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TGIF: Springsteen at SXSW, Gaga’s New Vid and Grammy Noms

Friday links are ready!

  • Watch: Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night”¬†New Gaga vid, it’s 14 mins long and she directed it. What do you think? I generally can’t handle the whole attempt at being Michael Jackson she does with these “short film” videos, but I respect the effort she puts into her work.
  • R.I.P. Napster¬†– Really, Napster died a looong time ago when they were first taken to court. So it’s been a long time coming.
  • Freakshow Project¬†– art rarely surprises me anymore, but this did. Super cool.
  • And this video made me cry, a lot.



TGIF: Nuit Blanche Edition

Hey everyone! If you’re in Toronto you know that Nuit Blanche is tomorrow night, and it’s looking to be a good one. Do I still long for the early years before the massive out of town crowds made it almost impossible to see anything without waiting for an hour in line after line, yes, yes of course! But it still makes for a great night to see friends and hopefully see some interesting, interactive and creative art for free, plus it’s always fun to see Toronto still alive and well at 5am. Yonge Street being closed to traffic and the TTC running all night because of art is always a good thing. I highly recommend you check out the exhibit/performance happening at Toronto Underground Cinema, where a bunch of great bands will take turns playing Smells Like Teen Spirit on loop for the entire 12 hours. An ode to the 20th anniversary of the most overplayed song in rock history.

  • The biggest exhibit of the night will likely be FLUXe. An interactive project using the largest LED screen in Canada, where everyone can collaborate on the image by manipulating a tablet, as seen above. Do something really good and ‘like’ their facebook page. For every like the get, they are donating 1$ to a cause very important to me – Arts for Children and Youth.
  • If you are hungry during Nuit, you need to check out Food Truck Eats in the Distillery District. This is usually a brunch time event so I always miss it as someone who doesn’t get up before noon on weekends, so I’m super excited that it’s open all night this time!
  • This is awesome. CBC has a new documentary, Life Is A Highway, all about Canadian pop music in the 90s, it’s a must see.¬† Watch the first episode here.
  • What people actually spend on entertainment and music.
  • What an artist really gets paid.
  • “I’m hated by many in my genre, and that makes me feel successful” “People only have the courage to do it on the internet” There is no greater way to know you’ve made it, than having haters. Polarity is the mark of success, and it’s definitely better to have some hate you than to have them be indifferent about what you do. If they hate you, it means they know what you do. They spend time out of their own lives absorbing your work, just so they can hate on it. How artists deal with all the hate.
  • What your twitter bio says about you. My favorite:¬† “Nerd – You actually don‚Äôt know anything about the things you made fun of the ‚Äėauthentic‚Äô nerds for liking in high school, i.e. D&D, coding, Magic, Anime, etc.” So true. I cringe every time I read a pretty blonde girls bio and it says ‘nerd’ in it.
  • In defense of Stevie Nicks. I don’t think she needs defense, and I for one was never ashamed to admit she is at the top of my “I want to be her when I grow up” list with Patti Smith and Audrey Hepburn, but I still like the reasons listed for why everyone should love her.

That’s it for this week. See you in the streets tomorrow night for art + food + fun!



TGIF: Women in Comedy, Stalking Bloggers and Talking at Gigs

  • I found this amusing and also incredibly relevant as I get approached more and more by local indie bands who constantly make these mistakes… 5 Ways to make a blogger fall in love with you. He goes into more detail in this alarmingly titled post Why you should stalk your local blogger (and how). I think stalking is incredibly creepy, and I have decided to lay off on using foursquare because of it, but I could (and may) write a whole article elaborating on what he talks about: ” Bloggers are deeply passionate about their scene so they want to keep it free of froth (and assholes).”¬† My favorite local bands will always ALWAYS be the ones I discover randomly, either because of good marketing (and even better music to back it up) or because of a friend recommending them, but it doesn’t hurt to approach if you do it the right way.
  • Pitchfork’s 60 favorite music books. Someone on Twitter pointed out that only three are written by women. Most of the music writers I know/follow are female, interestingly enough. We are out there. But the bias remains.
  • Speaking of sexism in the entertainment world… On women in comedy. I had a slightly heated debate with some fellow females over Twitter a couple months back, over a Christopher Hitchens article about how women are not funny. As a lapsed Catholic I adore Hitchens, so I felt the need to stand up for his ideas in that article. This link basically says what I was trying to say in that debate.
  • ¬†For indie bands, the new publicity is no publicity? Interesting take. I think the Hype Machine ‘Weeknd’ model of success only makes for a one hit wonder style career, blow up fast, die faster. If your success is built on being a mystery people will stop caring as soon as they find out who you are, which is what happens once you’re booked for every major show.
  • I read this flowery self aggrandizing article on what makes someone a true writer, and for a second I thought wow maybe I shouldn’t call myself a writer, I’ll never write a novel about a 13 yr old boy and I have little interest in excessively big words or literary devices. But then the same publication brought me this piece to take it on and speak for the writers like me.¬† “A writer is a blogger that lives on minimum wage (when her skill set could make her much, much more) because she wants the freedom to write all day and get paid for it.” Mind you I don’t make minimum wage, and I am currently using my skill set in a job that appreciates it, but the end goal is that freedom he mentions. I’ve always loved this Bukowski quote because it sums up my feelings on writing/writers: “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.
  • 10 Stupid Album Release Screw Ups. If you’re in a band or work with bands, this is a must read.
  • Why do people talk at gigs? This shit drives me nuts. If you talk at a show near me, I will stare you down, and if you keep talking, I will tell you to shut up. Go to the back, or leave. If you’re not there to see the band, don’t ruin it for those who are.


Infographic: Me + Twitter

So this is kind of fun. is a new website designed for infographic use. You can try it out now by twitterizing yourself like I did below! I had to laugh at ‘rocker: based on tweeting behavior‘ and my interestingness being a sad 3.92 percent. It gave me that outfit btw, I did not and would not choose such manly clothes.


I Wrote a Guest Post about Twitter!

Hey everyone. Just thought I’d let you know about my guest post over at Cottage Copy. Holly is a friend of mine and she asked me to write a little something about social media (as I’ve done a lot of work with social media accounts over the past few years) so I gave it a shot. Twitter is by far my favorite social media tool so I figured I would stick to the best advice I could give for that particular network. Ten Ways To Make Twitter Work For You features all the important tips I’ve learned after being on Twitter for a year. Feel free to read, comment, make use of the tips and of course follow me on Twitter @lisa_TTRO.