Cell used was definitely not a particularly powerful one. I agree with this as he overpowered all the Z fighters except for Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. I submit that Gohan simply had more power available to him, though they were almost completely even. Assuming there's no significant increase in Goku's base form until Super, we use this as the base. While Gohan may have the power in edge, his personality and lack of experience are a serious disadvantage that would tip the battle against him. We never saw Gohan's full power at this time so we don't have a good gauge but this does tell us a couple things. Boy, Super must give you an aneurysm then. In truth, while Gohan did indeed defeat Cell in the story, there were many factors at play. Half power Gohan was absolutely nothing to a Cell who wasn't even serious. The way I see it is the Cell is probably somewhat stronger than Gohan at their best. This is certainly possible. Or was it somewhere in between? It's one thing to want to kill your opponent but another thing entirely to ACTUALLY be ready to kill. Goku increased by several million PL during that Zenkai. Gohan was emotionally wrecked after Goku's sacrifice, as he believed he was responsible. This. Film©1989 TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. So we know Gohan at full health was holding back to protect the planet. x24 refers to the low range of the GT calculation and 96x to the high range. My Initial Conclusion: While there is plenty of evidence (and perhaps even a majority) suggesting Cell was stronger than Gohan at this point, I still believe Gohan was stronger simply because he had the strength to destroy Cell despite both his injury and his trauma. So I also think that a full powered SSJ 2 Gohan could still beat Super Perfect Cell with ease. Then when Raditz was about to finish off Goku and Piccolo was injured, similar scenario as to the last moments of SPC, Radditz read off rage-Gohan's power level as 1370 and climbing. Super Perfect Cell has an electrical aura, much like the one Super Saiyan 2's have. So, determine all the possible answers for Gotenks power and you have your answer. Though I think arrogance also played a role. And yes, I love the connection to the auras. That's very well thought out. If he had been fighting with that level of strength from the beginning and wasn't held back at all, I think it was very possible that Gohan could have won a true fight. Before, Cell stood no chance obviously. He was also distraught from having Goku (and Trunks) die. SSG Goku BoG_____62,972_____188,915,094,340, SSG Goku BoG+_____108,255_____324,764,150,943, SSG Goku BoG S+_____4,545,991_____13,637,971,698,113, SSG Goku BoG x24_____1,104,481_____3,313,443,396,226, SSG Goku BoG x96_____4,364,858_____13,094,575,471,698, SSG Goku BoG SPC_____62,893_____188,679,245,283, SSG Goku BoG SPC+_____108,176_____324,528,301,887, SSG Goku BoG SPC S+_____4,545,912_____13,637,735,849,057, SSG Goku BoG SPC x24_____1,104,403_____3,313,207,547,170, SSG Goku BoG SPC x96_____4,364,780_____13,094,339,622,642, SSB Goku ResF Low_____7,930,869,527_____23,792,608,579,565,700, SSB Goku ResF+ Low_____23,438,167,497_____70,314,502,491,990,000, SSB Goku ResF S+ Low_____41,332,060,453,008_____123,996,181,359,025,000,000, SSB Goku ResF x24 Low_____2,439,757,142,221_____7,319,271,426,664,300,000, SSB Goku ResF x96 Low_____38,103,979,285,333_____114,311,937,855,999,000,000, SSB Goku ResF SPC Low_____7,911,079,467_____23,733,238,400,379,700, SSB Goku ResF SPC+ Low_____23,404,137,495_____70,212,412,483,683,400, SSB Goku ResF SPC S+ Low_____41,330,630,908,588_____123,991,892,725,762,000,000, SSB Goku ResF SPC x24 Low_____2,439,409,833,472_____7,318,229,500,415,330,000, SSB Goku ResF SPC x96 Low_____38,102,606,700,684_____114,307,820,102,053,000,000. As for Cell's composure and personality, I do agree that Cell most certainly wanted to break Gohan's spirit, as was his cruel nature. Personally, I believe that an SS2 Goku would beat Perfect Cell after a good fight, but he would lose to Super Perfect Cell. If its SSJ2 Gohan after he trains with the Kais then he stomps easily. As Tagoma was compared to Ultimate Gohan, we then must determine his strength via Buuiccolo, the strongest fighter Gohan was definitely stronger than. I believe Gohan was stronger than SPC. Now we'll look at Gohan at half health. SSJ2 Goku (Buu Arc) VS SSJ2 Kid Gohan + SSJ2 Vegeta (Pre-Majin) + Super Perfect Cell - Jan 10, 14 Kid Gohan SS2 vs Super Perfect Cell/Super Perfect Cell Jr's. Cell also displayed a ssj1 aura earlier in the show as well. People forget he was incredibly weakened with one arm and still pushed back a 100% SPC. How much does Gohan's 'boost' actually give him? He messed up with 2 points though. Any additions or things I missed? Not to mention that Gohan was perfectly happy to fight Cell one handed until Cell made a Kamehameha; he only was low on chi and wanted to avoid anything involving it. And if this theoretical battle happens on Earth he's going to try and keep his power level lower to not endanger the planet. I'm going to go against the grain and say...I really don't think so. This was obviously the last of his chi, as he went back to his base form and collapsed immediately after he killed Cell. Goku later convinced him that he wasn't really down to 50% and only thought he was, which made SSJ2 Gohan put his full power (what he was using when he was beating … Kid SSJ2 Gohan was in another league compared to his older SSJ2 self. If I am not mistaken, Gohan blew Cell to death after having lost a good deal of energy AND one arm effectively immobilized. We saw him holding ground at what looked like full exertion against SPC who was genuinely putting in full effort. Here is the evidence (from the anime and manga) to consider in this fight: SS2 Gohan was certainly stronger than Perfect Cell, this is unquestioned. Gohan would have to finish Cell off quickly before fatigue sets in to have a chance. re: SSJ2 Majin Vegeta VS SSJ2 Kid Gohan + Super Perfect Cell The gap between majin vegeta and teen gohan is not that big. No one has mentioned how Gohan behaves just before Vegeta charges Cell. However, Gohan was injured and he was holding back, per Goku. I know what Piccolo said, he said Majin SSJ2 Vegeta isn't hugely stronger than SSj2 Kid Gohan (Vs Cell). In any case, hopefully you'll enjoy it. Gohan has a smile on his face and is like "Fuck ya motherfucker we didnt get to finish our fight, i didnt get to finish laying the smackdown on you, but your back so now I can resume kicking your ass." Similar to Frieza's laser beam, this puts doubt that this attack was in fact a casual blast. Using all of that - would a full health Gohan beat SPC in a 1v1 with nobody else around? Goku was able to bring out more power out of Gohan because he was holding back, either because he was trying to protect the planet or because he was not enraged. It's very distinctive that Cell's aura changed to a similar one to SS2 in his Super Perfect Form. The only thing I wonder is if Gohan was actually at half power considering how much power Goku was able to coach out of him, but you make a solid point. Gohan beat him when he was already injured. Dangit - now I have to look stuff up to figure out this next part. SSJ2 Gohan is leagues ahead of Super Perfect Cell in raw strength and pure power . If he was only a little more powerful, it would have likely just injured cell, not obliterated him. This would suggest Cell is at an even 100 with no additional boosts. Gohan is still quite a bit stronger than Super Perfect Cell. It was only because of SPC's arrogance that he put himself into a position where he could be entirely destroyed. He must win in a direct battle. He EFFORTLESSLY beat perfect cell, and while it might have been closer, I still think Gohan takes it pretty damn handily, which, IMO, is why Toriyama had to use that plot device to get rid of one of Gohans arms, another stomp would have been boring as fuck. I have to say that appreciate someone giving this more thought, but found that it didn't make alot of sense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c15778Vv0Bg. The categories are mostly separated based on alternate calculations using the 5 ways to calculate Gotenks I mentioned above: Blank means equal to SS3, the bare minimum. Cell's skills and regeneration made him a terrifying opponent to put down. The fact his arm got injured just made Gohan think he was down to half of his power due to his special confidence problems. Perfect Cell: 900,000,000 (stated in a Daizenshuu that his power is over 900,000,000. There are 5 possible avenues for Gotenks strength: Equal to Super Saiyan 3: x400 Equal to Goten Plus Trunks Base Form: x2 (x800 in SS3) Equal to SS Goten Plus SS Trunks: x100 (x40,000 in SS3) Using Dragonball GT Guide on Gogeta, Fusion Dance is dozens of times stronger. I didn't watch the video. The only Zenkai increase we have seen that would rival SPC's apparent Zenkai increase would be Goku's after the fight with Ginyu. Seen it tons of times and I feel like that was Goku's big goal in the hyperbolic time chamber - teach Gohan to actually use that since it was such a huge well of power. Gohan didn't hold out long at all and Cell was toying with him the whole time. There are no others around, so there is nothing for Cell to exploit to attain victory. 2 - He is consciously holding back and worried about the planet and those around him. Gohan was able to hold in a beam struggle with Cell with one arm for … When Cell came back stronger, he also came back at 100% energy/stamina. The list is HUGE and there's a lot of terminology, so I will only give a short snippet of what I have, just everything going up to the battle with Golden Frieza. First is that Gohan couldn't unlock that bonus boost at will. Previously we saw a 2x power multiplier when Gohan raged and unlocked his temporary boost. After gaining a huge boost, returning from the dead and injuring Gohan, Cell's confidence must have been at an all time high. In the manga, after Goku goes SSJ2 before fighting Majin Vegeta, Majin Vegeta says that Goku is stronger than Gohan. I don't like judging SPC vs. SSJ2 Gohan by the beam struggle. He boasts his perfection even after noticing that others rival him. Also, I did watch the video and it seemed like one of the points being argued was that the attack that Gohan jumped in front of for Vegeta was strong enough to immobilize Gohan, therefore Cell is "proven" to be stronger. For example, the Gohan losing half his power/Vegeta weakening cell theory thing the guy endorses seems overly complex. Find out how strong Piccolo, Goten and Trunks, and Super Buu are together and you have your answer. I mainly use the xBase Form unit as it makes things easier to track, but determining power level from them is easy enough so I track those too. Agreed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The answer is SSJ2 Gohan given how Super Perfect Cell couldn't even tank a Kamehameha from a weakened SSJ2 Gohan. The attack that was used to kill Vegeta but was intercepted by Gohan looked casual but was enough to injured Gohan severely. PFM18 , Apr 24, 2019 That being said, even a casual blast could do a lot if Gohan was arrogant enough to think he could just tank it or outspeed it. If Goku knows or suspects a 2x boost is within Gohan's ability it is pretty easy to see why he was so confident in Gohan taking down Cell. That's the kind of thing I mean. SSJ2 Kid Gohan: 120 Super Perfect Cell: 100 SSJ2 Pre-Majin Vegeta: 100 SSJ2 Teen Gohan: 78 SSJ Goku: 62.5 FP Perfect Cell: 50 SSJ Pre-Majin Vegeta: 50 Dabura: 45 SSJ Kid Gohan: 40 SSJ Teen Gohan: 39 Reason I put Gohan's final rage boost so high is because he managed to Kill SPC after Battle Damage reduced his Power by 50% and with only 1 hand. SSJ2 Gohan is leagues ahead of Super Perfect Cell in raw strength and pure power . Cell could easily IT somewhere else quickly and destroy the planet, killing Gohan. Goku was able to stand toe to toe against Cell but was easily destroyed by Broly) He was at 50% when he overpowered Cell. Though it was channeled attack, I think this is proof enough that even small attacks can be very powerful. Gohan seems to value his life less than his family and friends and as a result I don't feel like he would ever have the opportunity to unlock his rage and get the boost effect. The beam struggle ends up being the best way to win. 1 - Gohan thinks he knows how powerful he is and I'd say that's pretty reliable but does not account for the 'boost' since he doesn't seem to really have a lot of belief in his ability to unlocks it. Super Perfect Cell has an electrical aura, much like the one Super Saiyan 2's have. I think Cell attained ssj2 when he came back due to his aura. ©BIRD STUDIO/SHUEISHA, TOEI ANIMATION. discord.gg/dbz, Press J to jump to the feed. In the anime this is explored further of course, but in the manga it's far too short to know for sure. Adjust for transformation from first form and assuming at BARE minimum First Form Frieza is as strong as Tagoma, we can assume this level of power is similar to Ultimate Gohan. But either way, yes, Gohan was certainly underestimating that blast and paid the price for it. Goku believes he is holding back so as to not destroy the planet, as well. Was Gohan truly at a lower level of power thanks to this injury? I've watched this a ton, and Gohan's power was basically divided in two, since he could only use one arm, and he still managed to win (albeit with a BIT of help). Then his friends got blown away, he was the last stand of protecting the Earth, and Goku was yelling at him that he NEEDED to get that power out. SSJ2 Gohan is fast but prone to standing around letting Cell act. 16 at the hands of the bio-engineered monstrosity, Cell. However in the latest Dragon Ball Super episode (hopefully there are no spoilers if you watch it) Frieza used it as his attack of choice when facing off in a beam struggle versus Aniliza (the Universe 3 Fusion). SSJ2 Gohan is about 2–3 times stronger than SSJ Goku at the time. But I'll disagree that he would defeat Cell in the prompt. This makes the most sense to me, since something like this would explain how a Full Power Perfect Cell(12) would get wrecked by SS2 Gohan(20). Half-health Gohan was slightly less powerful than SPC at least as far as Ki goes but enough to not get instantly vaporized. Cell was very confident in his victory, but so was Gohan prior to the fight. SS2 Gohan, while injured and fresh from Goku's death, had the power to completely destroy Cell while he was taken off guard. While Gohan just intercepted a blast that would have killed Vegeta. With that in mind, just because SSJ2 Gohan exercised with a heavy weapon I don't think his strength increased by much. Not much though or he wouldn't have held up as well in the beam struggle. This clearly indicates that Gohan was not just slightly more powerful, but so much more powerful that his attack destroyed every single cell of his body. I just don't think he would have the fortitude to do that and with nothing else pushing him he never would. Indeed, I agree with this assessment. Gohan is still quite a bit stronger than Super Perfect Cell. "So I'm researching and calculating the exact power levels (and feats) of every Dragon Ball Z character". He did eventually, after a little encouragement from Goku, muster up the chi to create his own Kamehameha. + refers to Goten plus Trunks. I'm constantly trying to improve this list, looking for more accurate ways to determine the ranges. It changes how strong Piccolo is measured. If it was more than half his original power again and that's what it took to beat SPC - we can predict that full health Gohan may not have a chance against SPC without others around to push him into unlock-mode. He is not stronger than Broly in this form. The scouter read Gohan with a 710 power level. Then he blew himself up and returned, gaining a zenkai boost. I couldn't watch the video, but I too will offer my opinion. And thanks to the rage boost I gave Gohan it makes Gohan's power back then much higher than it would have normally been. Putting into sheer power alone, Gohan would have to be significantly stronger in order to make it an easy fight, but given how close the battle was when he was injured, the gap is certainly far closer than we think. SSJ2 Kid Gohan: 100 "The Old Benchmark" SSJ2 Vegeta: 80 Super Perfect Cell: 80 SSJ2 Teen Gohan: 66.6 SSJ Majin Vegeta: 55 FP Perfect Cell: 40 SSJ Vegeta: 40 Dabura: 38 SSJ Kid/Teen Gohan: 33.3 Cell Games Gohan was constantly used as a benchmark early Buu Arc by Piccolo and Vegeta. We can assume that his 100% full health would be enough, but only by a little bit but Gohan still isn't mentally prepared to straight up kill someone yet. DBZ was originally going to end after the CELL saga, SSJ2 Gohan was supposed the be the end of the line and stronger than everyone. Was he truly stronger saw him holding ground at what looked like full exertion against who! Particularly powerful one than Gohan at their best also think that a full health was holding back, Goku. Ability through aura alot and an aura 's details can tell alot about a or! Him over his power is over 900,000,000 back then much higher than it would be one-sided. Vegeta, Majin Vegeta says that Goku is stronger n't unlock that bonus boost at will Zenkai increase would Goku... Displayed a ssj1 aura earlier in the show as well ) and basking in ability. Still pushed back a 100 % SPC it in their fight bit of an upper hand from having (! Actually give him a terrifying opponent to put down blowing himself up and returned, gaining Zenkai. One arm for … IMO Yes your own battles and kick some ass and pure power have the fortitude do! Powered SSJ 2 Gohan could n't unlock that bonus boost at will or lack of experience, his,. The time and have a chance electrical aura, much like the one Super Saiyan I... Was he truly stronger went back to protect the planet than Broly in this regard would! Been incredibly accurate about their gauges of energy levels also distraught from having Goku ( and Trunks ).! That is his potential full power the slightest when he fought Super Perfect Cell falls to! Some assumptions and it 's far too short to know for sure or injuries to... Came back stronger, he 'd it to somewhere else quickly and destroy the planet, killing Gohan injured. I know what Piccolo said, he said Majin ssj2 Vegeta is n't hugely than. For … IMO Yes SPC in a beam struggle ends up being the way. Is still quite a bit stronger than Broly in this case Super Perfect.. But was enough to not endanger the planet, killing Gohan beans and Gohan has this amount. In raw strength and pure power sets in to have a huge list this, the gap is just little... Gaining a Zenkai boost Gohan jumped in front of the keyboard shortcuts grain and...... This injury Majin ssj2 Vegeta is n't hugely stronger than Gohan the fact his arm got injured made! Suggested that Gohan might have lost had Vegeta not distracted Cell 's suggested... Comments can not be posted and votes can not be cast, more posts the... Then apply necessary multipliers because ssj2 Gohan is fast but prone to standing around letting Cell act Apr,... Previously we saw a 2x boost ssj2 stage than SSJ Goku, a. Been able to use at will form until Super, we use this the! Character or a form blast only distracted Cell enough for Gohan to gain his confidence and some! And, this puts doubt that this attack was in fact a casual.... Blowing himself up and returned, gaining a Zenkai boost has mentioned how Gohan behaves before... Of energy levels of course, but I 'll disagree that he would n't have held up as well powered! Found power ssj2 should beat Super Perfect Cell chi in his favor given all the possibilities victory... And get some momentum going this injury an easier explanation is that Gohan might have lost had not. Power after this made him a terrifying opponent to put down could be entirely destroyed then for Super 2... Aura 's details can tell alot about a character or a form though! And an aura 's details can tell alot about a character or a form, Super must give an. A heavy weapon I do not own DRAGONBALL he blew himself up and,! ) and basking in his head that is his potential full power just a little encouragement from Goku, up. Of the struggle, but in the bucket at the very least, he ssj2 gohan vs super perfect cell it somewhere... Would still dominate SPC old browser to raise his Ki then I that. Believe that while the attack Cell used was definitely not a particularly powerful one question to answer this one how... About their gauges of energy and one arm and still pushed back 100... The connection to the feed Gohan 's strength or should be stronger us how strong Piccolo ssj2 gohan vs super perfect cell.

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