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Dell Venue 8 Tablet with Intel RealSense Technology

dell realsense review

I was given the chance to test out the latest in Intel innovation over the past month, via the Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet.

The tablet features Intel’s latest and greatest technological development – RealSense.

The first thing I noticed upon unboxing the tablet was its weight. It is by far the lightest and most comfortable tablet I’ve ever used.

That’s not to say it’s flimsy, though. The metal exterior and glass screen give it a solid feel, but I never once felt fatigue in my hands from holding it up as I have with other tablets – even when using it for very long periods of time scrolling through Facebook or reading an eBook.

The coolest thing about a tablet with RealSense is its ability to measure items fairly accurately.

I know that sounds strange – but yes, this tablet works like a measuring tape.

I’m in the process of creating a gallery wall out of my vast collection of music festival posters, and I found it incredibly helpful to be able to use the tablet to quickly measure the size of my posters so I could find the correct frames for them.

The way it accomplishes this it through using the 3 different cameras it has located on the back of the tablet.


The difference in angle helps the technology map out the length of an item just as a measuring tape does.

Another feature I found fascinating was Refocus, which takes advantage of the 3 cameras to allow you to take a photo and then play around with the focus after the fact. You can easily decide if you want the foreground to be the focus of the photo, or the background – and if you want, you can have both.

The main way I ended up using the tablet though, was for surfing Instagram and reading. As I always use my ASUS as a mini-laptop (since typing is so vital to my day), this was my first time truly experiencing a tablet as a tablet. Being able to lay in bed and scroll through all the gorgeous photos at such a large size was the main sell for me.

I had always thought I was the kind of person who would never read a novel on a tablet, but this one proved me wrong. I decided to download a novel and try reading it on the Dell. I surprised myself with how fast I was able to read it, and how comfortable it was. It almost has me considering ditching my paperbacks (almost).

If you’re looking for a lightweight, sturdy tablet that will travel easy, take gorgeous photos, replace your measuring tape in a pinch, and give you the latest Intel innovation, this is definitely the tablet for you.


This product was loaned to me from Intel for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.



How Women Dominate Social Media (Infographic)



This infographic from Finances Online is great. Not exactly telling me anything I didn’t already know, but it’s cool to see the actual stats on it.

Women dominate online. We kind of rule at this whole communicating via the internet thing.

What? Women like communicating? SHOCKER!


Your New Favourite Twitter Account

drawn your tweet carrots

This is how you do Twitter. Hands down.

When I followed @drawnyourtweet yesterday morning they were at around 2500 followers, now, as I write this he or she is up to 11.6k!

Everyone wants their tweet drawn. I am no exception (unfortunately they do not take requests)! It plays into our deep desire to be recognized by a stranger, and takes it even further by making something we wrote most likely in about two seconds without a further thought, into art. Brilliant.

Also, the art itself is super cute. This person could make serious money if he started taking requests/making it into a business. I’d request a drawing of Mr. Bojangles. It’s a genius marketing strategy for an artist – similar to Chris Piascik’s Daily Drawings.

Go follow the account, and check out a few of my favourite drawn tweets below.

drawn your tweet olympics


drawn your tweet dinosaur


drawn your tweet milk


drawn your tweet grumpy


drawn your tweet tomato


drawn your tweet granny


Sometimes It Pays To Complain (Or, How I Got Best Buy To Honour My Warranty)

laptop, samsung, best buy, best buy warranty sucks, yonge dundas, worst employees, computer

Back in February I posted about the unbelievably awful experience I had with Best Buy over Christmas, and the two months they left me without a computer – only to give me back my laptop just as broken as it was when I first brought it in.

The situation was a shitshow from the start, and I’ll still never buy from a big box store again, BUT, after reading my post, the head office in Vancouver called me up and told me the store would be in contact with me to work something out.

The wonders of social media, friends.

So the store manager called me and apologized for the unnecessary wait, and he offered to set me up with a new computer. Thrilled that something good had finally come of this ordeal, I quickly accepted and he gave me some times to come into the store to see him directly.

Of course, this is the store that is full of fail, so when I got there during the time he told me he was working, dragging my super heavy 17 inch laptop with me, they told me he was already gone for the day because the other manager came in early. These people!!! The worst. 

So I dragged it in another day, and after a 10 minute wait he finally showed up, took a look at my computer and said he could give me a laptop for the current value of mine (600$). I wasn’t expecting to be able to choose one that day since on the phone he said they would have to look at mine and get approval, but now he said they could do it then and there.

Having no clue what I wanted other than a 17 inch screen, he gave me two options, and I went with a Samsung model he seemed to be pushing on me. Only upon looking at the receipt on my way out did I see this computer he recommended was on sale, and worth $160 less than my computer (it wasn’t even on display in the store). I had asked about an HP that was actually $600 but he told me Samsung lasts longer and that this particular HP was a cheaper model that would die sooner – having quite the love affair with my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, I was inclined to believe him.

I’m still annoyed that I ended up with a cheaper sale computer, but the worst part is that it is running Windows 8. What a nightmare. While I’ve finally (mostly) gotten used to it, for about three weeks I really wanted my busted two year old laptop back just so I could have Windows 7 again. On the positive side, this laptop does have a faster processor and a lot more space than my old one, so I can’t really complain. If I could get the stupid right hand side panel to stop popping up EVERY single time I move the cursor slightly to the left I might not hate it so much.

Had I known when he first called me, that it really meant I’d have to give them my old computer to keep, and get Windows 8 instead, I’m not sure I would have agreed to it as fast as I did.

BUT they did make an effort to fix a major fuck up, and the new laptop is still a newer, better laptop without a busted hinge, so its still a nice little win against the corporations.

Have you ever complained to or about a brand and had them actually listen and fix their mistake? Share, please! 


TGIF – Twitter And Facebook Take On Music


A quick TGIF before the madness that is Canadian Music Week begins (previews/recommendations starting tomorrow!):

  • David Bowie’s wife drops strong hint that the veteran singer may tour again. YES PLEASE!
  • Twitter acquires We Are Hunted, readies standalone music app. This is awesome. We should be able to play music right on twitter, finally it is happening.
  • Facebook announces dedicated music tab in news feed redesign. I am pretty excited about this – fishing through my feed for the music related stuff can get tedious between all the other shit in the newsfeed.
  • Digital music news- where are the women on the Billboard Power 100? Good question.
  • Ang Lee and the uncertainty of success. Such a great article – must read for those struggling to get where they want to be with their career.
  • Patricia Rozema’s manifesto for Canadian movies. Brilliant.
  • Finally, the most wonderful video I saw all week. I don’t think it even needs an explanation, just watch: