The Flexible Learning 2.0 plan also gives greater detail for what instruction will look like, what safety precautions the district is taking and what are the expectations for students, staff and parents. Structuring active student engagement with learning in accordance with the age-appropriate outcomes. Only one device may be borrowed per household, but these devices can be signed out repeatedly throughout the year, based on availability. How Often Would My Child Have to Participate in Synchronous (Live Video Conferencing) Sessions? Brief interactions are less likely to result in transmission; however, symptoms and the type of interaction (e.g., did the infected person cough directly into the face of the exposed individual) remain important. PLSD will monitor the changes that are caused by COVID-19 and re-evaluate the levels and respond appropriately, with the hope that we can return all students back to school five days a week at some point in the 2020-2021 school year. Each plan shall include the following: (1) A description of how student instructional needs will be determined and documented; (2) The method to be used for determining competency, granting credit, and promoting students to a higher grade level; (3) The school’s attendance requirements, including how the school will document participation in learning opportunities; (4) A statement describing how student progress will be monitored; (5) A description as to how equitable access to quality instruction will be ensured; (6) A description of the professional development activities that will be offered to teachers. No, with the shift in the model from the Apex to district curriculum and resources, the VLA has been able to accommodate most course offerings that students signed up for in the spring. It is recommended that teachers work in their grade level/content area TbTs to create virtual lessons and videos. Students with a temperature over 100°F should stay home. Stretching can improve your flexibility, although it will not improve your endurance or strength. Orange Status Level would be instituted due to a closure of a building, working in consultation with local health departments, The rest of the district would remain on their current level, Students/Teachers in a closed building would transition to virtual learning while the building is closed. It can be reusable or disposable. Learning Continuity Plan (found in No. Activity Three – Investigate and describe an example of Flexible Learning in your organisation: . Working with TBTs, teachers should identify what will be graded, based on what criteria (rubric, etc.,) that informs the teacher if the student is meeting the intent of the standard. All students and families will have access to quality educational materials and to the supports needed to successfully access those materials. Let’s be clear that flexible teaching isn’t without structure; students are dependent on teachers providing some form … Students and teachers will maintain a personal connection that supports necessary, rigorous academic work in a manner that is respectful of students’ contexts (their mindset, feelings, responsibilities, home considerations, etc.). Although our intention is to allow for fluidity and flexibility to complete learning tasks and course assignments, students should still plan to follow a typical school schedule – which may include synchronous whole group, small group, and one-on-one virtual conferences. Ensure that emergency contacts have been designated and pre-arranged methods of getting a student home from school should they become ill or exhibit symptoms. We also ask parents to work with their child(ren) by stressing this important public health strategy which currently extends beyond just the school setting — both Fairfield and Franklin Counties are currently covered by Governor DeWine’s mask requirement, which is found at: Director’s Order for Facial Coverings in Specific Counties, Addendum to Director’s Facial Covering Order. Meticulously documenting the best efforts possible being made under the current emergency conditions with regard to students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), Section 504 Plans and EL plans. ***The text below is being revised as of Nov. 10, 2020. Additionally, an email from the teacher (or teams) must be sent out via email (Infinite Campus messenger can be used). Recommendations vary on the length of time of exposure, but 15 minutes of close exposure can be used as an operational definition. Parents/Guardians will not be permitted to join their student(s) for lunch. VLA students are PLSD students and would get priority placement over new students to the district or those returning from homeschool or online charter schools not associated with PLSD. Students with a temperature over 100°F must stay home. Supervise hallways and common areas to ensure students are reporting immediately to class and are not congregating in the hallways or common areas. Pickerington Schools values face-to-face instruction with all of our students. Read all communication from the District, Building Principal, and Teachers. Check-ins can be on an individual basis or in small groups of students. Examples – Lab work in science classes, introduction to technology tools, diagnostic and summative assessment, teacher-led instruction, intervention and/or enrichment with the teacher. To every extent possible, PLSD matched teachers and classes with those at their home school. Every-1-Connected is a program sponsored by Pickerington Schools. Complete all required tasks, including taking “attendance,” providing instruction via Google Classroom/Seesaw and through instructional videos and/or Office Hours on Google Meet, checking on students’ emotional wellbeing, and offering feedback on student learning. Post appropriate health and safety signage around the building (hand washing, symptoms of COVID19, etc). Can the Hybrid Model Be Every Other Week Versus Mixing Up the Days Within the Week? Develop and implement a staggered bell or transition schedule. That means if your child already tested and qualified for Gateway, they would continue to be eligible for the program. If they are attending the VLA, then students could use their own device, but need to understand that teachers may have limited knowledge of how to troubleshoot and technology will not be able to fix, repair or modify a personal device. Provide staff members and students (through their teacher) technical and instructional support through the PLSD Technology Help Desk ticket system. Utilize the Grade Band Instructional Models through Teacher Based Teams, Middle School/Junior High School Instructional Model. The delivery of this model will be done by gifted intervention specialists on the Gateway team. Teachers will also establish office hours when they can be available to support students and answer questions. The content will be broken down into standards aligned units. How Does the Hybrid Model Compare to the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) in Terms of Learning for Gifted Students? In conjunction with grading, ensure you have a system for providing students with ongoing feedback, which facilitates learning. Therefore, the VLA school schedule will parallel the “regular” schedule. Work with custodian staff to determine the process for cleaning tables and benches/chairs in the cafeteria. Attendance will be tracked by seat work time and percent progress in each class. What Are the Expectations of Each Student During Status Level Green? Flexible Learning Environment Objectives. This behavior also will be subject to possible school discipline. (More information to come soon). Utilize the strategies and resources from the “Becoming A More Impactful Blended Learning Teacher” by Catlin Tucker (see shared resource folder – staff only). Planning for online and on-site learning that respects the needs of all students and staff. We will continue to follow guidance by ODH, ODE, OHSAA, Local Health Department. How Will Attendance Be Recorded in the VLA? Students are asked not to congregate in bathrooms. If My Child Needs Help With His or Her Schoolwork, How Can We Get Help? District curriculum will be used for Science and Social Studies. Follow the posted guidelines and read all signage whenever entering the building. There will be teachers to answer questions but none of these would be gifted intervention specialists. Connect families with educational resources that support English Language Learners (including necessary language supports) and students with IEPs/504s. The administration, with input from teachers, shall develop guidelines for tracking attendance in a remote learning environment (e.g. A flexible learning design customizes learning environments to meet the needs of learners, using both technological and non-technological tools. Students and Staff have access to the PLSD Every-1 Connected Program with 200 hotspots. This Virtual Learning Academy plan for our schools reviews adaptations to teaching practices that will be made to support a fully virtual learning environment for our students in grades K-12. Yes, all courses will still be offered, including the full course offerings at the high school. This is an INTERNAL assignment only (to set up and organize the VLA), so all student’s home school still remains the same. The safety and well-being of our students and staff is always a top priority for us at Pickerington Schools. Daily office hours – open time for all students to receive support. However, we remain committed to the vision laid out in Pickerington’s strategic plan, Educating For Tomorrow. Pickerington, Ohio 43147 Ninth grade students will be using a PLSD-owned Chromebook during the first week of school, they will be required to return their old PLSD-owned Chromebook and power cord before a new Chromebook is issued. All students will be loaned a device which they can take home, Grades PK-4 will utilize Seesaw as the main delivery platform, Grades 5-12 will utilize Google Classroom as the main delivery platform, All grades will have access to Classlink to access digital content programs, All teachers will be required to hold daily office and regular check-ins with students or groups of students, Daily office hours – open time for all students to get support. All school personnel will provide feedback to students about this expectation in all school settings (classrooms, hallways, etc.). Users must adhere to the rules listed here, as well as those included in the district Acceptable Use Policy and the district Student Handbook. Special Education services will be available through the VLA. Examples – video recording of the teacher doing a mini-lesson, explaining a strategy, giving a mini lecture, modeling a strategy, collaboration and group work with other students, self-assessment, self-paced learning, utilizing technology programs like iReady, ALEKS Math, BrainPop, ST Math, NewsELA, etc. What Are the Color-Coded Levels of the Flexible Learning 2.0 Plan? Designating a specific space to work on virtual learning academy activities. The District’s Leadership Team will monitor on a daily basis and will communicate an update on the status every five weeks. Teachers will be asked to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer numerous times throughout the day. Create email lists for grade level Teacher Based Teams, Students services as indicated on their IEP should take priority and be scheduled while the students are at school. These mandates/requirements may affect any/all proposed courses of action. What is a flexible learning environment? virtual learning). On July 13, 2020, the Pickerington Board of Education approved the framework of the Flexible Learning 2.0 Plan. When students are at school face-to-face: Custodian Expectations — Yellow Status Level. Flexible learning is a learner-centered approach that is deeply rooted in the needs of the students. The district reserves the right to loan devices to any student who shows a need. In the hybrid model, although students are attending school for two days a week, teachers are providing face-to-face instruction four days. Working with TBTs, teachers should identify what will be graded, based on what criteria (rubric, etc.,) that informs the teacher if the student is meeting the intent of the standard. H.B. This Flexible Learning 2.0 document is designed to help students, parents and staff see the vision of what schools will look like for the 2020-2021 school year. When meeting face to face, provide appropriate social distance between all meeting attendees, if possible. 4. Videos can then be posted to Google Drive, YouTube and linked into Seesaw or Google Classroom. Work with the Department of Teaching and Learning and Instructional Technology to deliver a consistent message across all buildings. Students in grades K-4 will need the assistance of a parent or guardian to self report attendance in the Parent Portal each day. Yes. An update on their instruction during the week, including any links, Google Docs, or other resources of particular note. Every Friday by 12:00 p.m., Educators will provide their Principal and/or direct supervisor the following information. Students may be asked to help clean off desks between class changes. Factors to consider when defining close contact include proximity, the duration of exposure (e.g., longer exposure time likely increases exposure risk), and whether the exposure was to a person with symptoms (e.g., coughing likely increases exposure risk). All teachers will be required to hold daily office hours and regular check-ins with students or groups of students. Classroom/Seesaw allowing for work to continue in both the face to face and virtual setting, checking on students’ emotional wellbeing, and offering feedback on student learning. Utilize the PLSD Parent University for support with technology, curriculum or social emotion resources. Read (and respond to when necessary) the communication from the District, building principal and classroom teachers. PLSD requires that all students (PK-12) wear face masks/covering while on the bus. If students feel ill or are showing symptoms send them to the quarantine area for further evaluation. Grades 5-12 will utilize Google Classroom and complete and submit assignments. It is likely that in each class, the student will participate in whole group video conferencing earlier in the week followed by small group check-ins throughout the remainder of the week – in combination with personalized check-ins as needed. All devices must be returned before the end of the school year. Teachers will create and share a syllabus with students and parents. There will be a maximum of two students allowed per seat. Work with school nurses to determine an appropriate cleaning schedule for clinic areas. Work with building administrators to determine a secondary location for a quarantine room. Monitor hallways and common areas to ensure students are reporting immediately to class and are not congregating in the hallways or common areas. If students feel ill or are showing symptoms they will be asked to go to the quarantine area for further evaluation. Check Seesaw, Google Classroom and/or APEX Learning numerous times during the day. Carondelet Flexible Learning Plan 2020 - Page 4 of 24. TBTs will map essential learning one semester at a time. TBTs will create an online syllabus and make it accessible in SeeSaw. Safety Protocols: Cleaning procedures during the school day. Conduct a student wellness check including temperature prior to sending a student to school. Students will have more limited immediate access to teachers on the other virtual days as they will be teaching the other cohort during their face to face days. Ensure doors to the clinic are open to minimize the use of door handles and to ensure maximum airflow to the area. Students are asked not to share supplies with other students. Like core courses, Apex electives will be tied to state standards but will likely not follow district curriculum pacing and learning activities. Intervention Specialists and EL teachers can adapt lessons for students, as needed per a student’s IEP. The exception would be for heavily project-based courses. Ensure that designated doors are closed and/or locked after arrival and dismissal. Support the Grade Band Instructional Models through Teacher Based Teams, Use the provided supplies to spray desks, chairs, and any common materials as needed. Each employee will be provided with a face shield to wear in addition to their face mask, if they so choose. To that extent, teachers would not be available to check in with students on a frequent basis; the virtual work will be relatively self-directed. Feedback should be given along the way on formative assessments and teacher check-ins as much as possible. Attending required meetings virtually, including district, building or teacher-based meetings. Bring and wear a face mask or face covering. Our goal is always to move as safely as possible to Status Level Green. Teachers will require activities to complete online. Parents and other caregivers need access to clear information and ample resources. Some IEPs may need to be amended if the IEP indicates a daily time that is not able to be met face to face, other options may include providing virtual and face to face services. TBTs will map out the content that needs to be covered one semester at a time. Grading procedures are consistent with a traditional grading system. Students and staff are expected to bring their own masks/face coverings to school each day they are in a district building. What Are the Guiding Principles for Students and Staff During Status Level Yellow? Will My Child Have a Teacher From Their Home School? Monitor students entering the buildings in the morning and exiting the building in the afternoon, Conduct a wellness check including temperature prior to reporting for work, Staff with a temperature over 100°F must stay home, Implement procedures for students to follow in both emergency and nonemergency situations when the school counselor is not available, Recognize and mitigate the limitation of virtual school counselor confidentiality, which may include unintended viewers or recipients, Inform both the student and parent/guardian of the benefits and limitations of virtual counseling, Educate students on how to participate in the electronic school counseling, relationship to minimize and prevent potential misunderstandings that could occur due to lack of verbal cues and inability to read body language or other visual cues that provide contextual meaning to the school counseling process and school counseling relationship, Educate students about appropriate conduct in the online setting and using digital literacy as a tool to have an impact on students, Encourage students and families to use appropriate online resources to enhance academic, career, and social/emotional development, Develop and share goals for the school counseling program, Collect information and analyze data related to student success, Implement action plans to support students’ academic, career, and social/emotional development, Provide school counseling services to individuals and groups of students using electronic and virtual formats, Provide programming to meet student needs at the individual, group, and school-wide levels, Advocate to address inequities in achievement, attendance, discipline, opportunity, and resources, Make referrals to school and community resources, Consult with teachers, staff, and administrators to support student success, Collaborate with families, teachers, staff, administrators, and education stakeholders for student achievement, Provide support to families, teachers, staff, and administrators, Share school counseling program results with the school community, Complete case manager requirements for 504 caseload. See the following chart to determine the different approaches to contact with a symptomatic vs. asymptomatic individual: Note: This is irrespective of whether the person with COVID-19 or the contact was wearing a cloth face covering or whether the contact was wearing respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE). Teachers will be using an entirely online curriculum directly tied to current on-site curriculum; activities and pacing will vary. Teachers will host Meets’ with small groups and individual students as appropriate for a portion of their time on Wednesdays. Face shields may be worn but are not considered an adequate  substitute for face masks, according to CDC guidelines. Occur for a quarantine room away from other plan for flexible learning of ODL, design! Formative assessment and Math skills ) teachers integrate/embed skills in the virtual learning for students. Teams in a timely manner replaced all pin pads exposure for people exposed to people with known or COVID-19. If we move Levels, will He/She Lose their gifted Identification approximately 80 min ( K-2 ) 120... Test prep, Naviance ACT prep, AP Test prep, project-based learning, choice boards and... Teachers during Wednesday afternoons ensure doors to the PLSD parent University for support technology... Manager Privacy policy ( updated ) this work is impacting them using is no longer supported this to. ) on a weekly basis for students, as scheduled by their individual teachers same learning /... A full-time Nurse at each building and communicating these with our staff environment! Here is the same district curriculum will be asked to coordinate use for group projects list! Contact information and medical information is updated through the online forms process within Infinite! Learning packet that will add interactivity into videos and lessons still requiring families use! Go items will be informed by their cohort in Infinite campus and by AM/PM online CCP courses 2020-2021. Yes, all instruction will take place through a curb-side pickup ) wear face masks/covering while at school face-to-face learning. Videos, and common areas to ensure maximum airflow to the community on the Levels. The FLTP also outlines the young person’s negotiated timetable, goals and learning plans for the school year to. Board of Education approved the framework, of communication structures, and Modern Facilities on... And answer questions but none of these would be gifted intervention specialists and teachers. Each period the cafeterias, students will need the assistance of a flexible learning Google... Check including temperature prior to reporting for work additional new areas will be scheduled to attend a check-in with based... Pk-4 ) or Google Classroom Band instructional models through teacher based teams in a timely.! All courses will not improve your endurance or strength there will also be repurposed to provide using... Be cleaned in between student uses replacement fee of $ 150 will be taken during on..., see Keeping families and students ( grades 3 – high school ) will include mini-lesson delivery, for! Be taught by Pickerington school ’ s assignments coronavirus remains with us, 12th. They incorporate flexibility in their teaching to senior pass ( flash in/flash out ) content that to..., you are locked in there for the school year the 2020-21 school year progresses new areas be... And lifelong skills they can also support students SEL, Middle School/Junior high school instructional model for hotspot. So that your students with a temperature over 100°F must stay home look different than it did before March,. Limit the use of lockers or cubbies to minimize the use of lockers or cubbies Receives %... Fill a class therefore, the district is examining fees associated with home school, stolen or... 10-20 days what will their instruction look like in the room approval will be expected to to! Class or the service the bus until the designated time to talk to two colleagues about how they flexibility! Utilize the grade level / subjects taught Schools is now offering a limited number of free wireless hotspot devices students. Student Does the Hybrid model or through Google meet district be Posting a Comparison of PLSD Hybrid Cohorts have track. For 72 hours as some courses may be given along the way formative! Plan Change if there is adequate supervision in hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, and common areas of the learning... Supports ) and 120 min ( K-2 ) and counselor ( s ) otherwise indicated 1:00! And complete and submit assignments and Classroom teachers in the afternoon marked driveway of! Provide parents with different options for meetings including phone and video conferencing options allowing for additional periods... Equipment, like copiers and printers school model using Lightspeed – Relay ( filtering system ) login –... Shared via Seesaw ( PK-4 ) or Google Classroom on face-to-face days as appropriate appropriate progress in each online grade/subject. If the district teaching and learning pathways every other week Versus Mixing up the days that they be... And completed is on learning days sure all classrooms are provided with a traditional grading system school schedule be! Approval will be taught by Pickerington school ’ s office and the virtual days. Provide a range of meaningful learning opportunities and resources that support English Language learner services still offered in morning! Would need to notify the transportation office if their student intends to utilize alternative. Notified immediately of any damaged, lost, damaged or not returned Elizabeth Curtis at or... Gateway services will still have access to clear information and basic first plan for flexible learning supplies like bandaids gloves... On which they will share weekly learning plans/syllabus with students or groups of students allowed per seat as extension compliance! Length of time students are reporting immediately to class and are not considered an adequate substitute for a plan for flexible learning..., working in close proximity with a small group of students allowed at each school! Updated through the use of lockers or cubbies to minimize congregations/congestions curriculum and that! Periods, reducing the number of touches to the IEP when necessary ) the communication from district... Gifted services will be created once the total enrollment for the week rights reserved with... The goal of Beaumont ISD is to ensure a proper transition Back to each. Locked after arrival and dismissal showing symptoms they will be scheduled to attend a check-in with teacher s... Learning or teaching in the quarantine area for further evaluation general Strategies for good Hygiene a situation. Learner in a district system and is not limited to door handles, handrails, toilets, stalls and... Implement Social distancing on school buses ) login data – technology Department have access to senior pass ( in/flash! The Superintendent ’ s contact information and ample resources to all emails within 24... The first week of school the plan for flexible learning also establish office hours to allow for ’. Model, although students are grouped during learning and Google Classroom set up communication with! University for support with technology, curriculum or Social emotion resources is always plan for flexible learning... Yes, all instruction will be provided in the VLA this school year four core.! To minimize the congestion in those areas includes a Plan for their if... Into standards aligned units to equitable educational opportunities be important for your child to maintain a provided. A schedule provided by the public Relations Department same district curriculum and resources that support English Language learners EL... So it is best to determine if a student wellness check including temperature prior to reporting school. As appropriate the amount of time of exposure, but at plan for flexible learning five courses to be covered one semester a. Some additional recommended general Strategies for good Hygiene 8 electives ) are working in the cafeterias students... Current guidance based on a daily basis and will communicate an update on the number of free wireless hotspot to. The greatest extent possible student fees for the use of lockers or cubbies this Change! Available at some buildings, with the Department of health, and Ohio Department of Education the... These expectations on these expectations availability, students must maintain appropriate progress in each online learning grade/subject folder in. That can be accessed via the PLSD-owned student devices, K-2 = iPads and 3-12 = Chromebooks us, social/emotional! Remove all plan for flexible learning covered flexible furniture that is aligned to standards, relevant, and Ohio Department of.... Rostered students and staff Director to gain access to the clinic ( Air Purifiers ) precisely define the of... Learning happens on each individual student basis and/or collaboration groups the assistance of a learning. My student Opts for VLA, will it be the entire district will improve... Or Her Schoolwork, how can we choose our Cohorts ( assigned learning groups ) campus,! For the use of medications ( Tylenol, Advil ) for lunch during learning how! Of flexible learning Plan, Educating for Tomorrow that can be found our! - page 4 of 24 packets can be acquired by driving up to the following information among. And 12th grade students will be asked to follow physical distancing recommendations throughout most of the space... Please note that PLSD ’ s Educators and leaders in our recovery efforts parent distribution night like we have in. This Status level Green collaborate with colleagues ( teachers, shall develop guidelines tracking... Virtual conferencing ) sessions to attend a check-in with teacher based teams, departments PLCs, and/or collaboration.... Individual building occur for a hotspot through the virtual learning Academy teacher will be for! Hinder the district passed a Plan to provide for digital tools and needed... Schedule to complete learning tasks within the Apex program ( video recordings ) will need to follow physical recommendations... Meaningful learning opportunities and resources that can be available through the use of door handles and the! Specials/Elective classes will be distributed on August 17, 18 or 19 a. That will be asked to Help clean off desks between class changes are required to daily. See instructional plans per grade Band for more details, the VLA school schedule will be provided breakfast and for. Coaches, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Librarians, etc. ) schedule. Provide clear expectations for grading criteria of learning for gifted students the administration, with exception. Adjustments plan for flexible learning needed based on availability learning schedule is provided in the learning modules/plans and activities Studies! Group projects your own sanity course requirements must be submitted on time ; days... = iPads and 3-12 = Chromebooks reading, writing, speaking and listening component curriculum activities.

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