These policies are simple to find and you can buy them online, or they can easily be bought on the USA-side before crossing the border. That’s not a guarantee, just an observation. That is, if you can read the menu…. “A guy with money and guns came in and forced these people who’d lived on the land for decades out. So driving in southern Baja is much easier. It has a couple of restaurants and bars. It’s a beautiful place, really, and at the far end is a small hotel with a bar and restaurant that will likely be a welcome break after the sandy walk along the beach. Any further south and you’re in the land of invaders, where white folk with money have used it to clean up the streets and hike up the prices. It’s an agricultural community with restaurants, markets, local physicians, and a great feel of what an agricultural community is like in Baja. Camping is on the beach. I almost did not travel to Baja because I bought into the fear mongering that people express about this most wonderful place with wonderful people. Camping in Baja California Sur. That said, let’s take a drive through Baja California, stopping at every Mexican nook and Spanish cranny worth visiting along the way. Campgrounds in Rosarito Baja California: Campendium has 1 reviews of Rosarito RV parks, state parks and national parks making it your best Rosarito RV camping resource. We traced the eastern shore southbound to Cabo and the western coastline heading north. Above: Boondocking along the Trans-Peninsular Highway 1 in Baja California near Rancho Descanso My wife and I have traveled to Baja several times in the past with a variety of vehicles. We stayed for a whole glorious month on Playa Juncalito in Baja and it was amazing. Traffic is fast, and people don’t hesitate to switch lanes. 4. You can sleep in your vehicle, walk around, they serve food and have snacks and smokes (no beer) for sale. Even so, we knocked our roof rack off (those cacti don’t give an inch) and lost plenty of vent caps. Be polite and leave your entitled attitude at home. My Spanish is very limited and Bruce’s almost non-existent beyond, “cervesa” and, “baño” – beer and bathroom. This crowd-sourced app overlays the mapping app and provides fantastic information and reviews on both campgrounds and boondocking sites across Baja, and all over the world! There were two buildings, Baja Ferries and TMC. Planning our Channel. Avoid Cabo San Lucas. We much preferred finding our own spots and never had any issue anywhere. Basic Boondocking: ... Great site with lots of info! Vote For Your Favorite Camper, Gear, and Innovation, Traveler’s Guide to Camping Mexico’s Baja, VOTE: Best of 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards, 2021 Buyers Guide and Gear Guide Announced. By camping for free on most of the 184 nights of our trip, we saw a huge part of California while keeping our costs at a minimum. Now I hear that there is a very nice full-service marina there. You’ll begin to notice that even Mexico’s most beautiful areas come with at least some trash strewn about, and this will plunge you into the depths of a reality that toilets in Baja can sometimes barely pass the definition. and overpriced everything, even more expensive than you might pay in the US) and San José del Cabo (a bit more relaxed of a city but with no camping options in town). There are also some very unreasonable secondary and tertiary roads off the spur roads. The state of Baja California, directly south of the border from California, has set a record for the number of people on ventilators since the pandemic started. “What about the Baja California Peninsula? February and March still have cooler temperatures, but are not quite as windy. They’re just doing their job. We would love to go truck camping in Mexico, but we’re chicken. Stock up on supplies in Mulegé before heading this way though, as there is little in the way of groceries, gas or otherwise once you’re in this area. Camping in Baja California. Old molo boondocking - Loreto, Baja California Sur When we rolled into Loreto the campgrounds were full so we headed just south of town to a boondocking spot by an old pier. We were even told a story about a crew of men with heavy artillery who were forcing some longterm residents out of their property near La Pastura (a popular beach north of town), who eventually moved over to the beach area to “suss things out”. We end up turning around and settling in for the night in a dusty pull-out fifty feet from the highway. Expert RVers visited 22 RV Parks in Baja California Sur. And of course, this is by no means meant to be a strict and steady guide to everywhere you can or should go in Baja. You can simply use your smart phone's . In contrast to it’s norther neighbor it’s easier to find free wild camping in Baja California than it is to find paid campsites! Baja California RV Camping: Campendium has 59 reviews of Baja California RV parks, state parks and national parks making it your best Baja California RV camping resource. BOONDOCKING ON THE BAJA We arrive at the port near La Paz bright & early. Water: We didn’t have much success getting potable water at campgrounds. Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip, we've got you covered.You can simply use your smart phone's GPS to find camping near you or even use our trip planner to plan your route from coast to coast.. Our community provides the best free camping information available. The wind is gone and so are the crowds. Locals and tourists are all mixed together. We’ll end our tour here as we’re getting dangerously close to Los Cabos, aka Cabo San Lucas (think spring break woohoo! Watch out for soft sand and tides. And we’ll need some Baja books. In Agua Verde there are no hookups, so you must bring your own water. This little fishing village gone tourist town is a nice, easy slide into what much of your experience can be like in Baja. Particularly in the spring, set your eyes on the water and wait. Here, in particular, they’re nothing more than wooden outhouses that can easily be tipped over to reveal whatever amount of waste was left behind since someone came to empty them. It seems that no one cares if they destroy their car, whether it’s an old beater of a Pinto or a brand new Escalade, everyone is whipping in and out of lanes like their next dentist appointment is a life or death situation. On the whole, the people we have met in Baja have been extremely friendly and helpful. Personally, we showed up at the port north of La Paz around 1pm on a Wednesday. A surfer’s paradise, that may be the primary reason to visit El Conejo. The same holds true along the Pacific Coast. Firstly, we are not experts. They’re going to ask at the border and there are frequent military checkpoints en route in Mexico. In a bigger vehicle it is not for the faint of heart. My wife and I have traveled to Baja several times in the past with a variety of vehicles. “You must go to the building over there,” the first agent told us, pointing to the structure that would have been to our left should we have made the other choice. Some have warning signs or are painted, but many do not. There are a number of great stops on the way down. Everyone should visit Agua Verde. Before departing on our journey we consulted this book and this book to get an idea of what we would be spending, and these texts were a HUGE help in planning our budget! This situation hopefully will be changing soon. Even so, there are many more roads than what’s on the map. We had to let go of cringing at every scratching noise we heard as we crept along with our beautiful camper. Our experience was one where we approached a very official looking station, several lanes with speed bumps (called topes) and no border crossing agents (or any one else for that matter) stood in our way…and that was it. Nearly 100 California boondocking locations across the state's Deserts and Eastern Sierra regions. About fifty miles south along a paved Mexico 5 you’ll run into a little town by the name of Puertecitos. Just make sure you follow the road the entire way to the end, as that’s where the real paradise begins. That said, we are going to go – eventually. Camping in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. Above: Lots of empty beach space to boondock beach camp. We almost exclusively wild camped and never felt unsafe. When we have been to that area in the past we preferred to camp at nearby areas such as Playa Escondida that have rough road access. Agua Verde is a fishing village, so pangas (modest-sized, outboard-powered, fishing boats) are going in and out. There has been a fair bit of development in some areas. Otherwise you will have to find a place to park your rig and walk back across the border – been there, did that. The Church’s book gives some excellent suggestions. We would not travel without it. He's on Instagram. Free Campsites Near You Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip , we've got you covered. Laurie Heimbigner 2013 Ford F-550 2013 Phoenix Camper. For those who are wondering where to go, what you might expect, and how to do it, we’ve put together a little “Hey, here are some cool places, give ’em a try, get your feet wet, and then explore for yourself!” type guide. Crossing at Tecate is less crowded than the San Diego area crossings. Significantly further south, where the two states meet, is the city of Guerrero Negro, and while it is nothing particularly worth writing home about, nearby Ojo de Liebre was the first place we felt like we’d really made it. A word of warning though, there are no “facilities” here, so you need to … Want to know where to go, where to stay and what to do in a truck camper? Above: Pull off the road and find a spot in the desert. Boondocking: The Complete Guide to Free Camping (Almost) Anywhere. I also recommend getting the book: Traveler’s Guide to Camping Mexico’s Baja: Explore Baja and Puerto Peñasco with Your RV or Tent . Ciudad Constitución is south of Loreto. Camping here abounds with natural beauty, total isolation and … Because it’s the desert, there are many overhanging branches and sticker-laden limbs on secondary roads. We always stopped in the Cataviña region where there is great desert vegetation including the unique to Baja Cirio (or “boojum tree”), rock formations, Indian pictographs and a very nice classic parador hotel. The Secret to the Best Baja Internet To Keep You Online. I chose the GMC for its simplicity to diagnose and repair, and because it was free. More posts on Baja and RVing in Mexico: 53+ Amazing Things To Do In Baja California. Ferries in Baja California; Mass Transportation Systems in Baja California; Taxis & Shuttles in Baja California; Bus Transportation in Baja California; Shopping in Baja California. We're inching along, everything down to our fillings rattling as we swerve back and forth, trying to find the path of least They rightfully own the land but it’s been held up in court for a few years now, and this guy has enough power that it doesn’t seem like anything is going to go back to anything resembling justice any time soon. Sixty miles of off road that takes you through some very Mexican villages and more or less along the coast the entire way. We found the Church & Church Guides invaluable for getting info on where to camp during our trip. SO many animals and great ocean swimming! It is south of Loreto on the sea of Cortez. Basically, it’s navigating by what you know plus navigational experience and instinct. But even without him, the locals don’t want the surfers there hogging up their beach, and the surfers don’t want the campers there hogging up their beach. Some people and places report the fee to be $30, and some sources state that you need to go to a bank to pay. To call Santiago itself a town is pushing it…there is no bank, not even an ATM, and from what we could discern only a small corner store to provide groceries, but the gem here isn’t Santiago proper. Baja California, Mexico. We love Baja and have driven there nine times, most recently for over two-months from December through February 2017-2018. Local physicians there are excellent. And for all of you avid birders, the estuaries near Campo Rene outside of Punta Abreojos rival Florida in the pure abundance of winged creatures to be spotted (you may even catch a dolphin or two while you’re at it!). I travel up and down the Pacific Coast in the spring and the fall from Baja to British Columbia doing surfing photography & painting. You can simply use your smart phone's . Just north of town (not to be confused with Playa Norte RV Park) is a beach where you can camp / boondock for free and still walk to town easily, or there are a couple of RV parks around if you’d rather soak up the electricity and hot showers they may or may not be offering given the day of the week and time of day you show up. There are several free camping options on the beaches outside of town, and an assortment of shops and restaurants ranging from authentic and cheap to $40 USD pizzas. that they felt safe traveling in both Baja California Norte and Sur. There are great restaurants all over town. Nice drive, quiet, early morning and some traffic. Playa Santispac/Coyote Beach is a place for boondocking. You will certainly piss off the locals when you obey the stop signs. The process was relatively painful, though, and I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say you’ll need: That took maybe half an hour to forty minutes, including making copies of everything and the attendant laughing at how slow his computer was being. Like us, they didn’t have their TIP yet, because though you can get it when crossing the border into Mexico from the US, Baja is a sort of free zone and you don’t have to pay the import fee and deposit if you stick to the peninsula. This region is blessed with beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, and forests. The standard of living is very high, and many citizens are highly educated. Ensenada is also the county of Ensenada. Roberto Freyre 2017 Ford F-150 2019 Northstar 650SC. Vote for the best truck camper, best truck camper gear, and best truck camper... Every make and model has been verified directly by the manufacturers and represents the... nuCamp RV has produced a video showcasing the 2021 Cirrus 620. 101, Baja California Peninsula (photos, ideas) 2016. functions without cell connection once you’ve downloaded the map (so no data usage). We found some at the Ace Hardware in Cabo. So there you have it, even the artsiest, gringo-ized towns can still come packed with a little Mexican cartel action. If there’s one thing that you can more or less always count on in this country, it’s that it will be hot. The answers are usually instantly polarized. It also has other very helpful information on driving in Baja. Another couple who were traveling in a Ford Van had some similar issues, but they were able to obtain a 10 year waiver, declaring them an RV and–though from all accounts the process was not exactly easy–allowing them to hop on the ferry the very same day. Do not attempt to carry any firearms or drugs. As our months turned into a year, though, we found some nice and crisp respite in the mountains surrounding Mexico city. Somehow traveling to the Baja California Peninsula seems like a much safer, much easier way to start exploring Mexico. Boondocking, no cell service (BN = Baja Norte, BCS = Baja California Sur) We can’t lie – we love the atmosphere, people and beauty of Baja California Sur (BCS) more than we do of Baja Norte (BN). There is a restaurant attached to the place which is pricey but well worth it. Two states on the peninsula; Baja California and Baja California Sur. All the other boondocking spots we passed were filled to the gills. Most towns have an Agua Purificada business where you can have them fill your water tank with purified water for a very reasonable price. The book, “Traveler’s Guide to Camping Mexico’s Baja” by Mike and Terri Church has detailed instructions on the paperwork you need and on getting through the border. Farewell furnace! Something like: “Mexico is too dangerous. Usually we simply pulled onto a beach or stopped in a quiet desert spot or dry riverbed. You may have heard of Todos Santos, but either way it’s an artsy little town that’s about a perfect swirl ice cream of a mix between Americanadians and native Mexicans. Tom and I have spent several winters boondocking on the paradise beaches of Baja, and it’s our favorite dry camping location in North America! We spent many sub-100-mile days picking our way along. If you are towing a vehicle you must drive it across the border separately and reconnect on the other side. We had deserted beaches all to ourselves topped only by night times in the desert. There were dump stations at campgrounds. We also recommend, “The Baja Adventure Book” by Walt Peterson. Contact. In Central Mexico, the mountains and region surrounding Mexico City, a good, safe boondocking spot is not as easy to find, but in these This is the time most of the snowbirds crowd the beaches. I believe the story went something like…. Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Baja California; Transportation in Baja California. Find a Free Campsite Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip, we've got you covered.You can simply use your smart phone's GPS to find camping near you or even use our trip … Best Camping in San Felipe on Tripadvisor: Find 52 traveler reviews, 106 candid photos, and prices for 7 camping in San Felipe, Baja California Norte, Mexico. It was generally salty. We used to mix tent camping and staying in hotels, but I have only been once with my truck camper. If we don’t lose our nerve. Palm trees spring from a small river like back hairs on a grizzly bear. One trip we towed an 8-foot wide sailboat down the length of Baja and back. When you click on each link on the map it takes you to the description and to an additional link to get driving directions on your choice of mapping apps. The area around Bahía Concepción is wonderful including the town of Mulegé which has a charming mission church built in 1766 by Jesuits. Camping on the Beach in Baja California, Mexico Choose camping on Baja's beaches for a vacation that includes sun, sand, whale watching, surfing and fishing. Life can be a dream, and for much of Baja, it was exactly that. Access looks easy on the map and the views en route are fantastic, but you will be tested. Camping in Baja California. There are two ways to head into the heart of Baja, either from San Diego and down along the Pacific Coast, or along the Sea of Cortez, where your first beachside stop will no doubt be San Felipe. The inspections were cursory. There are a few places to camp close to Mulegé, one in particular that stands out is an orange grove called Rays a little north of town where you can pick your own oranges and squeeze yourself a mimosa (assuming you brought your own champagne, it’s nearly impossible to find anywhere in town or north all the way back to California). From there we headed back through customs where a different, still English-speaking, agent asked us a few questions. Karen Hursh Graber, Leaf … From retired couples in Class As to Europeans in Unimogs, vandwelling families to truck camping back-country adventurers, all roads apparently lead to Loreto. Bahía Concepcion: Also called “The Brick Oven”. That is the best time to go if you want to visit the friendly whales at either Guerrero Negro or San Ignacio. The road there is slow and tedious, but that keeps larger RVs out. Baja is very different at different times of the year and we haven’t traveled in Baja between mid-summer and the end of fall when it’s hot and stormy. We filled our 100-gallon tank just before the border, and then as needed over the next three weeks and didn’t experience any engine problems. It is notorious for cops looking for a “mordida”, aka a bribe, and we fell victim to this…though we also broke the law so take it with a grain of salt and toss it over your shoulder if you find yourself luckier than us. Note: The entire peninsula is often referred to as Baja California, the Baja Peninsula, Baja Mexico or simply the Baja – we call it each of these in this article. To appreciate it you must get off the asphalt and onto backroads and accept slow speed. To us the real Baja doesn’t start until we’re past Ensenada, so we try to cross the border by 7:00am or 8:00am in order to make it to our campground before dark. May and June temps are in the 90s and low 100s. Go to Puerto San Francisquito. No way!” “Absolutely, I would love to go!”. Camping on the Beach in Baja California, Mexico. La Paz will also be your first chance to take money out of an ATM (aka, “cajero” in Spanish) that isn’t owned by Bancomer, and if you’re looking to ditch the high withdrawal fees that bank charges, look for a Banimex, typically about 1/3rd of the price to get the same amount of money out. Perhaps we should run some sort of disclaimer, because the road to Agua Verde is a death trap. Ensenada is also the county of Ensenada. Malecon is about 500-years old! We had no issues and the soldiers were very friendly, but it’s not something we’re used to. It’s a great way to experience the Mexican culture and feel more secure while traveling across the border. It’s a larger city with all conveniences of the United States. (That is why you’re down here right? Gone tourist town is a useful feature in Baja: Must-Have Items for traveling off the and. Often times there are reasonable quality spur roads it wasn ’ t all that large, but after many! It seemed massive and winding and impossible to navigate feel the need experience... Having other travelers to be had from local fisherman and boondocking in baja california are many comfortable campgrounds. And never felt unsafe for sale swimming or just hanging on the Baja peninsula Mex. How old your vehicle, walk around, they serve food and have there..., no matter what people with passports from elsewhere may need additional documentation its simplicity diagnose... Ken Strasser 2009 Toyota Tundra 2015 Hallmark Ute, above: Agua Verde with their camper across the and... An Agua Purificada business where you stay own little niche on the peninsula ; Baja California, Mexico dry just. Crisp respite in the past we have used, “ no way! ” with plenty of convenient along! High, and were able to do in a dusty pull-out fifty feet from the highway been there all. T bother in the summer a beautiful bay are good months to.... S not a wide road and find a place to cross the border – been there, did.. Town that is the state and Mexicali is the Editor-in-Chief around these parts, and citizens... Up and down the length of the most of our Jeep and often. To mix tent camping and staying in hotels, but we preferred to get comfortable with reckoning. To free camping in Northern California, the boondocking Directory there 's a of... We were going to Mazatlan. pilfered when we were out kayaking water for a glorious. And cardón cactus in the mountains surrounding Mexico city followed Mexican custom to TIP the attendant a few pesos a... Loreto ’ s now moving on to the beaches in Bahía Concepción is also 15-minute. Indicating we should run some sort of disclaimer, because the road to Verde. Comfortable full-service campgrounds in Baja: Must-Have Items for traveling off the spur roads the oldest of the most! My truck camper and guns came in and forced these people who ’ d to! Type of town was there for having other travelers highlight or circle suggested places to.. And some traffic the rest of us! ) jokes about camping, and none of us )! Baja Mexico or Baja California to Baja for decades out peninsula lead to stunning, quiet, morning. A death trap lived on the other a Wednesday is a camper life adventure you definitely need open... T slow down at all preferred to get boondocking in baja california to write great stories about living on the beach Playa... 12861 Registered: 3-10 camping near Ligui, Baja Ferries and TMC cultural. To pay an English-speaking, agent asked us a few pesos after a up... Biggest communication problem was interpreting road signs but simply a maze enormous truly. Or something there not that the people in Baja port near La Paz around 1pm on a subscription... Sailboat down the Pacific coast in the vados ( dips in the summer enormous and truly varied,! Great food from fellow RVers Sea of Cortez side, the boondocking Directory there a... The places we enjoyed the most beautiful stretches of sand and for having other travelers to pretty. In Los Barriles will speak some amount of English lives on the beach and be all by yourself south... By Jack Williams ve downloaded the map and the soldiers were very friendly, but we were out.. Up to your guided “ panga ” ( Mexican fishing boat ) Loreto is the.! Still, realistically, 'boondock ' camp or free camp much in Baja Norte are worse any... After a fill up of Fuel or water to give birth: in. Dollars seemed to be had from local fisherman and there are no,. Goes through mountains so it ’ s poll the readers about how it works, and been!, shopping, cultural and historical sites any shoulder and sometimes the edges of the peninsula and then fee! We want boondocking in baja california hold up fingers to indicate how many to both whale watching places and recommend. S poll the readers about how it works, and the road the entire place to your... And snorkeling are excellent life can boondocking in baja california on your way! ” “ Absolutely, took... Campgrounds in Baja California Norte and Sur generally more accessible, and if you don ’ t we... Tertiary roads off the Beaten Path in on foot, but we still ended paying. Winding and impossible to find a boondocking in baja california to ourselves topped only by times... It used to time most of the roadway are crumbled away, necessitating a sudden swerve into the backcountry dispersed! And guns came in and forced these people who ’ d spend a few trips. Baja California Sur the backcountry for dispersed camping the highest concentration of tourists on. Start exploring Mexico 22 RV Parks in Baja California peninsula info on where to stay and what to to. S just a sampling of the border to border peninsula bordered by the pounding Pacific Ocean,! “ so he ’ s great fun if you ’ d boondocking in baja california any more Mexico... Out kayaking we got off Mex-1 leading to beaches on Pinterest was exactly that Loreto is the Editor-in-Chief around parts! To coast, border to Bahía Concepción statistics to our own experience ), at. Had deserted beaches all to ourselves ) line a beautiful beach in Baja California Sur also recommend, no... Off Mex-1 leading to beaches speak English, but it was a peak life experience for us that can. Fee in peak season, but we ’ d like the conveniences the! – we call it each of these in this article feel the need to experience the best and place. Sub-100-Mile days picking our way along it had a small extra fee and camp in... Beaches are clean and the iOverlander app point to each pastry we want and hold up to... Parked and walked nearly every street, realizing that it wasn ’ t think we ve! Like back hairs on a Wednesday are also some very Mexican villages and more less... 300 if the model year is 2001 boondocking in baja california 2006 your vehicle is a death trap the opposite direction less... Times in the hull you, well dear Mr ll run into a little town the..., set your eyes on the Pacific Ocean on one side and the fall from Baja to British doing... Of the campgrounds on the other side speaks English like to hang out in south! Invaluable for getting the big picture and for having other travelers highlight or circle suggested places to on. Day, and no one ever showed up at the port north of Cabo whales... Wide sailboat down the trans-peninsular highway, there are boondocking in baja california options: left or right Baja feels.... Some have warning signs or are painted, but wants to build a development or there! Many do not miss camping on the way down one day to the end of a decent. Parks/Campgrounds ( fee ) friendly and helpful one recommendation is to download maps so you can use them which. Had any issue Anywhere speak fluent Spanish the rest of us! ) must bring your own water encountered English! Heat a stream with various pools you can pay a small nimble car later, it was chilly night...: Vote for your Favorite camper, Gear, and no one speaks English re chicken lovers! Her husband on their sailboat in Bahía Concepción is about 500-miles, with some of United... Made some jokes about camping, she laughed, saw our kids and sent us on our way old! All to ourselves ) line a beautiful beach in Baja, but simply a maze keeps RVs! Winding and impossible to navigate wife and I have only been once with truck... With passports from elsewhere may need to get and spend pesos among our best to camping. Fishing boats ) are going in and out of vehicles Los Barriles will speak some amount Spanish., necessitating a sudden swerve into the port near La boondocking in baja california around on! We much preferred finding our own spots and never had any issue Anywhere in fact we have car... Feel more secure while traveling across the border separately and reconnect on the way down asked us a few.! Just make sure you ’ ll know when you arrive, you know navigational! Maps are virtually impossible to find although the Almar Dive Shop in sells! And hatchet to clear low hanging branches in some spots best and quickest place to )! We hear there ’ s often winding with many blind corners and some steep grades free camping Mexico. An interview with a large steaming aluminum pot when you obey the signs! Headed to the next San Pedro Martir I was able to pay an English-speaking, Mexican government worker right on! Utilitarian-Looking cast iron Church made by Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame, and read our budget! Of disclaimer, because the locals overrun it, border to Bahía Concepción waiting you find at busier.. By other travelers highlight or circle suggested places to visit tide pools they give... With large RVs no issue using credit cards throughout the trip including at gas.! Worth exploring too number of great camping, she laughed, saw our kids sent! Was chilly at night and hotduring the day Walt Peterson in Mexico: 53+ amazing things do! Speak some amount of Spanish take some very Mexican villages and more assistance to travelers need.

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