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TGIF – Sensitivity, Office Life and Not All Men

the current state of the music industry


Hey Friday! Hey friends! Are you ready for a month of non-stop festivaling? I sure am. I mean, I’m dreading the lack of sleep and already feeling insanely overwhelmed, but this is generally the best month of the year, so I’ll take the ups with the stress.

Tonight I’m headed to the Summerworks announcement¬†party, then I’m headed to Field Trip where I get to see Broken Social Scene, aka, all is well in the world.

Also, there’s still time to enter to win tickets ¬†to see TV on the Radio and Ziggy Marley next week, see the previous post for more details!

Anyhow, here’s a bunch of interesting reads to get you through to the sunshine, music, and fun that’s about to be your weekend:


Kevin Drew – Good Sex

song of the week!

As if I would post anything but this song today, after the perfectly timed Valentine’s Day release of this video.

Enjoy (nsfw, obviously).


How To Feel Good Lost

broken social scene at field trip festival arts and crafts 10th anniversary

I wrote this as the opener to my review of the incredible day that was Field Trip Festival, but it became too long to include with the review, so I’m sharing this first.

Ohh Field Trip. Where do I even begin.

My love for Arts & Crafts is no secret. I have never been shy about being a huge Broken Social Scene fangirl, despite the douchey backlash that can sometimes be present in admitting such a thing. Their perceived over-saturation in this city has made it sometimes ‘uncool’ to admit you still think they fucking rule – but I will never, ever be ‘over’ BSS. They will always be the band that, along with Elliott Smith, began my path into this indie rock world that has served me so well.

Anthem For A 17 Year Old Girl

I moved to Toronto from Welland in the fall of 2003 to attend York University. Fresh out of high school, all my friends stayed behind for what was once called OAC, but renamed ‘Grade 12B’ for those not yet ready to decide what they wanted next. My entire high school existence, I couldn’t wait to move to Toronto. It was the promised land, where all the art and film and music and culture I could ever need would be right at my fingertips – freedom, finally –¬†I thought. So, no Grade 12B for me.

I spent that fall new to Toronto, completely on my own, stuck in a tiny room with a roommate I couldn’t relate to even a little bit, at a new school that happened to be GIGANTIC and far away from the part of the city that I had been so excited to live in. It was a shock to my system, and I secretly regretted rushing to get away from my little hometown where I had a great group of friends I loved, and life was easy.

Stars and Sons

Looking at photos of that time, I had posters of The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin plastered all over my walls. I was heavy into classic rock as a way to connect with my dad, and beyond loving The Strokes and Radiohead I didn’t care much for modern music. Before I discovered the glory of the 60s and 70s in high school, I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and all things embarrassing boy band/manufactured pop. To say I was afraid of the current state of music wouldn’t be out of line.

But two things happened around October that introduced me to an entirely new world of music that would become a way of life for me. Elliott Smith’s death propelled his music back into my life, and my friends back in Welland, who were mostly way more open to modern music than me, sent me mp3s to this new album, You Forgot It In People, telling me I had to listen to it – and that it was actually by a TORONTO band. What? Toronto has bands that make good music?? Fine, I trusted them, so I gave it a listen. “Cause = Time” immediately captivated me, and like most girls that age, I was sure they had wrote “Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl” just for me, but the album as a whole didn’t quite pull me in.

But, then I saw them live, and I’ve already wrote about how that changed the game for me. They immediately became my litmus test for anyone entering my life – don’t like BSS? LET ME TAKE YOU TO A SHOW! I’LL CHANGE YOUR MIND! Still don’t like BSS? GTFO because you might be lacking a soul, or, at the very least, you might have a hard time connecting with mine.

Almost Crimes

Every happy, sad, or mundane life event I’ve experienced since that night has been coloured by their music in some little way. For the past almost 10 years, anytime I want to clear my head, I go for a walk around the city and listen to Feel Good Lost, or any of their other beautiful records, and I couldn’t be any happier or more inspired. They are almost always my cure for writers block, depression, heartbreak and frustration. I can’t name how many hours of my life have been spent dancing like a lunatic to “Major Label Debut (Fast)” or “Superconnected,” or “Ibi Dreams of Pavement,” when I just want to feel pure joy.

Most days I think they actually cracked into my brain to write “It’s All Gonna Break” because it feels like my story – but then I remember that I probably never would have took my e-pen to e-paper and passed those who (figuratively!) fucked me in the ass when I was a kid, had I never heard that song and felt like it was telling me to wake the fuck up and stop wasting time dreaming of some other life in some other place. To stop fucking ghosts of the past and get it together.

The lovely music did save my life.

Cause = Time

I know that my life would probably look a lot different right now were it not for this band and label. I’m not sure I ever would have embraced the city the way I have, had they not helped carve it into such an incredible music city by starting Arts & Crafts and supporting the careers of so many huge talents. If Elliott’s music was the reason I wanted to leave, theirs was the reason I never did.

For many of those University years, I felt completely lost in Toronto, constantly thinking up ways to move to Portland or Austin or Brooklyn, where I thought I’d be more likely to find people like me.

But as Arts & Crafts began to grow, my love for the city grew with it. I stopped feeling that urge to run away, and started finding my own place (and voice) within it.

So thank you to Jeffrey and Kevin, for helping me and countless others to feel good lost in Toronto.


Broken Social Scene – It’s All Gonna Break

song of the week!

Bringing back Song of the Week, because I came across this incredible lo-fi version of the one song that can always lift me up when too many lame things happen. I could write a novel about how much this song means to me. The thought that I might not get to hear it played live again for many years makes me incredibly sad.

When I was a kid, you fucked me in the ass, but I took my pen to paper and I passed you.


You all want the lovely music to save your lives. 


Giveaway: Broken Social Scene S/T on Vinyl

Thanks to a very kind friend who knows what a huge BSS fan I am, I ended up with some Broken Social Scene albums I already own on vinyl, and figured it might be nice to do a giveaway for them here in celebration of the decade + of amazing music they gave us, and the end of an era.

So for the next few weeks, once a week, I will be posting up an album to give to you, starting today with their self titled LP on 180 gram vinyl, including a digital download of the album.

To enter, you must first be a Facebook Fan of TTRO, and like the status about this giveaway. If you do not do this, you will not be entered. Secondly, you must leave a comment below using an email address I can contact you at in the space where it asks you for your email, telling me your best Broken Social Scene related story. Contest closes on Thursday when another BSS vinyl will be up for grabs. (Please be aware that if you have never commented before, your comment will have to be approved first before it shows up, you do not need to submit it again).

To get this started I will tell you one of my BSS related stories. After Forgiveness Rock Record was released in 2010 they did a small show here at Parts & Labour, teaming up with Torontoist, that was basically a ‘whoever gets the most likes’ wins 12 tickets to the private show. Top 4 entries got to go, and I ended up in 5th. I still get so sad when I think about what I missed out on, especially now that I don’t know when I will get to see them perform again.

Here’s my favorite track from this album, stripped down, live at Soundscapes: