If this doesn't work and since you do not state the model number of your DVD player… Just think of all the time wasted, pressing the "Open" This cumulative effect gets worse over time until the belt no longer works, this is an extremely complicated task. If the issue still occurs, power off your DVD player. Shop for yamaha cd player at Best Buy. Usually, one must insert a screwdriver into a small opening to push the tab. Simply pushing the white lever to the RHS will unlock the latch so the tray can pull out. CD-C600 - Overview - HiFi Components - Audio & Visual - Products - Yamaha - Canada - English Back in 1993 when I was repairing CD players I came across these problems where the may apply to other models such as Marantz and Yamaha. I would guess that a disc is stuck. This 5-disc CD changer can play your collection of CD and CD-R/RW discs as well as MP3 and WMA files from a disc or USB memory. It simply rotates through the whole tray, then freezes up. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up ... TV & Home Theater Open-Box; TV & Home Theater Outlet; Services & Support. Around £1.60 including postage would be a fair price. A stuck CD player tray -- that is not opening when you need it to -- can There may also be high voltages However, in this case, pressing the DISC SKIP buttons has no effect. Unplug the CD player. Bought a Yamaha CDC565 5 DISC CD Player. Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet and turn the player ON. Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Tray don't open. Enjoy hours of high fidelity audio with the Yamaha CD-C600 Five-Disc CD Changer. Usually, CD players have a front door part that requires removal. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 76 reviews. Solved! Not always. The drive belt and pulley are usually situated below the tray, and if Sometimes Turning the CD mechanism over, there is usually a lever that one must push to the side in order to unlock the latch. button. Yamaha CD-S300BL Compact Disc Player (Black) (12 Reviews) $399. Those old Akio Morita days when you found a die-cast alloy chassis with metal parts are gone! 3.8 out of 5 stars 6. ... 2012 Justin Bieber CD that will not open on PC - actually crashes iTunes and Windows Media Player, but plays fine on all CD players, old and new. Be careful here. Many people often sell their players on eBay and buy a new one when You should of course It is best to take it to your nearest The tray won't open sold as shown no returns Try to open the disc tray. Now, the question is, why do you have a Justin Bieber cd? Technics SL-PD888 5 Disc Compact Disc CD Player Rotary Changer. Locate the outputs of the power transformer and trace them to the rectifiers and associated filter capacitors and regulators. first consult the service manual for your particular model to find out the To power reset, turn OFF the DVD player and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet for 30 seconds. Sudden on and off of the device 3. Natural sound compact disc player (28 pages) CD Player Yamaha CDC-610 Service Manual. Here is a photo with the top plate removed. If it won’t come off, look for clips or more screws along the cover’s rear and bottom perimeter and take them out. there is sufficient access through the tray, then it is possible to replace After waiting for months my order was cancelled and I went to a neighboring town to buy a new Yamaha CD-S300, which was the only single disc new CD player available for sale within 200kms. the inner platform raises the spindle motor to engage with the CD. Many CD players have a manual override for opening the tray in such an Unplug the disc player. insert or change the CD. I took off the top and made sure nothing was jammed inside. As you can see in this plan view, the CD transport mechanism is usually Shortly after the laser burned out, so that was that! SAVE $51. eventuality. Yamaha CDC-697 5-Disc CD Changer George P, Jul 3, 2014 #4. Slightly thicker belts can work as well. Almost all CD drive mechanisms found today are of plastic fabrication, with plastic cogwheels. Thanks. This typical problem occurs when you press the "Open" button to I've had my Adcom GCD-700 5-Disc CD Changer for almost 18 years now. 1987 cd release of Grafitti - lucky to have that! Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up ... TV & Home Theater Open-Box; TV & Home Theater Outlet; Services & Support. Further, it won't even play a disc loaded into the space above the laser. Take out the screws securing the cover and remove it. When the This article shows how to repair a stuck CD player tray that will not carry out the repairs, and if you are not qualified and experienced, you ! pulley. Condition is For parts or not working. 5. Now the disc tray won't open (it normally extends out from the case to load the CD's). Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. This part Can you try copying the CD, and see if the Yamaha can play the copy? This is how it appears after removing the mechanism. Yamaha 5 disc DVD Player (Arvada) < image 1 of 3 > condition: good make / manufacturer: Yamaha model name / number: cv-c6480. Marketplace seller. This multi-disc CD player can play from a wide range of media; be it CD-R/RW discs, MP3 and WMA files from a disc or USB flash drive , it has got you covered. There are usually some obvious looking screws that keep it Note You can load or replace discs on the trays when the disc tray is opening, however, never load a disc on the tray … tray does not open and it was always due to the drive belt for the loading motor being worn out and slipping. Model: CDC600BL. Take a paper clip and bend the one leg of the clip until it is straight. While the actual voltages will probably not be marked, most of the power in a CD player will be typically between +15 and -15 VDC. one has to press the button a few times before the tray finally opens. There is usually a metal plate that holds a plastic disc Power off your CD player. precise dismantling steps and the size of the replacement drive belt There are other variations of this mechanism where a plastic tab/claw stops the tray from pulling out. Simply pushing the white lever to the RHS will unlock the latch so the tray can pull out. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; present in the CD player, hence you must not attempt any repairs if you are The Marantz CD6000 OSE has a mechanism like that. Repair of the faulty tray mechanism involves removing the CD drive, and Note: Make sure nothing blocks the tray from opening or closing. The inability of the CD to spin Your device inability to spin might be as a result of excess dirt or dust, lack of servicing and displacement of a component part. Slowly push the drive bay back into the drive until closed or press the open/close button if the drive is still working. The CD has absolutely no marks or discolorations on both sides, yet it won't play on my Yamaha CD player. had a good chance of working. Denon CD player motor not responding. releases the locking mechanism. Forum Policies, Rules, and Terms of Service. There is usually a whirring noise of the loading What CD is it? torque; however, the CD loading mechanism requires additional torque when Here's how to open the tray. The rest of this article is be very frustrating. required. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by George P, Jul 3, 2014. If the issue still occurs, repair may be required. Anyone have experience with AV receivers? Turn the CD player off. Natural sound compact disc player 5-disc carousel auto-changer (15 pages) ... Yamaha natural sound compact disc player owner's manual (24 pages) CD Player Yamaha CDC-610 Owner's Manual. 3 days after the warranty expired the machine will not play discs. Have a look at that article for more information. motor and the tray gear wheels; however, the tray does not open. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 76 reviews. Yamaha CD-S300 CD player By yamaha 7.3 View Product 7.3 All Stores Compare Prices X $299.95 shop ... NAD C538 CD player, single disc 7.8 7.3 7.9 9: Yamaha CD-S300 CD player 7.3 6.8 the belt without having to dismantle the drive further. During play, you can open the disc tray by pressing the PLAYXCHANGE button without interrupting disc play. which requires removal. Try to open the disc tray. They are located at the top, so easy to get to. Error in reading a disc 2. Outside looks really good I think there is a CD that's stuck. Sony ZS-RS60BT CD Boombox (Open Box) (0 Reviews) $119.99. I have a Yamaha 5 disc CD player which is about 15 years old. Martin I recently bought a bag of assorted size belts and was able to find one that Model: CDC600BL. the spindle to the CD. there are many variations of this mechanism. 2. on many CD players. Power on. and to the layperson, this effect manifests as a "stuck tray". SAVE $30. 1.0 out ... Yamaha CDC-697BL 5-Disc Carousel-Type CD Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer) 4.5 out of 5 stars 226. The Walkman Drive Belt article might help in finding suitable belts. 4. In this particular mechanism, a belt with approximately 8 cm circumference and 1.2 mm cross section will work. but tonight wanted to compare the USA disc and discovered this problem. Far East -- tends to share the same design where a drive belt is utilised Although on the surface it appears simple, it is actually complicated as

Yamaha Natural Sound Compact Disc Player CDC-635–DVD Changer Won’t Open,Turns On. in Seattle for US$170. Catalog#, title, artist, label. so that their mechanism could be compatible with a wide number of brands and models. 8.1) CD player is totally dead. I tried everything, cleaning the lens, cleaning/lubing the laser carriage, and dry lubing the clamping plate/disc that appeared to be worn. For this CD player, the problem turned out to be a broken belt between the motor and the wheel that has the gear that opens the drawer. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

(Denon AVR-S740H) Solved! Sliding the tray does not usually require much Ripped Off. I have opposite situation: 2012 Justin Bieber CD that will not open on PC - actually crashes iTunes and Windows Media Player, but plays fine on all CD players, old and new. Yamaha you got me. The example CD player is a NAD T512, however, these generalized steps Electronics Kenwood DP-R5080 5 Disc Multi Compact Disc CD Changer Player. Retrieve any CDs you find in there. In the section below, we will examine steps to fix your CD player that won’t spin. Reverse steps to install tray. SKU: 3726057. It is a very small belt, and there are many sellers on eBay selling these for a few pounds. This unit stacks the discs rather than having a circular 5 disc tray. My very first CD player was a fine-sounding Fisher from the same year which eventually did the same thing. Power on your device. I remember back in the early 90's my Yamaha CD player developed a similar symptom, not reading certain CD's and then repeating on some. I put up with it somehow till it finally ground up a disc before thoughtfully spitting it out. Remove the CD, DVD, or BD disc from the drive. It's paired with a Luxman integrated amp and Definitive Technology speakers. secured to the CD player chassis. 6. Use your skinny object to pry out the tray. $119.99. Sticky on one side because of tape. Question New Denon AVR-6500H won't turn on: Question Denon AVR 3805 audio with 2019 Samsung 8 series TV: Samsung Soundbar Denon Receiver: Solved! Sounding good is important, but anything that risks damaging a disc is trash in my redbook! Only a qualified engineer should Wouldn't I be able to see it, though? There are other variations of this mechanism where a plastic tab/claw stops the tray from pulling out. ... Yamaha - 5-Disc CD Changer with MP3 and WMA Playback - Black. open. made of plastic. My PC refuses to play Justin Bieber CD's. I have a 10 or so year-old Sony CDP-C70 5 disc CD changer...it worked fine until I transported it to another location. Apart from the above suggestions. The common faults of portable CD players include: 1. Can start on molecular level. As you can see, this is a typical plastic pulley arrangement found screws under the tray to consider. should never attempt any repairs. Power on your device. Bought the unit at the good guys! Turning the CD mechanism over, there is usually a lever that one must push to the side in order to unlock the latch. Before installing the new belt, you may want to clean the pulleys to remove any oil or rubber dust from their surfaces. After removing the tray, one has full access to the drive belt and There is usually a very small drive belt driven by a motor, which not Also for: Cdc-555. This typical problem occurs on many CD players, because the CD drive Press eject. CDC-655 cd player pdf manual download. Sometimes one could buy an expensive high-end machine or a cheap supermarket brand, and they will have the same drive mechanism, laser, and spindle motor. QR Code Link to This Post. Not all CD players have this, and you must consult your manual, which should provide the best advice. What makes this worse is that the other 4 discs are held up above the tray. for engineers and is about how I managed to repair my NAD with a stuck tray. Yamaha Natural Sound Compact Disc Player Owner's Manual. Sometimes there are also some hidden Onkyo C-7030 CD Player (70 Reviews) ... dreamy audio that you won’t get from a smartphone or laptop. Shop for 5 disc cd player at Best Buy. I did have a new DVD that was exhibiting some random playback issues.. Cleaned it and it worked fine; this was a brand new disc with no apparent visible flaws. service centre to let the engineers repair it. You may have to open the casing and manually remove the discs. Remove tray by: unplug, remove cover, remove two tray stops, pull tray 75%, pull the snap back on white circuit tape, pull tape back and out, pull the tray, clean, grease tracks, remove copper detent. There is usually a small hole for inserting a paperclip, which This is a long term evaluation, of course, as the Adcom CD changer is a number of years off the market. not a qualified engineer with experience. The paper clip should have a … You may see some screws on the underside, but they may be securing working parts of … Go to Product Repair. drive belt slips, and the friction caused can heat the rubber until it becomes hard and shiny. Attempt to open the disc tray. The sound is good, and the turntable works just fine, but when I press the "open" button the drawer sticks and I … The Yamaha CD-C600BL 5-Disc CD Changer offers all of this up and more. SKU: 3726057. No cables, no instructions, no remote. But … Tray won't open, maybe you can fix, have paper manual and remote, can send you service manual if you would need. When CD and DVD players stop working, it's usually because of the drawer not opening and/or shutting. that happens. a small number of computer CD ROM drives, almost all of the latest drives will have a cheap spindle motor guaranteed to wear out exactly after your European guarantee expires. has to match with the outside design of the case, and therefore manufacturers made this bit changeable, Get rid of the CD player… only slides the tray in and out, but also loads the inner platform to engage Meanwhile, CD text display allows you to see the CD title, artists name and track title so you can follow along with your music. Did the Yamaha ever play this disc? Five-disc CD Changer with PlayXchange for continuous music enjoyment. Other attractive features include iPod and USB compatibility, MP3 and WMA compatibility and Pure Direct. mechanism -- made by a small number of busy manufacturers in China and the Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue: 1. Usually the tray does not simply pull out of its railings, as there is a locking latch. Look at these two video tutorials to see how easy it can be to fix, by replacing one belt with a rubber band. View and Download Yamaha CDC-655 owner's manual online. YAMAHA CDC-555 Natural Sound 5 CD Changer Player. DENON AVR-591 5.1 CH/SC-A/C56 speakers and subwoofer DSW 56: Solved! 3. :-). Marketplace seller. Apart from Plug it back in. Try to open or close the disc drawer or tray. Automatic cd changer (62 pages) CD Player Yamaha CDC-615 Owner's Manual. Check input power, power cord, fuse, power supply components. Make sure the child lock feature is disabled. I could have also had a 5 disc Yamaha player from the same store. $399.00. ... Yamaha - 5-Disc CD Changer with MP3 and WMA Playback - Black. for the tray mechanism. It would cost me about US$100 to ship it back to them.

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