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Sometimes You Get Into A Taxi And Win A Vacation


No, I’m not talking about the Cash Cab – this campaign from Air Transat was even better.

A few weeks back, you may have noticed a baby blue 50’s Cuban style taxi roaming the streets of Toronto.

Those who were brave enough to flag it and go for a ride were rewarded with something I am currently dreaming of – an all inclusive Cuban vacation.

Torontonians aren’t known for trying something if it looks out of place, so kudos to those who were brave enough (or in enough of a rush) to go for it. We are all collectively jealous of you and your trip to warmer weather.

As important as travel is to me, I have not yet been to Cuba. It is definitely on my bucket list – and considering how inexpensive it is to go there for an all inclusive week – I am hoping to make that dream come true before winter is over. There is nothing I’m wishing for more as I look outside at the snow falling than a warm beach. I’ve cooped myself up in my house for a couple days now, and am terrified of stepping outside into this minus 3 weather we’re already having. Winter and I have never been friends, and it looks like this is gonna be another long, frozen winter.

Book your Cuba vacation here with Air Transat today and then rub it in everyone’s face with a bunch of selfies on the beach. If I can save up some pennies over the holidays, I’m definitely escaping to Cuba at some point this winter.

The best part of this whole campaign is that they filmed it and made this hilarious video of the surprised patrons. Here’s hoping @AirTransat brings more of these fun, interactive campaigns to Toronto!


#cubantaxi #experiencetransat


How Digital Is Saving, Not Killing Music


Love this video of Sony Music’s International President and CEO Edgar Berger talking to BBC about how digital is actually a benefit to the music industry – something every big label was denying when Napster first reared its head.

It means they are waking up, finally, to the power it holds and recognizing that embracing it rather than fighting it really is the only option – and that it doesn’t mean the labels have to die. They just have to educate themselves about the benefits and learn how to properly employ them in ways that do serve their artists and create audience growth – which is the true power of digital.


Is Audio The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing?

audio podcast digital marketing infographic music

This infographic from Crazyegg makes some great points about the value of portable content. Almost makes me think about starting a podcast (but listening to my voice in interviews is painful enough for me, so that’s not likely to happen anytime soon).


Obama vs Romney Voters Infographic

Obama vs Romney supporters interests infographic

It’s fascinating just how detailed campaigns can get when studying the interests of their voters. I watched something on CNN or one of those stations that talked to a guy in the Romney campaign whose entire job consisted of figuring out what exactly an undecided voter in nowhere, Virginia likes so they can geotarget them for their votes. This guy perfectly guessed that one of the older male undecided voters they talked to drank a certain brand of beer, watched this particular television show, drove this kind of car, etc. It makes you hyper-aware of how out there our lives are – when necessary, anyone can find out anything they want about us.

But that’s what marketing is – finding your target and influencing them to buy your product over the other guy.

At work, we have access to highly targeted poll results from decades of research that show who our audience is down to very minute details, so we can figure out where exactly to plug in our ads and also how to best sell our content to advertisers. If an advertiser wants to sell a cleaning product to 40 plus moms in Winnipeg with kids less than 10 years old, he can find out exactly what show he needs to plug his ad into to reach that specific demographic. Facebook uses this same technique, which is why they are notoriously bad with privacy issues. They need access to your likes and dislikes so they can show ads for a LiveNation show at Sound Academy to only the people in Toronto under 35 that have mentioned that band on their Facebook at some point.

The only real shock on that infographic to me is that Romney fans like Louis C.K, Led Zeppelin and Lady Gaga? Seems unlikely, at least. Especially Louis!


It Happened, I’m Addicted To Pinterest

(Click image to make larger)

infographic on marketing for pinterest

This infographic is great, and surprise surprise, I found it on Pinterest.

I had heard of Pinterest about a year ago – but heard it was a place where older women shared recipes – so I wasn’t sure it would be of use to me since I can barely cook as it is. Of course, it being a new social media outlet meant I needed to check it out, anyway. I had trouble making an account (found out it was an issue with Google Chrome that was stopping me) so I kind of forgot about it for a while until the buzz started to pick up again. After downloading another browser I was finally able to get set up on there (follow me!), and at this point you can probably learn more about my taste and interests by going through my boards than by hanging out with me in person.

Lucky for me I realize my time is already spread in too many directions as is, so I seem to have taught myself to close out of Pinterest most of the time before I get sucked into the main page’s never ending stream of cool things to look at. When I do get sucked in, it turns into an hours long adventure of pinning and finding new ideas, and it becomes a complete (but wonderful) distraction.

If you are trying to use your time to create, it can be a nightmare, because it will easily consume any and all free time if you let it. But it is also an incredible place for inspiration. I’ve heard it called ‘Tumblr for women’ and I can see how that could be accurate. What eventually got me to like Tumblr was the visual nature of it, but the way everything fades away so fast – and the inability to categorize and board out themes like you can on Pinterest – makes me feel my time is better spent on the latter.

With Pinterest I can go to any of my boards and see in one quick scroll, everything that I’ve found relevant/beautiful/interesting related to a certain topic, right there, in a glance. It’s simple, intuitive, and essentially works as an online dream board and visual bookmark you can add to and easily change, forever. It grows with you over time.

The only thing I don’t like about it? No ability to make your boards private? What’s with that? Some of us don’t want the world to know we have a board dedicated to pictures of Ryan Gosling in his underwear, thx. (I don’t have such a board, mostly because there are no privacy settings!)

As the graphic shows, it is very much female dominated, which doesn’t surprise me as I’d heard that all along, but after being on it, it shocks me in that people always talk about how men are visual creatures moreso than women. Pinterest is the most visual social media network in existance, so, where are all the men?


(I’m desperately waiting for the social sharing plugin I use to add the Pinterest button, if you’re wondering why you don’t see it below!)Lisa