INDEPENDENT STATE OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd. PNG Air Service Ltd. Welcome to National Airports Corporation, Papua New Guinea Welcome to the official Website of the National Airports Corporation of Papua New Guinea. NAC is at the forefront of airport operations, delivering premier customer service, smarter airport solutions and economic opportunities for Papua New Guinea … The National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) has recently (2003) been established by the Government of Papua New Guinea to replace the Marine Transport Division of the Department of Transport. Traditionally the core business of PNG Ports was to act as a land lord authority where berthing, pilotage and wharfage services are provided for shipping companies and storage provided for container and generalised cargo transiting through its ports. Headed by the Chief Operations Officer, the division is responsible for managing all operational aspects of the 16 ports. These ports … This database contains consolidated legislation of Papua New Guinea. PART I. – PRELIMINARY. Read More Please Direct all Queries and Comments About This Site to: Email [email protected] 1. Harbours Act 2002; Merchant Shipping Act (Chapter 242) of 1975; Merchant Shipping (Coasting Trade) Regulation 1978; ... National Airports Corporation. PART I.—PRELIMINARY. The Division also ensures compliance with PNG regulations and international standards. Compliance with constitutional requirements. AN ACT entitled National Housing Corporation Act 1990, Being an Act to provide for the establishment of the National Housing Corporation and to define its powers and functions, and for related purposes. Accident Investigation Commission This database has not been updated since 2009 and enquiries with regards to the consolidation of PNG laws can be made to the Office of Legislative Counsel Banking Corporation Act (Chapter 136) Banks and Financial Institutions Act 2000 ... Police Act 1998 Port Charges Act (Chapter 114) Port Charges Regulation (Chapter 114) ... University of Papua New Guinea Act (Chapter 169) University of Vudal Act 1997. Fisheries Management Act – 1998 4 Òexclusive economic zoneÓ means all of the offshore seas, seaward of and adjacent to the territorial sea as defined in the National Seas Act(Chapter 361); ÒexportÓ means to — (a) send or take out of Papua New Guinea; or (b) attempt to send or take out of Papua New Guinea; or The Operations Division ensures that it meets the needs of all stakeholders and achieves the expected levels of productivity and efficiency. What you need to know. PNG Ports Corporation. Land Act 1996 INDEPENDENT STATE of PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Small and Medium Enterprises Corporation is the focal point of APEC SME Working Group in Papua New Guinea because it is the lead statutory authority in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry mandated under the SME Corporation Act 2014 to develop and promote micro, small and medium enterprises in Papua New Guinea. The new government procurement laws comprise the National Procurement Act 2018 and the Public Finance (Management) (Amendment) Act 2018.; The laws have been passed by the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea, but are not yet in operation. Why We Exist. In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears– Please note that duty on the transfer of marketable securities listed on a the Port Moresby Stock Exchange where the sale is effected through a broker registered to operate on the Port Moresby Stock Exchange under Papua New Guinea law is exempt from duty. Changes to government procurement laws in Papua New Guinea. This database contains electronic versions of legislation of Papua New Guinea. 1. Road Traffic Authority. Land Act 1996, Being an Act relating to land, to consolidate and amend legislation relating to land, and to repeal various statutes, and for related purposes. INTERPRETATION.

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