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Where to Celebrate Record Store Day in Toronto


Hey guys! I decided that, since tomorrow is vinyl nerd Christmas, it makes more sense to give you the rundown of how Toronto is celebrathing this beloved annual holiday today in leiu of TGIF this week – so you can prepaire accordingly.

I am currently on my way back home to Welland to celebrate Easter with my fam – why oh why did this day land on the Easter weekend? Come on, guys… what am I gonna do in Welland to get my fix? No Record Store Day limited editions for me this year. So please, please, enjoy it for me.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening where and when, starting with stores that aren’t going as RSD crazy and ending with the best spot to hit up – so you don’t miss a thing tomorrow. Thanks to my amazing intern Sebastien for putting the list together! Let us know in the comments if there’s a store we missed that you think deserves a shout out.

Neurotica Records

  • 642 Queen Street W
  • 12 pm – 9 pm
  • Neurotica’s website has a ticker of featured and rare vinyls that they have in stock to help the hunting process. Refresh the page a few times to and see if anything there might interest you.

She Said Boom

  • She Said Boom has two locations, one at 393 Roncesvalles Avenue, and one at 372 College Street
  • They’re open from 11 am – 7 pm at both locations
  • They recently promised a forthcoming list of releases on their Twitter (though time is running short), so keep an eye out there for what you might want to buy!

Kops Records

  • Kops Records also has two locations, the most well known one being at 229 Queen Street W, and the other at 592 Bloor Street W
  • Open from 11 am – 8 pm at both stores
  • Kops records has not been forthcoming with details of what will be in stock. I guess that means you’re just going to have to head there to hunt things down. But it’s Kops, so you’d be crazy not to anyways.

Rotate This

  • 801 Queen Street W
  • 11:02 am – 7 pm
  • Unless your ear is much lower to the ground than mine, this is another record store that it seems you’re just going to have to go to to find out what they’ll have in stock. Again though, it’d be hard to believe you weren’t intending on heading down there in the first place.

Play de Record

  • 357a Yonge Street
  • Open 12 pm – 8pm
  • Play de Record has gained a reputation for it’s Unique selection of hip hop and electronic music. With DJ’s spinning music in honour of Record Store day, Play de Record is a necessary stop in your travels and hosts a substantial selection of turntables and DJ equipment, for the gearheads that intend to be out browsing this weekend.

Sunrise Records

  • 784 Yonge Street
  • 8:30 am – 9pm
  • Not only do Sunrise card holders get in early, but if you buy or renew your ID Card that day, you will get a vinyl sticker added to your card. That’s good for your ID Card discount + an extra 10% Off all non-RSD vinyl for the next year.
  • Sunrise has been showing off their warehouse stock, which includes Childish Gambino’s Because the internet , Chvrches Recover EP and many others on their facebook page. Give it a gander, and see what tickles your fancy.

June Records

  • 662 College Street
  • 11 am – 9 pm
  • June Records will have DJs spinning music all day to accompany your browsing experience
  • So far they’ve released exactly two albums that they’ll have in stock. Frank Zappa’s Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow and Alexander Robotnick’s Vintage Robotnicks. Head down there to see what else they’ll have.

Cabin Fever Collective

  • 1669 Bloor Street W
  • 8am – 8 pm
  • Cabin Fever is pulling out all the stops, and was a serious contender for the number one spot. Not only are they giving out free coffee all day, they have a liquor license in the evening to accompany a live show that includes a performance by Papermaps.
  • They’ve been hosting a few contests on their twitter page, with one of the prizes being a chance to be first in the store. They’ve made an effort to bring in as many record store day releases as possible, so this prize may be a boon to those of you with an eye out for that super rare release!

Sonic Boom

  • Sonic Boom has two locations, one in the Annex at 782 Bathurst Street, and one in Kensington at 201 Augusta Ave
  • The Annex location will be open 10 am – midnight, while the Kensington location will be open from 11 am – 9 pm
  • The Annex location, however, is the place to be this year for Record store day. With an event hosted by Chart Attack and Fuelled by Pistonhead Lager, pay a visit to Sonic Boom and be sure to catch any of the free live performances taking place throughout the afternoon. A full lineup can be found on their Facebook page.


Watch The Record Store Day Film

record store day film

Record Store Day is always one of my favourite days of the year. I promote it a lot because I know the importance of vinyl – it’s not a trend (like this lame comeback of the crappy cassette tape). It was in the beginning as it will be in the end. All else will come and go but vinyl has lasted for a reason.

This year I snagged the RSD Elliott Smith and Bob Dylan 7″ releases as well as a stack of older albums (Archers of Loaf, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Animal Collective, Adele) that were going for 50% off at Of A Kind. Score! What did you get?

“It’s like Christmas for nerds. It’s brilliant.” Enough said.

Watch this short film based on the UK experience of that wonderful April day:



Today’s Quote – Record Romance

jack white record store day ambassador quote about importance of vinyl records

How can record shops compete with Netflix, TiVo, video games that take months to complete, cable, texting, the Internet, etc. etc? Getting out of your chair at home to experience something in the real world has started to become a rare occurrence, and to a lot of people, an unnecessary one.

Why go to a bookstore and get a real book? You can just download it. Why talk to other human beings, discuss different authors, writing styles and influences? Just click your mouse.

Well here’s what they’ll someday learn if they have a soul; there’s no romance in a mouse click.

There’s no beauty in sitting for hours playing video games. The screen of an iPhone is convenient, but it’s no comparison to a 70mm showing of a film in a gorgeous theater. The Internet is two-dimensional…helpful and entertaining, but no replacement for face-to-face interaction with a human being.

Let’s wake each other up.

We need to re-educate ourselves about human interaction and the difference between downloading a track on a computer and talking to other people in person and getting turned onto music that you can hold in your hands and share with others.

The size, shape, smell, texture and sound of a vinyl record; how do you explain to that teenager who doesn’t know that it’s a more beautiful musical experience than a mouse click? You get up off your ass, you grab them by the arm and you take them there. You put the record in their hands. You make them drop the needle on the platter. Then they’ll know.


TGIF – Occupy Black Friday, Ransom Notes and Irish Idiocy

It’s Black Friday! And while that usually doesn’t mean much to us here in Canada since Thanksgiving was way back in the beginning of October, our stores have now caught onto the trend because it was really eating away at their sales to have all their customers head south for the deals. The above image states pretty clearly how I feel about all this. Buying local is important, don’t buy into the consumerism and bs. Make someone a gift! Or buy from someone who makes things in your town!

Anyhow, here are the links:
  • Black Friday’s 11 must have vinyl releases While I’m anti getting in line all night to get the best deals on some new gadget you’ll forget about in a few months, I love that  Record Store Day has a second sale on this day. It fits with the above graphic, in that buying from your local record store supports the local economy, and also, vinyl rules.
  • Black Friday releases Here’s the full list of limited edition Record Store Day releases.
  • Sloan’s Jay Ferguson talks re-issue of Twice Removed I saw Sloan play this album for the second time last night, and it was awesome.
  • Peter Frampton Q&A As uncool as he is, its a good Q&A.
  • Lars was first and Lars was right There’s a lot I want to say on this, but I’m limited in time. Basically, it’s true. He was right, but that doesn’t stop him from being a terrible musician and human. You can’t stop the internet and progress, but he sure tried. The issue here is that the industry has to adapt to the technology, and tactics like his never worked. You can’t stop the future from happening, you have to embrace it. Innovation is the only way the industry will succeed. So maybe there won’t be multi billionaire musicians like Metallica in the future because of it? Is that a terrible thing? The good musicians will always make a living at it, even if that means touring is their income. I realise there is a whole lot more to it than that, I may write a post on this at some point.
  • A band  becomes animation, with amazing results This is fun.
  • Tunezy wins Billboard’s FutureSound Innovators Showcase
  • 23rd annual SOCAN awards Toronto Some deserving winners.
  • Toronto’s new streetcars: the TTC answers your questions I want it, now please.
  • Community wins fight against huge quarry THIS IS WHAT COMMUNITY IS FOR. Love this story.
  • 3 reasons why your company should pay employees to use social media It boggles my mind that any company wouldn’t want their whole team to be brand evangelists out there in the social/marketing world.
  • Journalists need to understand the ad business, not sulk and go home This is great. The divide between the two has to change if journalists want to continue to be paid. It’s why I like blogs, they understand advertising and do it on their own terms, and show that it doesn’t always have to be gross. Targeted, useful products can be relevant to the right audience.
  • Woman ‘denied a termination’ dies in hospital This made me incredibly sad for the women in Ireland. Can not believe a first world country would allow this to happen because of religion. Wake up. Because of the church you’re going to kill two lives, instead of just one? Sickening. I am so glad I am a woman living in Canada when I hear shit like this.
  • Panda cam Because you need a cute way to pass your Friday.
  • Ransom note generator This made me laugh, give it a try if you’re not a crazy person. Leave your mom/best friend/husband a really creepy note and watch their reaction.
  • Finally, this is the funniest video I’ve came across in a while. Watch as Broadway actors read the transcripts of Jersey shore in the style of Oscar Wilde, it’s hilarious. Go to YouTube to watch the entire series.



Are You Ready For Record Store Day?

My favorite holiday is upon is yet again on Saturday, and the awesome vinyl stores in Toronto are busy stocking up on the releases and preparing for in-stores as I type this.

According to the official website, these are the stores in Toronto that will be participating (but I think it’s out of date as it still listed the dearly departed Criminal Records):


Soundscapes Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Penguin Music Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Song & Script Toronto, ON
RotateThis Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Vortex Records Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
HIts And Misses Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Kops Records Toronto, ON
Neurotica Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Slinky Music Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Sunrise Records – Bloor Street Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Frantic City Records Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
She Said Boom! Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Sublime espresso bar toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Upstairs Vinyl Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Of a Kind Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Annex Record Wicket Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Sunrise Records Toronto, ON VISIT WEBSITE
Play De Record

Of course, Sonic Boom in the Annex is throwing the biggest event for the day, with an awesome lineup of in-store performances:


They will also be giving away record players, headphones, and LPs, and admission is free but they do request you bring a non-perishable food item for donation to the Fort York Food Bank.

Soundscapes will also be a worthy stop if you’re in the city. Watch NOW’s Soundscapes preview, with Brendan Canning:

 As shown in the video, the Elwins will be playing the Soundscapes in-store, and here is a list of releases they will have in-stock:

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Transverse Temporal Gurus (LP)
ARCADE FIRE – “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (remix)” b/w “Ready To Start (remix)” (12″)
ARCTIC MONKEYS – “Electricity” b/w “R U Mine?” (7″)
BEACH HOUSE – “Lazuli” b/w “Equal Mind” (7″)
THE BEATLES – “Ticket To Ride” b/w “Yes It Is/”Yellow Submarine” b/w “Eleanor Rigby”/”Hey Jude” b/w “Revolution”/”Something” b/w “Come Together” (4×7″ box set)
BILLY BRAGG & WILCO – Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions (3CD+DVD)
THE BLACK KEYS – El Camino (2LP+7″)
BLITZEN TRAPPER – “Hey Joe” b/w “Skirts On Fire” (7″)
DAVID BOWIE – Starman (7″ picture disc)
KATE BUSH – “Lake Tahoe” b/w “Among Angels” (10″ picture disc)
CLARENCE CARTER – I Found What I Wanted (7″)
GENE CLARK – “One In A Hundred” b/w “She’s The Kind Of Girl” (7″)
CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND – In The Midnight Hour (7″)
DESTROYER – Destroyer’s Rubies (2LP remaster)
DEVO – New Traditionalists: Live 1981 Seattle (2LP)
DILLARD & CLARK – “Why Not Your Baby” b/w “Lyin’ Down The Middle” (7″)
DR. JOHN – Locked Down (LP+CD)
FEIST/MASTODON – Feistodon (7″)
THE FLAMING LIPS/MASTODON – A Spoonful Weighs A Ton (7″)
GRATEFUL DEAD – Dark Star (180-gram LP)
NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS – Songs From The Great White North (12″)
JANIS JOPLIN – Highlights from The Pearl Sessions (2×10″)
JANIS JOPLIN – The Pearl Sessions (CD)
JANIS JOPLIN – Pearl (180-gram LP)
JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD – Upstairs At United, Vol. 3 (12″)
JONATHAN WILSON – Pity Trials And Tomorrow’s Child (12″)
LEE HAZLEWOOD – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-1971) (2LP)
LITTLE RICHARD – Here’s Little Richard (LP)
LITTLE RICHARD – Here’s Little Richard (CD)
LOU REED – Rock N Roll Animal (LP)
LOU REED – Transformer (LP)
MC5/AFRIKA BAMBAATAA – Kick Out The Jams (7″)
METALLICA – Beyond Magnetic (12″)
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS – Ride Your Pony (7″)
SHUGGIE OTIS – “Inspiration Information” b/w “Magic” (7″)
PAUL SIMON – Graceland (180-gram LP)
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Rocky Ground (7″)
ST. VINCENT – “Krokodil” b/w “Grot” (7″)
THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH – King of Spain (12″)
TINARIWEN – Tassili (LP+remixes+CD)
TORTOISE – “Lonesome Sound” b/w “Mosquito” (7″)
T. REX – Electric Warrior (6×7″ box set)
UNCLE TUPELO – March 16-20, 1992 (180-gram LP)
UNCLE TUPELO – No Depression (180-gram LP)
UNCLE TUPELO – The Seven-Inch Singles (4×7″ box set)
VA – Arts & Crafts: MMXII (sampler LP)
VA – Never To Be Forgotten: The Flip Side of Stax 1968-1974 (10×7″ box set)
VA – Smugglers Way (Domino/Ribbon compilation) (7″ flexidisc + zine)
M. WARD – Primitive Girl (7″)

Tons of great stuff here.

Kops is another vinyl staple in Toronto, check out Brendan’s preview with them as well:

And one more with hip-hop record store Play De Record:

There’s also an event happening at Yonge and Dundas to celebrate the release of Jack White’s solo debut Blunderbuss – a collective chalk paint by number recreation of the album cover will take place in the square from 11am to 7pm and the project will be recorded and made into a video, so head down there if you want to participate.

My Saturday is proving to be a busy one, so I may have to miss out on the in-stores (would LOVE to be there for Army Girls, Plants and Animals and The Darcys) but I will post my finds on Sunday. I wanna see yours too!

Check out the full list of special releases here, and let me know what you’re lining up to get.