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Giveaway – See Lena Dunham at JFL42

Lena Dunham JFL42

By now you all definitely know I am obsessed with Lena Dunham – she is younger than me and she’s already achieved every dream I’ve ever had for my life. I adore her talent, her persistence, her self confidence, the hard work she put in to get where she is, and the way she is changing the worlds perception of what beauty is.

Her first book, a collection of essays titled Not That Kind Of Girl comes out September 30th, and to promote it she’s going on a book tour.

Her Toronto stop will coincide with the upcoming, highly recommended, hilarious comedy festival JFL42.

On September 20th at the Sony Centre she will be interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi, give a reading from the book, and open it up for what is likely to be a fascinating audience Q&A. I am BEYOND excited for this.

Lucky for you, if you want to be there too, you can enter to win one of five pairs of passes to see her courtesy of my friends at JFL42. Follow them on Twitter @JFL42 and find them on Facebook as well.

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Wanna Come To My DJ Night?

Just kidding, I don’t do that. But I am super excited for the return of Portlandia and all its hilarious tales of hipsterdom. It definitely wins my best new show of 2011 spot, by a mile. If you’ve never been to Portland it really is just like this (but then again, so are parts of Toronto like Kensington Market, which is why the show works so well with audiences outside the PNW). If you didn’t watch last season you need to get on that before its trumphant return to IFC January 6th. Guest stars this season are pretty stacked, but really, nothing can beat Steve Buscemi.

I’ve been invited to more DJ nights than I can count this year, you too?


David Cross Talks at Queen Elizabeth Theatre


So David performed in Toronto last night for the promotion of his first book I Drink For A Reason, and he easily had the crowd at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in hysterics the whole time. The show was not flawless, but what it lacked was minimal. The opener Todd Glass was great, despite the initial disappointment coming from an audience not expecting an opening act, he knew exactly how to win us over with a self deprecating joke about his odd resemblance to both Fred Flintstone and Mel Gibson. After his short set the announcer introduced David, but instead of him, a little girl with a lisp dressed as David (bald cap and all) came out pretending to be him, and told some jokes that didn’t quite work, but the audience laughed politely as you always do for children. Her exit marked his true entrance with a touching song about cosmonauts, and the upper half of the audience even gave him a standing ovation. Along with him came someone at the bottom of the stage who was signing the entire act. At first I thought it was part of a joke I was missing, but then I thought I must just be an asshole assuming deaf people can’t enjoy comedy too, so I just ignored it. After about twenty minutes or so, David finally starts acknowledging the signing kid and they got into it a little bit, and I was happy once that part was over as I just didn’t get it. It felt like a way for him to waste time and stretch out the set, which he really doesn’t need to do considering his wealth of material.

Stand out bits included a story about his mother bragging that she “made” her own yogurt by adding something to store bought yogurt, and how he hoped that won’t be him in 30 yrs, claiming to have made a car by buying one and painting the handle. Also talking about his life in New York, where he shares a park with those from the local rehab center (everyone who spends time in Trinity Bellwoods on Queen West knows how this feels), and how odd it is that the heroin addicts don’t just SIT down after they take a hit, but instead stand there hunched over, and how there must be some kind of addict pride in making sure they never actually FALL over, knees never hitting the ground. He also showed us a pamphlet he received in London about date rape, with some disturbing bleeding heart graphic and the tag line that read “Nothing is worse than heartbreak, besides date rape.” This is the kind of hilarious observation people watch his shows for, and the back of the pamphlet was even better saying “Don’t have too much to drink, as you may do something you regret OR WORSE” as though there is something worse than regret?

His religious jokes all went over extremely well except for the one about Mormons, which he tried somewhat unsuccessfully to connect to the anti gay prop 8 situation in California. He noticed the audience struggling with it and commented that it goes off much better in the States where gay rights is still an issue, unlike our much more progressive Canada. He also noted that we must just be laughing at the States all the time when it comes to the current health care debate, and how Americans make a career out of voting against their best interests. Judging by the laughter, no one in the room disagreed.

There was another moment where the same guy who did the deaf signing in the beginning was sitting in the audience with his laptop “blogging” about the show and how bad it was, and him and David had it out and then Todd Glass came out with a blackberry saying he was twittering about the guy blogging about the show. This one worked more than the signing bit, in my opinion.

He also had a nice surprise in the end, showing us a clip from the new show he is filming in London with his Arrested Development co star – Toronto’s own Will Arnett, and Spike Jonze! The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret will not air in Canada as far as David knows, so he generously told us to try and find it online for free once it airs in December. The clip he screened was as funny if not funnier than Arrested Development, so I will definitely be on the lookout for it.

Overall, the show was indeed worth the hefty $50 (after ticketmaster fees) ticket price. It maybe could have been stronger without the little girl/deaf guy gimmicks  – which would have left more time for jokes he got cut off from telling – but im not complaining! I haven’t laughed that hard with an audience in ages. If he is coming to a venue near you and you’re not a conservative, I definitely recommend scoring tickets.Lisa