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The Mixtape – Songs for Stormy Weather

Welcome to November’s mix! It’s mix # 12, meaning I’ve been doing this for a year now. This might actually be my¬†favourite¬†mix in the series (it opens and closes with two of my most¬†favourite¬†artists best songs), and I hadn’t even thought to do a theme like this until Hurricane Sandy hit. Turns out lots of great artists make songs about storms, and of course, those songs happen to be the ones I like best as a water child. It’s also kind of a weird mix in that it has Guns N Roses, Quasi, CCR and The Detroit Cobras all hanging out – but it works. If you don’t know Quasi – you will love them after hearing their song.

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The Mixtape – Songs From The Movies

October’s mix has arrived. It is actually September’s mix, but because of TIFF and summer business it ended up delayed. That said, it’s inspired by TIFF, in that it is soundtrack themed. Growing up, I discovered a lot of music through the use of specific songs in movies. These are some of my absolute favorite music moments in film. There’s nothing I love better than a well placed song in a great movie – the combination of my two favorite things.

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Elton John – Tiny Dancer (Almost Famous) Cameron Crowe is one of my biggest inspirations. This movie is directly responsible for the direction my life has taken. “You are home.”

Stealer’s Wheel – Stuck In the Middle With You (Reservoir Dogs) Because¬†Quentin¬†Tarantino¬†is one of the most reliable directors when it comes to using pop music effectively in film.

Iggy Pop – Lust For Life (Trainspotting) The entire soundtrack is incredible.

Moldy PeachesAnyone Else But You (Juno) I know a lot of people ended up hating this movie, but according to my family, I was Juno in high school (minus the pregnancy) so of course I loved it. This song is the perfect depiction of being young and in love.

The Beta BandDry the Rain (High Fidelity) And this movie was directly responsible for my obsession with vinyl. (I saw the movie before I ever read the book, of course). “That is perverse, don’t tell anybody you don’t own Blonde on Blonde, it’s gonna be okay.” <3

Simon & Garfunkel Mrs. Robinson (The Graduate) Really can’t do this mix without it.

Cat StevensThe Wind (Rushmore) Wes Anderson is my musical soulmate, by all accounts. It was incredibly hard to limit myself to one song from one movie of his, but I knew I had to go with something from Rushmore as it is still his best/my favorite, and the use of this song finally got me to pick up my dad’s Cat Stevens records.

Elliott SmithMiss Misery (Good Will Hunting) Speaking of hard, I almost put the scene with “Needle In The Hay” from The Royal Tenenbaums as my Elliott/Wes choice, and debated his gorgeous cover of The Beatles “Because” from American Beauty for a while as well, but¬†Good Will Hunting¬†was where I first discovered Elliott’s music as a very sad pre-teen, so it won out. It was the first time in my young life I remember staying for the whole credits just so I could see what the song playing was. “Tell him I had to go see about a girl” remains one of my favorite lines in any movie.

Gary JulesMad World (Donnie Darko) Was everyone else as obsessed with this movie as much as my friends and I were in high school? We were weird, though.

The Pixies – Where is My Mind¬†(Fight Club) This has to be the most overused song in soundtrack history, but Fight Club wins for using it in the most epic and memorable way. “Trust me, everything’s gonna be fine.”

Shelley DuvallHe Needs Me (Punch Drunk Love) Taking a song from a goofy movie like Popeye, and using it in such a perfect, psychotic way (in a better movie) is part of the reason why Paul Thomas Anderson is the best at what he does.

Marvin Gaye I Heard It Through the Grapevine (The Big Chill) This might be my favorite film from the 80s, and the entire soundtrack is gold, but the kitchen dancing scene to Marvin is the most memorable.

Derek and the DominosLayla (Goodfellas) Scorsese is the master of using epic songs in epic ways (all the other directors here learned from him), and this horrific murder montage is a part of the reason I think Goodfellas is the best mob film of all time – The Godfather doesn’t even come close.

Public Enemy Fight the Power (Do the Right Thing) Obviously. In truth, Spike’s use of “Baba O’Riley” in Son of Sam is my favorite music scene of his (I love a good montage more than anything) but if there’s one song that defines an entire film, it’s this one.


The Mixtape – Songs from Osheaga 2012

Part of the long hiatus the blog has had was because I spent a week in Montreal, enjoying what has quickly become one of my favorite cities and most importantly, attending Osheaga. I didn’t get to go to Bonnaroo this year so this was my big festival for 2012 – and it did not disappoint.

I’ll say right now – it’s better than Bonnaroo. The lineup was stacked, every band played an incredible set, and the organization, and the crowds – are much better here (except all French people smoke so there was always smoke in my face that I couldn’t escape in the crowd, which was gross). I will have full coverage of all the bands I saw each day up soon – but for now, here’s a mix made up of my favorite songs from most of the bands that played the festival. Well, the ones I wanted to see (or was at least considering seeing).

Stream it below, then DOWNLOAD IT HERE if you like it.


(If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)

Sigur Ros – Svefn-G-Englar This song is to me, what heaven would sound like if it exists. Hopelandish indeed.

The Black Keys РTighten Up These guys are probably on too many of my mixes, but goddamn, there can never be enough Dan Auerbach in this life. Sexiest man at Osheaga, sexiest set of the fest.

Florence ¬†And The Machine –¬†You’ve Got The Love Though I have a hard time stomaching the ‘flowery female musician’ performance she and¬†artists¬†like her are so fond of, girl can sing, and she was one of the few main stage performers who really had fun with the crowd. And it’s an amazing song. When food is gone you are my daily meal.¬†

City and Colour –¬†The Grand Optimist I skipped his set for Bloc Party. No regrets there.

Bloc Party –¬†This Modern Love Because they were incredible, as always.¬†This modern love breaks me.¬†This modern love wastes me.¬†Listen to the new album here!

MGMT –¬†Time to Pretend While 78 percent of Osheaga was watching Justice, I saw MGMT for the first time. Fireworks went off, it was fun.

Feist –¬†1234 She didn’t play this song, which seems a bit cruel, but she was incredible anyhow.

Metric –¬†Combat Baby They didn’t play this song, which was also disappointing. This was my first time seeing them live (though I’ve seen Emily and James with BSS many many times), as they fell off my radar after¬†Old World Underground and Live It Out.

Justice –¬†Genesis They are one of those bands I feel like I should like, but I have yet to really understand the appeal. But i’m not big into electronic music, so that is probably the only reason.

Franz Ferdinand –¬†Ulysses This whole fest brought me right back to college/my early indie kid days. Franz, Feist, Metric, Bloc Party, The Walkmen, The Shins, The Black Keys – that basically sums up what I listened to in 2004/5… Franz fell off my radar fast after their first album, which I probably hadn’t played since 05, so it was very nostalgic to hear songs like Michael live.

Garbage –¬†I Think I’m Paranoid And then there was the random 90s throwback with Garbage. Shirley Manson is the definition of a performer. I wanted more ladies like her on stage and less of the flowery ‘wave your hands around’ contrived bs too many of the female musicians playing seemed to be doing.

M83 –¬†Midnight City Didn’t get to see their show – Black Keys will always win against a new band – but this song is incredible.

Cursive – Drunken Birds I didn’t end up catching their set, and I gotta admit, I don’t even really like this song. But for those of you that do…

The Jesus and Mary Chain¬†– Sometimes Always JAMC live was the best part of the festival, easily. Everyone else was watching Snoop Dogg/Lion, but there was still enough awesome people at the Green Stage with me that it was a perfect show. I got much closer than I would have had I saw them in Toronto, and they played the same set, so I didn’t miss out on anything. And yes, Draper’s new wife on Mad Men came out to sing Hope Sandoval’s vocals. She’s no Mazzy Star, but it worked. This song is the definitive JAMC song, for me.

The Raveonettes –¬†That Great Love Sound Few songs bring me as much joy as this one.

The Walkmen РCanadian Girl Missed their set because it was so early on Friday (WHY? They are a much bigger/better band than Down With Webster who I had to sit through, seriously), which kills me, because they probably played this song, which I have still somehow never ever heard live.

Little Dragon –¬†Ritual Union The only time I passed by the electronic stage and didn’t cringe was during Little Dragon. LOVE this song. Solid band.

The Jezabels¬†– Easy To Love Love this girl and this band rocks live. She’s like Karen O, it was a breath of fresh air in a line up filled with female musicians who do not subscribe to rock n roll ethos.

Yukon Blonde –¬†Oregon Shores What does it mean to fall in love when you’re alone? I don’t know, Yukon Blonde, but it’s a great question.

Zeus –¬†Hello Tender Love Zeus played at 1pm on Sunday – which means I was still asleep. Missing Zeus might be the saddest part of my weekend. I can’t even describe what this song does to me, it’s¬†inappropriate.

Portugal. The Man –¬†Sleep Forever I’ve still never seen this band, which sucks because I love their sound. This song blows me away. Why were so many good bands playing before 2pm, and so many average ones around 4pm? Only real issue with the festival, in my opinion.

Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss This song is bliss.


 Did you attend Osheaga? Which bands blew you away? 


The Mixtape – Songs I’m Loving Right Now

It’s Mixtape Monday, that means I have more music for you to listen to and hopefully grow to love (if you don’t already, which, you should recognize many of these classic songs). No real theme this month, just songs I’ve been digging lately. Enjoy!

Stream it below or DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

 (If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)

Yukon Blonde -My Girl

Lumineers РStubborn Love

Band of Skulls –¬†Cold Fame

Joel Plaskett Emergency РNina and Albert

Plants and Animals РLight Show

Tragically Hip –¬†Ahead By A Century

Arcade Fire –¬†Wake Up

Rilo Kiley –¬†Science Vs. Romance

Band Of Horses –¬†I ¬†Go To The Barn Because I Like The

Lykke Li –¬†Dance Dance Dance

Foo Fighters РBig Me

Wreckless Eric РWhole Wide World

David Bowie –¬†Five Years

The Band –¬†Life Is A Carnival


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The Mixtape – Songs of Summer


Are you guys ready for June’s mix? I had to go with the obvious this time as summer is literally my favorite part of life ¬†– so I felt the need to celebrate that it’s FINALLY here. We wait all year for it, it happens for just a few short months, and then it’s back to the sad, dreary grey Canadian skies for nine more months. Seasonal Affective¬†Disorder, I hate you. Give me the sun and the beaches and the patios and the good times. Oh, and these songs, too.

(Yes, there’s at least four songs titled “Summertime” – but they’re all very different songs – I assure you.)

Stream it below or DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

 (If you represent an artist on the mix and would like their song removed, please contact me at lisa at and I will happily remove it right away, thanks!)

Jason Collett – Almost Summer¬†I definitely almost used “I’ll Bring The Sun” as my Jason Collett song of choice for this mix because it is one of my favorite summer songs, but this one’s just too perfect for starting this mix. It’s a fairly accurate description of the summers I had when I was an awkward teenager.

Otis Redding РSittin on the Dock Of The Bay This song describes exactly why I wish it was summer all year long <3

Pavement – Summer Babe [Winter Version]¬†You’re my summer, babe.¬†

Beck –¬†Electric Music and the Summer People¬†Ultimate summer driving song.

Flaming Lips – It’s Summertime¬†Is there anything worse than heading into summer, the greatest time of year, when you’re depressed about something?¬†Look outside – I know that you’ll recognize it’s summertime.¬†Leave your house, the sun cures (almost) all.

Rural Alberta Advantage – In The Summertime¬†Best love song of the past decade, probably. It’s not the words, it’s the ones you stress,¬†I love as I love you just don’t love me less.

Regina Spektor – Summer In The City¬†I find Regina to be pretty hit and miss (more misses than hits) but this song is perfection.¬†Don’t get me wrong, dear, in general I’m doing quite fine,¬†It’s just when it’s summer in the city, and you are so long gone from the city I start to miss you, baby, sometimes.

Girls – Summertime¬†This song should be on in the background of every party that happens from June to September. It’s what summer feels like.¬†

Grandaddy – Summer Here Kids¬†For when your summer isn’t going the way you want it to. Grandaddy is my ultimate “sad times” band (which means I haven’t listened to them in YEARS, but someone on twitter suggested this song and reminded me of how much I once loved them).

Best Coast РSummer Mood Similar to the Girls song, it just sounds like summer.

Dan Griffin – Summertime¬†Another sweet summer¬†nostalgia¬†song similar to Collett’s track.

Kevin Drew –¬†Summer Time Dues¬†Gorgeous.

Janis Joplin РSummertime Obviously. Ultimate version ( but I know many will disagree with that) Janis was a big inspiration to me when I was in high school.

Beach Boys – All Summer Long¬†Can’t do this mix without a Beach Boys song.

Electric Light Orchestra РOne Summer Dream It will make you wish you could have experienced summer in the 70s (basically my ultimate fantasy).

The Drifters РUnder The Boardwalk Another must.

¬†Cream – Sunshine of your Love¬†I’m not an Eric Clapton fan (just being honest) but come on, Cream was amazing.

The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City¬†Yep.

Bruce Springsteen РGirls In Their Summer Clothes Gotta close it with some Bruce, of course.