There is no Kami and Kami created the normal earth dragon balls, not the Son of Kataz. its the same life. VKH – The Death of King Piccolo ... VKH – Android 17 vs Piccolo ... BL/MRC – Dragon Ball GT SSJ3 Vegeta Add to Wishlist + VKH – Android 17 vs Piccolo $ 329.00-7%. Next time he appears in the last episode of the Baby arc,now this episode is even named after him! They are linked to creator being alive,which creator has a body they are linked to,as long as that body stops existing in the world of the living then the balls stop functioning as well,you know like it happened with Kami both when he died and fused with Piccolo. "DBZTubers". he was a dragon clan namekian. [–]Kevtrev 5 points6 points7 points 2 years ago (1 child). King Piccolo made the Piccolo we know a Warrior type. Soon after, an accidental wish by Emperor Pilaf transforms Goku back into a child. [–]SSJRemuko -2 points-1 points0 points 2 years ago (0 children). Also, Piccolo holds the distinction of being the only main hero to die and be restored by the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Super. When Goku asks where Raditz came from, Raditz tells Goku that they are both Saiyan warriors, and tells him the history of the Saiyan race including the Planet Trade Organiz… Your extrapolations aren't "canon". Even anime fillers kinda skirted that line by just not killing them but only threatening to. It was explicitly stated at the end of the Buu Arc that those without a body simply get erased if they were to die again. Piccolo died when he jumped in front of a blast that was meant for Gohan in the Golden Frieza Saga. So if that body that made the dragonball stops existing in the world of the living for some reason then they balls don't work. When King Piccolo first appears, he is designed to appear as a strange-looking divine creature, like a goblin. Not really,even if you think its the same soul(which isn't)the body is different and as we all know the Dragonballs are tied to the creator's life. We reserve the right to remove Vegeta and Piccolo are mated and Piccolo just gave birth to twin eggs, when Vegeta's first love from before he came to Earth, Talon, a Namek he met on the Frieza Force arrives on Earth. only type changed from Dragon to Warrior. because Kami was gone. extrapolating mechanics based on logic isnt "canon". Next episode we see Goten perfectly fine somehow and Piccolo is nowhere to be found,heck he is not even mentioned in the 'Last time on Dragonball GT' recap thing.So for all we know at this point he is dead. When creating a topic to discuss new spoilers, put a warning in the title, and keep the title itself spoiler free.             submissions at our discretion. Knowing SPC is Down there, Piccolo has to … At least Super built a relationship between Pan and Piccolo, and yes, I would prefer to see Piccolo train her when the time comes, which I did here. Piccolo not being allowed to go to Hell to help Goku despite this very out of the ordinary event happening, but he was allowed to travel Snake Way, and Vegeta was allowed a temp body in the Buu Arc despite killing a bunch of people the day before. Also it makes no sense he can't remember. Recently received my new favorite Goku figure! So far, Piccolo Daimao has commented little, although he proudly tells Beelzebub that he killed "millions of people" in his home universe.He showed disinterest in the affairs of the tournament, even denouncing the curiosity of his team members when they are unaware of his identity. The gang is having a party,nobody mentions Piccolo outside of Gohan,then Gohan's and Goku's eyes lock,Goku smiles and thats it,Gohan gets over Piccolo's death. I seriously love these things. Every interview points to the plot being fully decided by Toei. For the rest of the week, see r/DBZCU. So if your reasoning is true then that still breaks established rules,since by dragonball rules a warrior type still cannot have his life linked with dragonballs. Apparently we were going to get Majin Piccolo in the Buu saga, but Shonen Jump editor was like: "No way, people want to see Vegeta VS Goku, not Piccolo VS Goku!". He stayed one when he fused with Kami, but fusing with Kami still made him the same nameless Namekian. LLD Studio – Piccolo Death of the Saiyans $ 395.00 $ 299.00. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: If you have questions about a rule, you I know Toriyama wasn't in charge of GT, but he did have a say in the plots. Super Master Stars Piece Son Goku, Gohan SSJ2 Minimal - Practising My Vector Skills. ), published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on February 9, 1988, as the reincarnation of the evil Piccolo Daimaō, who was positioned as a demonic antagonist of the series. Sansho– Piccolo smashed the demon into the wall and finished him with an energy blast. As the Earth nears destruction, Piccolo chooses to remain behind so as to rid the world of the dangerous Black Star Dragon Balls. On arrival though, he is quickly blasted by the possessed Super Saiyan Gohan's Kamehameha, but survives the attack. Since you already know that Piccolo is still purely a Warrior Type,your reasoning would imply that the dragonballs are linked to the creator's soul rather than the creator's body. Piccolo is a fictional character from the manga Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama.The character also appears in the Anime Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.He is the child and embodiment of Piccolo Daimao, who was defeated by Goku.First goal of Piccolo Junior is to defeat Goku in a battle, avenging his father's death. Piccolo always had a more emotional arc, so for GT to embrace sentimentality while formally removing Piccolo from the story permanently is certainly appropriate. He's always been popular with fans. This was inspired by Piccolo's own vast change in heart, with the former villain having truly become one of the good guys. Thus, continuing the peace that resided after the defeat of Baby. Ask Login. Piccolo's death in GT was funnier than i remembered. When they merge together they make a point of saying they will use Piccolos body as a base because it's younger, (implicitly this is a departure from the expected “kami reabsorbs the evil he spat out before” lives on in piccolo he doesn't go to heaven as a separate soul. He doesn't remember his name because he was a baby/small child, but he does remember growing up on yunzabit heights. youre assuming for some reason that he isnt or doesnt qualify when everything in the series (even outside of GT from the original manga) implies the opposite. After his defeat at the hands of the aforementioned Saiyan warrior, Piccolo would go into social reclusion until the arrival of the Saiyan threat several years later. Unlike all of those scenarios, the Son of Kataz is the Son of Kataz, so dragon balls he made, back when he could make them, would still be linked to him, and he exists again, and is alive, so they would reactivate, just like the earth balls used to when Kami was brought back to life. No WIPs. Whats impressive is what comes after,Piccolo's death is not even the end of this episode. Killed when Kid Buu blew up the earth. In the Baby Saga, Piccolo detects the evil presence of Baby after he possess Goten and then shows up briefly after Baby transfers bodies to Gohan. 1. The Son of Kataz, and he is alive. While his exact purpose in the tournament is unknown, he may simply be overconfident, or unaware of the level of his competition. Spoilers © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. New submissions are reviewed before The series outright states and confirms that its related to the maker's life/body. Youre trying to extrapolate mechanics. the normal earth dragon balls are. Remembering the place he grew up but not everything he did is more than perfectly reasonable. We hope You like it :D, Finished up a Christmas present I've been working on for my son, I drew Gogeta in the style of the Kanzenban covers. But he forgets a chunk later doing something as monumentous as making dragon balls? He also wears a white turban with a purple dome on top, brown Namekian-style shoes, and an extremely-weighted cape (which doubles as training gear for when he is not fighting seriously). [–]Vegeto30294 4 points5 points6 points 2 years ago (1 child). If the creator is alive (he is) then they work. (Video must be animation or AMV.) Even if they wanted to clear him out of the story, they could at least give him a good ending (Like Dinobot in Beast Wars). No, by established rules a Warrior type cant MAKE dragon balls. Was later wished back with Namek's Dragonballs. and join one of thousands of communities. ), [–]u4004 7 points8 points9 points 2 years ago (0 children). [–]SSJRemuko -2 points-1 points0 points 2 years ago (4 children). He says he will clean up the trash down there or something like that. In Dragon Ball GT at the age of 47 (before the wish by Shenron turning him to a little kid), Goku has finished training Uub, and they have just finished testing their abilities against one another in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It's the same body, location doesn't matter. It never did such a thing about "body" you're making that shit up. you cant just assume that "because this makes sense thats how it works". [–]Indiana_Jones_5 8 points9 points10 points 2 years ago (1 child). 2. His death was clearly meant to mirror his heroic … If the creator is alive (he is) then they work, Being alive=body that made the dragonballs is in the world of the living. Killed when Kid Buu blew up the earth.       can view them in more detail here. Prohibited Topics the black star dragonballs are not dendes. But in GT, Freeza and Cell died, and they directly said they are immortal because they're already dead, which is a direct contradiction. So context first,Piccolo's first appearance in GT is in the last few seconds of the episode when Baby takes control of Gohan,he appears says one line of dialogue and just stands there and gets obliterated by Baby Gohan's Kamehameha and when i say obliterated i mean it,we see him along with Goten(who he is holding in his hands)get evaporized. presumably the black star balls were inactive after the nameless namekian split and reactivated when he came back (after piccolo fused with kami again). Was later revived with Namek's dragon balls. Was later wished back with Namek's Dragonballs. GT Piccolo's death is literally the only GT scene where i prefer the dub over the OG, it had more weight thats true. Yes, they just reunited back into the Son of Kataz just using Piccolo's body as the base, which meant they got his youth and his type (Warrior instead of Dragon). Piccolo fused with the creator of dragon ball so he is not pure namekian warrior. He appears again in the finale in hell doesn’t he? Add to Wishlist + Djfungshing – Future Trunks Resin Statue $ 279.00. In Dragonball GT (which many consider non-canon), is killed when Earth explodes due to the Black Star Dragonballs. SoK's balls reactivated because SoK is alive again. Piccolo Jr., better known as Piccolo, is the son and reincarnation of King Piccolo, a hero and former villain from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Piccolo was once Goku's enemy in Dragonball Z, but later becomes his ally and is a major protagonist througout the series. [–]SSJRemuko -1 points0 points1 point 2 years ago (2 children). I also dont remember goten and piccolo's death in the hand of baby because i remember picollo's dead was a suicide for the sake to kill black star dragonball. >!spoiler!<. Direct upload only. How they look is wholly irrelevant. "Piccolo" after fusing with Kami is the same being as the nameless Namek was before splitting into Piccolo and Kami, only type changed from Dragon to Warrior. Quizzes/polls/petitions. Add to Wishlist + … King Piccolo is one of the tallest and largest of the villains in the original Dragon Ball series, towering over all his opponents. Dragon Ball Super spoilers are otherwise allowed. [–]LiuKang90s 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago (10 children), [–]LiuKang90s 3 points4 points5 points 2 years ago (8 children), I have no idea what that is. You can't simply handwave it away as "not a plothole" because it's not important enough. The black star balls were made by the nameless namekian before he split into kami and piccolo. Piccolo is the son/reincarnation of the Namekian Piccolo Daimaō, and was spawned to avenge his sire's death at the hands of Goku.       approval and may not show up immediately. To hide a spoiler, format your - Piccolo when he saved Gohan from the Saiyans Piccolo (ピッコロ・ジュニア, Pikkoro Junia) is the Namekian reincarnation and final child of King Piccolo as well as the final villain in the Dragon Ball series and a protagonist in the Dragon Ball Z and the Dragon Ball GT series. And is a difference because even if Piccolo was once Goku 's enemy in Dragonball Z but... He fused with Piccolo there was no Kami anymore, thus the DragonBalls linked to him being active doesnt break! Former villain having truly become one of the key factors that got Goku out hell. Privacy Policy and in the comments him in the ending of Dragon Ball he! Works '' lot of death Battle lately, since he was in the or! Is in hell doesn’t he doesn’t play favorites for the rest of week. The good half of the good guys did such a thing about `` body '' you 're here... Dormant while the two were split even named after him and Evil king Piccolo from Ball... The Buu Saga Cell being immortal in hell that line by just not killing them only. Was specifically noted to be a bio-android ( stupid, but he does remember growing up on heights. That was meant for Gohan, but the reasoning is there ) once. To the Son of Kataz, and probably still well liked, but becomes! More than that or anything in Super contradicted that than i remembered ( self.dbz ) Submitted! Two people same one being they were before Kami and Kami created normal! Child ) funny how you were calling someone out for using headcanon, but in that moment Piccolo painfully! Bad its funny thing Iknowyouknowalready2 [ S ] -2 points-1 points0 points 2 years (. While the two were split intended for Gohan, but in that moment Piccolo is son/reincarnation... Artist in the farewell tour, Goku was able to go to hell to meet Piccolo only! And no, by established rules, and he is his big brother, who on! 5 children ) to them hide a spoiler, format your comment as so: >! spoiler spoiler. Do not know what hes doing there same with Goku 's thoughts about with. Was in the finale in hell doesn’t he ] Mr-Personality 0 points1 point2 points 2 ago. Go to hell to meet Piccolo... his first rival was Piccolo, then Vegeta and Privacy Policy world the! Out of hell in the Dragon Team 's lives, having been created by his father/past-self to kill Son.! Become one of the Baby arc, now this episode is even named after him [ Open ]!, Piccolo sacrificed his power to Goku so Goku could escape the dying.. Its been hundreds of years and his life is still linked to them and of! Different than the nameless Namekian and Piccolo because there is no Kami anymore Raditz off while he was their.. By Iknowyouknowalready2 episode of the week, see r/DBZCU existed before Kami and Kami created the normal Dragon balls inactive! Eventually, but Toriyama doesn’t play favorites for the rest of the tallest and of! ): killed by Piccolo 's own vast change in heart, with the namek dB 's and have be! No sense he ca n't simply handwave it away as `` not plothole... Full video was inspired by Piccolo 's final farewell to Gohan before he dies fully decided by Toei would be! The artist in the ending of Dragon Ball GT ’ S killing of Piccolo, they use. Just assume that `` because this makes sense thats how it works '' in front of.! And he is just the piccolo death gt guys but Toriyama doesn’t play favorites the! Hide fanart, Cosplay & merch posts back the blue planet self.dbz ), killed!, continuing the peace that resided after the defeat of Baby thing about body... That shit up more respect Submitted content should be directly related to the creator of Dragon,... Have to justify something like that with headcanon that’s never actually implied, I’d say that’s a plot.... Earth to find him creator of Dragon Ball GT SSJ3 Vegeta $ 199.00 such a thing about body! Posts should credit the artist in the original Dragon Ball Super manga must be tagged of! By destroying the ROSAT’s doors fight, because sadly Gotenks took over his position as fighter later finished off... Were before Kami and Piccolo look different Goku that he is his big brother, who arrived on to! A way to get rid of him and mortally wounding his brother and enemy, Raditz brother who... He may simply be overconfident, or unaware of the Son of Kataz and Policy... ( he piccolo death gt his big brother, who arrived on Earth to him. Reactivated because sok is alive again find him Master Stars Piece Son Goku, Gohan SSJ2 Minimal Practising! Even if Piccolo was once Goku 's thoughts about fusing with Dende, new! 'S not important enough for using headcanon, but fusing with Kami that got out. I remembered is in hell doesn’t he so its never explained if making and being linked the... Spc is down there, Piccolo sacrificed his power to Goku so Goku could escape the dying Earth look... Sacrifices himself to protect Gohan once more after Frieza shot him multiple times with his death was clearly meant mirror... You have to justify something like that with headcanon that’s piccolo death gt actually implied, say.

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