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Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad – JORD Wooden Watch

Getting my dad the perfect gift isn’t easy. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want anything from anyone, and doesn’t have many hobbies besides woodworking and watching wrestling and hockey.

With that in mind, when I came across these wooden watches from JORD I instantly knew it was something my dad would admire for the work it would take to create such a unique piece.

The Frankie series Koa and Ash instantly caught my eye. The bronzed wood and simple grey and silver clock have the classic look a watch should have if you’re going to wear one in the day of the smartphone.

Wearing a watch today is a symbol of style, not function, so it should look this good.

I gave my dad the watch for his birthday and he was absolutely in awe of its construction and beauty. He works in a factory so he is afraid to wear it to work and risk damaging it, but otherwise, it’s his favourite thing to wear.

Because it is a watch with a band literally made of wood, ordering the accurate size is important. They offer a measuring system so you can find out what size you need to order. I measured my dad’s wrist but decided to size up just a tiny bit, just in case, and it was unnecessary. The watch arrived too big, but it comes with a tool to help you (or a jeweler) remove a link or two if necessary, so it wasn’t impossible to fix. With that in mind, I do advise ordering the exact size your wrist measures out to instead of sizing up.

Since it’s Christmas, you can also make it extra special by engraving both the watch, and the beautiful box it comes in, for an extra fee. The back of the watch is the perfect spot for a favorite quote or phrase you know that person lives by.

So there, the next time you think “I have no idea what to buy for this person,” now you have your answer.


How To Reorganize Your Closet Like A Pro

how to reorganize your closet

Today’s post comes to us via my very helpful, very wise intern, Reja Zaidi. I have always struggled with keeping my closet organized and tidy, so I was eager to hear her tips on this subject. Excuse me while I give my closet an overhaul. 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a moment when you looked (at the mess) inside your closet and wondered – how am I a functioning adult/human being? It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve experienced this moment quite a bit.

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself – why is this girl writing this post?

Well, I’ve been on a mission – a mission to conquer the constant mess and disorganization of my closet, using all the valuable skills I learned while working in a retail clothing store.

Here are a five tips I picked up while on the job that have helped me – and will hopefully help you – reorganize your closet.


Have you ever wondered how clothing stores always look so well stocked and organized all the time? How everything seems to fit in all the shelves and racks without spilling over? That effortlessly tidy look actually takes a lot of planning.

Stores can get shipments of new collections from as little as every month to as often as every few days. Each time these new pieces come in, workers are required to do a mass overhaul of the store. They need to make it fit perfectly and look appealing. Even though our closets aren’t as big as an entire retail store, it can only help to have a similar plan for your closet. You can do this by doing your own inventory.

Take a look at how many items you have and rethink where you put it. Have an idea of where you’re going to put all your jeans, your shoes, and so on. If you have an established place where you always put something, you will always have a home to return it to after you’ve used it.


Since retail stores get new collections every few weeks, all the clothes they don’t sell tend to add up. When they start getting new collections in for the fall season, they need to get rid of their old collections to make room for the new stuff – hence those glorious end of season sales with huge markdowns.

Unlike retail stores, we can’t exactly make room for the new seasons’ clothes by throwing out our old ones. But you can implement a seasonal rule for your closet. With the fall season rapidly approaching, you can take out all of your summer and spring clothes that you won’t be wearing in the coming months and put them away in storage.

Pro tip: when you’re packing up your seasonal clothes, make sure to take out all the clothes that you didn’t wear during their season and put them in a bag to donate. You can also use this time to throw away any clothes that you’ve worn threadbare and are no longer wearable.


Trust me, proper storage units are the key to success. It will do wonders to make organization easier – and they’re not particularly expensive.

You can buy cheap hanging shoe racks that eliminate the clutter from the floor of your closet from your local dollar store. They don’t just have to be for shoes, you can use them for socks or undergarments as well. If you have the time and money you can even look up ideas on Pinterest, or pictures of your favourite celebrity closets for inspiration.


If you’ve ever worked in at a clothing store, chances are there is one skill you learned that you’ll never be able to forget – precision folding techniques. You’ll be surprised to know how much folding things properly helps with space.

So how do retail workers learn this magical skill? It’s all thanks to the magic of the folding board. They’re normally a hard plastic board about 10 by 12 inches, with lines on them. You can purchase them online or even make your own using cardboard. Once you have the board you can find videos online that teach you different techniques to fold. You can even ask any friends who’ve worked in retail in the past, or your friendliest retail worker at your favourite store, to teach you.

Learning how to fold properly may not seem like a big deal – but it goes a long way in making your closet more neat and organized.


Believe or not, retail stores have a separate cleaning schedule to ensure the store remains spic and span. If you want to keep your closet looking clean, you should consider doing the same.

Be realistic with the schedule – for example if you have weekends off, take some time every Sunday to vacuum, dust, and put away freshly washed clothes. If you want to avoid a mass of clutter, it’s useful to get into the habit of tidying up every night before bed. Don’t just throw things on the floor, put them back in their proper place.

A few extra tips you can use for your closet that aren’t retail related:

  • If you want to keep clothes in storage smelling fresh, throw a few scented dryer sheets in the bag or box. When you take them out, they’ll smell crisp and clean.
  • Get into the habit of hanging your clothes backwards. Then, once you wear an item, hang it in the right direction. Once it’s time to reorganize your closet for the next season, take a look at your closet and see which clothes are still hanging backwards. That’ll help you determine which clothes you never wear and need to give away.
  • Reward yourself after every closet overhaul by eating your favourite dessert, getting a massage, or indulging in whatever floats your boat. Cleaning burns a lot of calories, so you’ve officially earned it. Knowing you’ll get a reward after all that boring work will motivate you to get to it!



Skechers Spring Summer 2015 Collection


Last week, I did something I normally loathe doing – I woke up and was out the door before 8am. I have never been, and quite likely never will be, a morning person.

Normally, you’d be hard pressed to find me awake at that hour unless it’s for something specifically related to a job, but this time it was for the sake of shoes. Spa treatments and shoes.

Skechers knows how to create a morning worth waking up extra early for.

The spring summer 2015 preview of the new line of Skechers took place at Elmwood Spa – the definition of a high end, luxury spa that is worth paying a premium for.

Upon arriving, I was asked if I would like a foot massage and then treated to a delicious breakfast spread – is there any better way to start a morning than this? I think the world would be filled with happy people if everyone got to start their day with happy feet.

After my toes were exfoliated and relaxed, I entered the showroom where we all got a good look at the massive variety of shoes Skechers currently produces.

Admittedly, the last time I owned Skechers was probably grade 8, but back in those days I absolutely adored this brand.

You were the cool kid at school if you were lucky enough to have a pair.

I specifically remember my beloved baby blue chunky foam wedges, my first pair of heeled shoes – I had lusted after them for a while before my parents agreed to buy them for me. I wore them so much that summer that they were grey once fall came around and it was time to start wearing boring shoes again.

While it has been over a decade since I last owned a pair, that is because I had always associated them with running shoes once I outgrew the girls style shoes I had once adored – and sneakers aren’t a type of shoe I wear unless I’m in a gym – AKA never.

But I quickly found out just how expansive the brand has become. While comfortable sneakers for women are obviously their main appeal, they have boot styles that I would happily purchase, and shoes suitable for work – but much more comfortable than the typical dress shoe. AKA I want all of these.

I was lucky enough to take home a pair of their rainbow Skech-Knit Mesh Flex Appeal Memory Foam sneakers as seen above, and man, if I knew running shoes could look this cool and feel this comfortable I might not have had an aversion to wearing them on my walks and while running errands.

The knit idea allows them to be incredibly comfortable – you know how typical athletic shoes don’t really allow your feet to move, and then the leather ends up cracking where your foot bends when you actually do run in them? These will never give you that problem. It also allows them to come in amazing colours and patterns that you would otherwise never see on a shoe.

And can we talk about the idea of built-in memory foam insoles? YES please. I don’t know why this concept doesn’t exist with every shoe that is ever made. It’s essentially a custom insole for your foot – and if you struggle with foot pain as much as I do you’ll understand just how valuable that is.

The knit shoes (and most of their other styles) are also sleeker than most running shoes, they fit closer to your foot, weigh very little, and don’t look bulky on. They’re the perfect shoe to wear to yoga and pilates class – I’ve always struggled with what to wear with my lulus on the way to classes because regular running shoes make you look like bigfoot when you’re wearing tights, and nice shoes look odd with athletic wear.

These are the perfect solution.

It’s safe to say I am happily back on the Skechers train after a 15 year hiatus.


Giveaway – Back To School With Sapporo, Herschel and SOL REPUBLIC Headphones

 herschel SOL republic sapporo giveaway

I’ve been sitting on this sweet giveaway for a while, as it seemed to make the most sense as a way to get you all excited for back to school. Or at the very least, for those of you who are past the college years, a nice way to cheer up about the cold weather that’s about to return.

Courtesy of Sapporo, I have a giveaway I’m super pumped for (I wish I could have the headphones for myself!) that includes the following:

  • a black Herschel backpack
  • a pair of SOL REPUBLIC track on ear headphones
  • and of course, Sapporo (gluten free!) beer for you to drink

The total value is around $200, and to enter you just have to be a subscriber to my newsletter (be sure to hit the confirmation email you receive or you won’t be entered). If you are already a subscriber, comment below with the email you used to subscribe so I know you want to be included.

Subscribe here to enter the giveaway:

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You’ll have until September 8th at midnight to enter, and the winner will be contacted via the email address they used to subscribe, the following day.



Giveaway – Smartphone Gelaskin from Spinzo

spinzo toronto

Hey guys! I want to tell you a little about Spinzo, a new company that has re-imagined the ‘group deal’ phenomenon that hit its saturation point some time ago.

CEO Emmanuel Elmajian caught my interest for this reason:

 The point of Spinzo is not to be just another group buying company. We have a bold vision where prices for products/services/tickets are based on demand. What a shame it would be for a small music venue with 100 seats to only be half full with a price point of $20. Perhaps, it would have been full at a $12 price point. 

Spinzo allows businesses to do just that without lowering the price outright, and instead only doing so when certain volume is reached. Everyone pays the same final price. Consumers in theory get better and more affordable access to great experiences and the ability to choose their price.

And that for me, is the big reason why I’m happy to partner up with them and offer you guys giveaways via Spinzo on an ongoing basis.

I completely agree that ticket prices are sometimes out of reach for the average consumer, especially those like me, who like to go to shows regularly. We are young, in the midst of unparalleled youth unemployment, and the money just isn’t there. It goes back to that post about Black Francis lowering ticket prices for those under 30. If you want to go to Postal Service, but spending $50 means eating ramen noodles for a week, you’re probably gonna decide to make eating real food the priority. You can always see Postal Service when they reunite again in 10 years, right?

BUT, if promoters and venues get on board with Spinzo, it’s a win win for everyone. Postal Service could have been full instead of half empty, and everyone who wanted to see the show would have been able to set their price and go, if enough people also bought a ticket. Such a cool idea that could really empower music fans.


With all that said, we are starting with a giveaway for a free phone Gelaskin, which I had the chance to try first. I was super impressed with the ability to custom design my phone’s skin, and that chalk drawing you see above of my dog, Mr Bojangles, is now on my phone #brandingeverywhereftw. Musicians, get your bands logo on your phone so you can fulfill music biz 101: Always Be Promotin.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone (I sure don’t), you can get the non hardcase skins for almost any smartphone on the market, and if you don’t want to design your own, they have a plethora of beautiful designs already available.

To win, just subscribe to the blog via that little sidebar widget where it asks for your email. You must click the confirmation link you will receive in your email in order to actually be entered.  If you are already on the list you are awesome, and are already entered to win this and all future Spinzo giveaways.

Facebook fans can also get an extra entry by liking or sharing my status about this giveaway.

Contest closes on June 27th and the winner will be contacted via the email address they used to subscribe.